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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value ""Alter Ego" of his close friend [[FBI director]] [[J. Edgar Hoover]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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    • Clyde Tolson  + ("Alter Ego" of his close friend [[FBI director]] [[J. Edgar Hoover]])
    • Integrity Initiative  + ("An extremely shady covert disinformation and anti-democratic [[deep state]] outfit" that was caught promoting [[Russophobic]] [[propaganda]] and later deleted its website.)
    • Document:Speech to the European Parliament by Beatrice Fihn, Executive Director of ICAN  + ("Are you going to support the new [[Trump Nuclear Doctrine]]"Are you going to support the new [[Trump Nuclear Doctrine]]? Join the thinking of [[Russia]], [[North Korea]]? Cheer on a new nuclear arms race? Or are you going to support the work for the [[Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons|prohibition and the elimination of nuclear weapons]]? You cannot do both."[[Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons|prohibition and the elimination of nuclear weapons]]? You cannot do both.")
    • Felipe Rodriguez  + ("CIA Chief")
    • Robert Anderson  + ("Canadian holding company with far flung international interests")
    • Document:Bid for MoD Funding 2017-2018  + ("Creation of a Europe-wide network of groups who understand the danger of Russian active measures and who can pass the message on to their own decision-makers and public, often using material which we initiate")
    • Oliver Robbins  + ("Director of Intelligence Security and Resilience"?)
    • Dr Rola  + ("Dr. Rola" appeared in late Summer 2013 on the BBC to make an emotional appeal for bombing Syria. She portrayed herself as an aid worker, but her real name was not disclosed and her background was left unexplained.)
    • Amil Khan  + ("Drafted in to help Oxfam GB manage its response to the 2010 Pakistan floods. Led a team of media, advocacy and policy advisors engaging Pakistani decision makers to affect strategic change in policy")
    • Document:Oligarchs and Corruption Proposed Programme  + ("Early briefings of Press and media where "Early briefings of Press and media where Institute of Statecraft has particular links with the Times, Telegraph, Guardian and BBC TV and radio and specialist correspondents. Need to strengthen with the Mail." The document proves that Integrity Initative is not only influence network: "Use US and Canadian contacts to do likewise re powerful and influential North American networks." and influential North American networks.")
    • George H. W. Bush  + ("Embarked on a massive criminal romp"...)
    • Perry Kucinich  + ("Fell down dead six months after his brother [[Dennis Kucinich]] called for new [[9/11]] investigation and introduced a resolution to impeach [[Dick Cheney]]." His sister died a year later.)
    • Document:Russia and the Italian Elections  + ("For internal use only". Analysis of Itali"For internal use only". Analysis of Italian election meddling - where some political parties apparently are trying to influence public opinion: "In Italy, appears evident that the promotion of a strategy to spread disinformation and to influence the Italian political opinions, has been limited and came much more from national populist parties, rather than from Russia or whatsoever foreign country."rom Russia or whatsoever foreign country.")
    • Graham Brookie  + ("Former U.S. government advisor on homeland security and counterterrorism" connected to the Integrity Initiative/Institute for Statecraft complex)
    • Henri de Castries  + ("French President of Bilderberg")
    • Harold Goulding  + ("HMS Cochrane II (supply & accounting base for tenders, Rosyth) (for duty with Naval Officer-in-Charge, Methil)")
    • Document:Allan Francovich Obituary  + ("He was, above all, a seeker after truth, wheresoever that truth might lead." - An appreciation from a friend.)
    • File:WFS klaus lecture 2012.pdf  + ("I feel obliged to warn against the arguments and ambitions of the believers in the global warming doctrine...")
    • File:America's Secret Establishment.pdf  + ("If I have a magnum opus, this is it.")
    • Clermont Set  + ("If the original Clermont set were defined by one quality, it was a reckless taste for taking risks.")
    • Document:England prepares to leave the world  + ("If you believe you are a citizen of the world you are a citizen of nowhere." [[Theresa May|Mrs May]] will pass into folklore with that line, just as [[Margaret Thatcher|Mrs Thatcher]] is remembered for "There is no such thing as society.")
    • Greece  + ("In 2006... the third biggest arms importer after [[China]] and [[India]].")
    • Greg Rowett  + ("Information warfare specialist" at the [[Institute For Statecraft]])
    • Document:Terrorism, Transit and Public Safety - Evaluating the Risks  + ("It is important for individuals and publi"It is important for individuals and public officials to take all risks into account and avoid overreacting to transit terrorism risks in ways that increase overall danger." An investigation into the ''real'' rather than the perceived risks of public and private transport. Contains some basic points that reveal the purported "terrorist threat" to be vastly exaggerated.errorist threat" to be vastly exaggerated.)
    • Document:Spy behind Donald Trump 'golden shower' dossier feared president had been 'compromised by foreign power'  + ("It's political rhetoric to call the [[Steele dossier|dossier]]"It's political rhetoric to call the [[Steele dossier|dossier]] phoney. The memos are field reports of real interviews that [[Christopher Steele|Chris]]'s network conducted and there's nothing phoney about it. We can argue about what's prudent and what's not, but it's not a fabrication."d what's not, but it's not a fabrication.")
    • Document:Ben Goldsmith and his "party people": Friends in low places  + ("Just had a glimpse of [[Jeremy Corbyn|Corbyn]]’s Britain. A birthday party for my sister-in-law in Notting Hill invaded and shut down by a vicious bottle-throwing hard Leftist crowd (from the [[Grenfell Tower fire|Grenfell]] march), because they could.")
    • Shyam Sunder  + ("Lead investigator" into the [[destruction of WTC7]].)
    • Anthony Cavendish  + ("Leading member" of Le Cercle.)
    • Elaine Birch Ruffell  + ("Led assessment & disruption of narcotic trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe.")
    • Michael Brown  + ("Legendary as a disaster in his own right", Brown's appointment as head of FEMA shows the dangers of appointments made through cronyism.)
    • Lisa Pease  + ("Lifelong information activist" and JFK Assassination researcher)
    • Ian Ferguson  + ("Lockerbie Cover-Upper" Ian Ferguson)
    • Fritz Ermarth  + ("Mr. Ermarth planned and organized interagency multicrisis simulations designed to test Community management knowledge and skills. He led a special interagency team studying intelligence strategy and management for the future.")
    • Ben Nimmo  + ("Nimmo is a former spokesperson for NATO, who has essentially dedicated his career to fear-mongering about Russia.")
    • Document:Pierre Omidyar: giving until it hurts  + ("No billionaire media mogul is ever going to be in the service of working people, no matter how much rhetoric about freedom of speech is deployed in the promotion of his or her product...")
    • Lockheed  + ("Nobody is doing a better job of arming the world than Lockheed-Martin")
    • Michael Jon Hand  + ("One of Australia's most wanted fugitives" now living in Idaho, USA.)
    • Max Cleland  + ("One of the only vigilant members of the 9/11 Commission", who resigned and denounced it as a cover-up.)
    • Richard McCormack  + ("Primary focus" on "geopolitics and the global economy".)
    • Richard McCormack  + ("Primary focus" on "geopolitics and the global economy".)
    • Richard McCormack  + ("Primary focus" on "geopolitics and the global economy".)
    • Veracity Worldwide  + ("Provides highly developed business intelligence". Spooky connections.)
    • Christopher Curwen  + ("Regarded as a safe pair of hands."<sup id="cite_ref-dorrill753_1-0" class="reference"><a href="#cite_note-dorrill753-1">[1]</a></sup>)