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  • Document:Has the Elite’s Slavish pro-Israel Agenda Finally Gone Too Far  + ([[Israeli]] destruction of [[Palestinian]][[Israeli]] destruction of [[Palestinian]] olive trees in the occupied territories is almost as heinous as the continuing killing and imprisonment of [[Palestinian]] children. Every morning ask yourself this question: "How many children has the [[Israeli Defence Forces|Israeli “Defence” Force]] killed since the [[corporate Media|MSM]] last reported one?"rporate Media|MSM]] last reported one?")
  • Document:What is UK Lawyers for Israel’s relationship to the Israeli government  + ([[Israeli]] diplomat [[Shai Masot]] – who [[Israeli]] diplomat [[Shai Masot]] – who worked for the anti-[[BDS]] [[Israeli]] Ministry of Strategic Affairs in London – was recorded in [[Al Jazeera]]’s 2017 undercover documentary [[Israel lobby|The Lobby]] saying of groups such as [[UKLFI]]: "It’s good to leave those organisations independent. But we help them, actually." independent. But we help them, actually.")
  • Document:The Sad Death of James Le Mesurier  + ([[James Le Mesurier]]’s usefulness to West[[James Le Mesurier]]’s usefulness to Western security services, [[Israel]] and their Gulf allies came to an end when the jihadist headchoppers to whom Le Mesurier had been providing logistic support and invaluable propaganda, lost their last secure footing in [[Syria]].Syria]].)
  • Document:Whitehall Farce  + ([[James Rusbridger]]: "Secrecy turns other[[James Rusbridger]]: "Secrecy turns otherwise rational people into fascistic nutters; secrecy allows untold billions of pounds and endless energies to be wasted in unnecessary intelligence; secrecy pollutes the political process, muzzles what is left of the independent press and makes a mockery of Parliament and elections."es a mockery of Parliament and elections.")
  • Document:Israel Stooges Freak Out over Baroness Jenny's Remarks - Again  + ([[Jenny Tonge|Baroness Jenny Tonge]]: "The[[Jenny Tonge|Baroness Jenny Tonge]]: "The [[Pittsburgh synagogue shooting]] was an absolutely appalling and a criminal act, but does it ever occur to [[Benjamin Netanyahu|Bibi]] and the present [[Israel]]i government that its actions against [[Palestinians]] may be reigniting [[anti-Semitism]]? I suppose someone will say that it is [[anti-Semitic]] to say so?"[[anti-Semitic]] to say so?")
  • Document:Jeremy Corbyn's speech to the United Nations in full  + ([[Jeremy Corbyn]] at the [[United Nations]] in [[Geneva]] upstages [[Theresa May]] at the [[European Union]] in [[Brussels]])
  • Document:Manufacturing consent on "antisemitism"  + ([[Jeremy Corbyn]]'s Labour party is the ta[[Jeremy Corbyn]]'s Labour party is the target throughout this ill-conceived, politically tendentious and risible [[Home Affairs Select Committee]] report entitled "[[Antisemitism]] in the UK". The presumption of innocence has been abandoned by lawyer [[Chuka Umunna]] and his Tory friends.[[Chuka Umunna]] and his Tory friends.)
  • Document:My Millbank  + ([[Jeremy Corbyn]]'s Strategy & Communications Director, [[Seumus Milne]], gives a 20-year-old perspective to the current [[Labour Party]] leadership crisis)
  • Document:The witchfinders are now ready to burn Corbyn  + ([[Jeremy Corbyn]]’s allies are being picke[[Jeremy Corbyn]]’s allies are being picked off one by one, from grassroots activists like [[Jackie Walker]] and [[Marc Wadsworth]] to higher-placed supporters like [[Chris Williamson]] and [[Seumas Milne]]. Soon Corbyn will stand alone, exposed before the inquisition that has been prepared for him.nquisition that has been prepared for him.)
  • Document:EHRC avoids response to QC’s submission that Labour investigation breaches Equality Act  + ([[Jewish Voice for Labour]]'s submission t[[Jewish Voice for Labour]]'s submission to the [[Equality and Human Rights Commission]] points out that many of the worst aspects took place under the tenure of former general secretary [[Iain McNicol]], while significant improvements have been made under his successor [[Jennie Formby]].[[Jennie Formby]].)
  • Document:Bush angle to Reagan shooting still unresolved as Hinckley walks  + ([[John Hinckley]] who shot and wounded [[P[[John Hinckley]] who shot and wounded [[President Reagan]] was released from a federal psychiatric facility on 5 August 2016 after being detained for 35 years. Hinckley's family were well known to the [[Bush family]]. Coincidence? Sure. Anything, after all, is possible.e? Sure. Anything, after all, is possible.)
  • Document:Pictures resurface showing US Secretary John Kerry and President Assad dining in Syria together  + ([[John Kerry]]'s volte-face: [[Syria]] is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to [[Middle East|the region]] (2009). [[Bashar al-Assad|President Assad]] is a "thug" like [[Adolf Hitler]] (2013).)
