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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A WWII intelligence agency". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • G. McMurtrie Godley  + (A US diplomat)
  • Walter Page  + (A US diplomat who received money from Woodrow Wilson's banker, [[Cleveland Dodge]].)
  • Dean Lorich  + (A US doctor)
  • Counterpunch  + (A US focused biweekly political magazine.)
  • Smedley Butler  + (A US general who exposed the coup that financiers had planned for USA.)
  • Ben Swann  + (A US information activist with a background in corporate media)
  • Walter Lippmann  + (A US journalism who coined the phrase "[[Cold War]]".)
  • Sheila Abdus-Salaam  + (A US judge)
  • Mail Isolation Control and Tracking  + (A US mail program to photograph of the exterior of every piece of mail that is processed in the United States.)
  • Guantanamo Bay detention camp  + (A US military base now used primarily as a torture camp due to its obscure legal jurisdiction. After campaigning in 2009 on promises to shut it down within a year, in 2014 Barack Obama announced plans to expand it.)
  • Fletcher Prouty  + (A US military establishment insider who fingered [[Edward Lansdale]] as the orchestrator of the JFK assassination.)
  • Richard Levernier  + (A US nuclear power security whistleblower)
  • Michael Connell  + (A US political consultant who died in a [[plane crash]])
  • H. John Heinz III  + (A US politician and [[Bilderberger]] who died in a small [[plane crash]].)
  • Mel Carnahan  + (A US politician who died in a small plane crash in 2000.)
  • Abraham Lincoln  + (A US president who stood up to the US deep state)
  • James Garfield  + (A US president who was assassinated)
  • US/Secret Service  + (A US secret service focusing primarily on financial fraud and protecting key individuals such as politicians.)
  • Bronson Cutting  + (A US senator whose efforts to reform the banking system appeared to be gaining traction in 1934. He died in a plane crash in 1935.)
  • Steven Dale Green  + (A US soldier convicted of raping and murdering an Iraqi girl.)
  • Anthony Shaffer  + (A US spook who has promoted the [[9-11 Official opposition narrative]].)
  • Jesselyn Radack  + (A US whistleblower in the aftermath of 9-11.)
  • File:Persona-Management-Contract.pdf  + (A USAF 'specification and invitation to supply' for 'persona management software')
  • WW2/Dieppe Raid  + (A WW2 raid on Dieppe which thousands of men were killed or captured.)
  • Document:I will wear a poppy for the last time  + (A WW2 veteran airs his disillusionment with the way in which the establishment's cynical use of remembrance day to promote the official narrative of all the US/UK/NATO military escapades as being purely altruistically motivated.)
  • Pro Deo  + (A WWII intelligence agency)
  • Seth Rich  + (A Washington DC staffer who was murder for unclear reasons, and whom Julian Assange hinted may have been a source for [[Wikileaks]].)
  • File:White Book.pdf  + (A White Book on violations of human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine since November 2013, released by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 5 May 2014)
  • "Philip Cross"  + (A Wikipedia username that has been used every day for several years, sparking the suggestion that he may be a pseudonym for use by multiple paid editors.)
  • Daniel Forestier  + (A [[DGSE]] agent who was assassinated in 2019)
  • Klaus Eberwein  + (A [[Haitian]] government official and businessman who was found dead a week before he was due to testify before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.)
  • Gary DeVore  + (A [[Hollywood]] screenwriter who disappeared and was later discovered almost a year later submerged below a bridge in his car.)
  • Gareth Williams (politician)  + (A [[Leader of the House of Lords]] and [[Lord President of the Council]] who suffered an unexplained and sudden death at age 62, four months after attending his second [[Bilderberg conference]].)
  • Glenis Willmott  + (A [[Member of the European Parliament]])
  • Daniel Lewin  + (A [[Mossad]] agent fatally involved in [[9-11]].)
  • Sandy Berger  + (A [[National security advisor]] caught removing "terrorism"-related materials from the from the [[US national archives]] just prior to testifying before the [[9/11 Commission]].)
  • Pedro Sánchez  + (A [[Spanish Prime Minister]] who in 2018 yielded to pressure from the [[Integrity Initiative]].)
  • Christophe de Margerie  + (A [[Total CEO]] who died in a plane crash in Moscow in 2014.)
  • Chris Donnelly  + (A [[UK Deep state]] operative who set up the [[Institute for Statecraft]])
  • Hale Boggs  + (A [[US House Majority Leader]] who strongly dissented from the [[JFKA/Official narrative|official narrative]] of the [[JFK Assassination]]. His small plane disappeared without trace in Alaska, together with [[Nick Begich]] and two other men.)
  • Occupy Central  + (A [[civil disobedience]] movement which first manifested on the streets of Hong Kong's financial district on September 28, 2014)
  • Carlos Vignali  + (A [[cocaine]] trafficker given an exceptional pardon by [[Bill Clinton]].)
  • Alfred Milner  + (A [[deep politician]] of singular importance