  • Document:Media silent on dismissal of DNC suit against Julian Assange  + ([[John Koeltl|Judge Koeltl]] further under[[John Koeltl|Judge Koeltl]] further undermined the claims of the [[Donald Trump|Trump administration]], the [[Democratic Party|Democrats]] and the [[corporate media|media]] that [[Julian Assange]] is a “[[hacker]],” undeserving of [[First Amendment]] protections. In other words, the attempt to extradite [[Julian Assange|Assange]] to the [[US]] and prosecute him is a frontal assault on the [[US Constitution]] and [[freedom of the press|press freedom]].eedom of the press|press freedom]].)
  • Document:The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader  + ([[Juan Guaidó]] is the product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers. While posing as a champion of democracy, Guaidó has spent years at the forefront of a violent campaign of destabilisation in [[Venezuela]])
  • Document:Julian Assange exposed the crimes of powerful actors, including Israel  + ([[Julian Assange]] has recently been honou[[Julian Assange]] has recently been honoured with the [ 2019 Award for Journalists, Whistleblowers & Defenders of the Right to Information] and [ Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire has nominated him for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.]nominated him for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.])
  • Document:Chelsea and Julian are in Jail. History Trembles.  + ([[Julian Assange]] said nothing during the[[Julian Assange]] said nothing during the whole brief proceedings, other than to say “Not guilty” twice, and to ask a one sentence question about why the charges were changed midway through this sham “trial”. Yet Judge [[Michael Snow]] condemned Assange as “narcissistic”.l Snow]] condemned Assange as “narcissistic”.)
  • Document:The Unrelenting State  + ([[Julian Assange]]: That the most lucid man I know is now not capable of having a rational conversation is extremely alarming.)
  • Document:‘What about the Israeli army killing unarmed Palestinian civilians’  + ([[Ken Loach]] asked the [[Belgium|Belgian][[Ken Loach]] asked the [[Belgium|Belgian]] prime minister: “[[Charles Michel|Mr Michel]] is a lawyer, did he wonder about [[Israel]]’s failure to comply with international law? Has he asked the question of colonisation of the [[Palestinian]] territories? Has he asked the question of unarmed Palestinian civilians killed by the [[Israel]]i army? Has he asked the question of refugees living under the protection of the [[United Nations]]?"ited Nations]]?")
  • Document:LAZIR condemns persecution of prospective Member of Parliament by Israel lobby groups  + ([[LAZIR]] described the attacks on [[Lisa Forbes]] by the [[Board of Deputies of British Jews]], the [[Jewish Leadership Council]], and the [[Mossad|Israeli secret service]]-linked [[Community Security Trust]] as “outrageous”.)
  • Jess Phillips  + ([[Leader of the Labour Party|Labour leadership]]: "Gobby Phillips has zero chance")
  • Document:The Assange Arrest is a Warning From History  + ([[Leni Riefenstahl]], close friend of [[Ad[[Leni Riefenstahl]], close friend of [[Adolf Hitler]], whose films helped cast the [[Nazi]] spell over [[Germany]] told me that the message in her films, the propaganda, was dependent not on “orders from above” but on what she called the “submissive void” of the public: "When people no longer ask serious questions, they are submissive and malleable. Anything can happen.”ssive and malleable. Anything can happen.”)
  • Laimonas Talat-Kelpša  + ([[Lithuanian]] [[diplomat]] who took part in the ''[[Cold War Then and Now?]]'' event.)
  • Document:PT35B - The Most Expensive Forgery in History  + ([[Ludwig De Braeckeleer]] proves that the [[Lockerbie Bombing/Official Narrative|Lockerbie bomb timer fragment PT/35(b)]] is a [ "fragment of the imagination"])
  • Document:Our Secret Servants - The Shayler Affair  + ([[MI5]] and its schizophrenic relationship with government)
  • Document:Black Cube, the "Mossad" of Commercial Spying  + ([[Michael Drury]], the former legal head of [[GCHQ]], has set up in practice defending [[Russia]]n oligarchs and bankers being chased by the main [[UK]] bank regulator ([[FCA]]) and the [[Serious Fraud Office]]: I wonder what he does for [[Black Cube]]?)
  • Amiram Nir  + ([[Mossad]] Iran Contra figure who was murdered in 1988 and whose documents were subsequently mopped up by unidentified spooks.)
  • Document:The American Jewish scholar behind Labour's "antisemitism" scandal breaks his silence  + ([[Norman Finkelstein|Norman G. Finkelstein[[Norman Finkelstein|Norman G. Finkelstein]] is clear: "It’s time to put a stop to this periodic charade, because it ends up besmirching the victims of the [[Holocaust|Nazi holocaust]], diverting from the real suffering of the [[Palestinian]] people, and poisoning relations between the [[Jewish]] and [[Muslim]] communities. You just had an [[antisemitism]] hysteria last year, and it was a farce. And now again? Another inquiry? Another investigation? No."other inquiry? Another investigation? No.")
  • User:Robin  + ([[Operation 40]] in some ways was when the[[Operation 40]] in some ways was when the wheels really fell off the "national interest" wagon - the CIA spooks quickly used the fact that men trained to kill without asking why could be used for private as well as public purposes, and the senior group members became a key tool in both the [[JFK assassintion]] and subsequent [[deep events]].[[deep events]].)
  • Document:The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means  + ([[Osama bin Laden|Bin Laden]] was, though,[[Osama bin Laden|Bin Laden]] was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the [[CIA]] and funded by the [[Saudi Arabia|Saudis]] to wage jihad against the [[Russia]]n occupation of [[Afghanistan]]. Inexplicably, and with disastrous consequences, it never appears to have occurred to Washington that once Russia was out of the way, Bin Laden's [[Al-Qaeda|organisation]] would turn its attention to the west.[[Al-Qaeda|organisation]] would turn its attention to the west.)
  • Vito Miceli  + ([[P2]])
  • Document:The great con that ruined Britain  + ([[Peter Hitchens]], the repentant [[Margar[[Peter Hitchens]], the repentant [[Margaret Thatcher|Thatcherite]], has second thoughts about [[privatisation]]: if it’s all been so beneficial, why do so many of the containers that arrive in British ports, full of expensive imports, leave this country empty?pensive imports, leave this country empty?)
  • Document:Salisbury Incident - Skripal Case Investigators Could Learn From The Lockerbie Affair  + ([[Porton Down]] has been renamed many times: [[RARDE]], [[DERA]], [[Dstl]], but it's still the same damn place.)
  • Park Chung-hee  + ([[President of South Korea]] assassinated in office)
  • Paul Wolfowitz  + ([[Quill and Dagger]], [[Bilderberg Steering Committee]] member)
  • Ray McGovern  + ([[Raymond McGovern]] is a former [[CIA]] v[[Raymond McGovern]] is a former [[CIA]] veteran who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents [[Ronald Reagan]] and [[George H. W. Bush]], their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff etc.s of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff etc.)
  • US/1980 Presidential Election  + ([[Ronald Reagan]] was elected after the [[October Surprise]] organised by his [[US Deep state]] backers.)
  • William Casey  + ([[Ronald Reagan]]'s campaign manager, who was appointed [[Director of Central Intelligence]].)
  • Document:Who is Sajid Javid? An everyday tale of Hedge Funds and Financial Intrigue  + ([[Sajid Javid]] presents himself as the up[[Sajid Javid]] presents himself as the upwardly mobile son of a [[Pakistan]]i bus driver. In reality, he is a culpable agent of global finance capital and its [ hedge fund] pirates. At heart, they are opposed to all forms of international financial regulation – hence their support for [[Brexit]].Brexit]].)
  • Pablo Miller  + ([[Sergei Skripal]]'s [[MI6]] handler, whos[[Sergei Skripal]]'s [[MI6]] handler, whose identity the UK government issued a [[D Notice]] to try to prevent coming out in connection with the [[Skripal Affair]]. A [[Integrity Initiative Leak|leak]] revealed him to be on an [[Integrity Initiative]] mailing list.[[Integrity Initiative]] mailing list.)
  • Pablo Miller  + ([[Sergei Skripal]]'s handler)
  • Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital  + ([[Seth Kantor]] encounters Jack Ruby at Parkland hospital and has brief conversation with him. ref. Crossfire, p 366)
  • Jorma Ollila  + ([[Shell chairman]], [[Nokia CEO]], Bilderberg steering committee)
  • Document:Xi Jinping says a dark shadow looms over the world after years of peace  + ([[Shen Dingli]], an international relation[[Shen Dingli]], an international relations expert from [[Shanghai]], said Sunday’s [[Nuclear weapon|nuclear test]] underlined the futility of both Washington and Beijing’s policies towards [[North Korea]]: "It's only a matter of time before [[Donald Trump]] realises he has no choice but to sit down with [[Kim Jong-un]]."m Jong-un]].")
  • Anton Rupert  + ([[South Africa]]n billionaire [[businessman]] with a multitude of [[deep political]] connections)
  • Sherard Cowper-Coles  + ([[Spook]]y UK diplomat)
  • Document:St Edmund – England's original patron saint  + ([[St George]]’s Day is on 23rd April. Every time his feast day comes around, I wonder why England puts up with having such a rubbish [[patron saint]]?)
  • Robert Black  + ([[Suppressor Black]] toasting the [[Barry Walker#Mickey Mouse tribunal|Mickey Mouse tribunal]] that he designed to exonerate apartheid [[South Africa]])
  • Document:Theresa May's Misconduct In Public Office  + ([[Theresa May]]'s [[Misconduct in Public Office]] offence arises from what is alleged to have been her wrongful activation on 29 March 2017 of [[Article 50]] of the [[Lisbon Treaty|Treaty on European Union]])
  • Document:Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell accused of anti-Semitism over Razan al-Najjar image  + ([[Theresa May|Mrs May]] couldn’t care any less about the death of [[Razan al-Najjar|this young woman]] than [[Benjamin Netanyahu|Mr Netanyahu]] – she is deeply in cahoots with the [[Israeli]] government)
  • Document:UK Government Should Cancel Prince William’s Visit to Apartheid Israel  + ([[Theresa May|UK Government]] Should Cancel [[Prince William]]’s Visit to Apartheid [[Israel]])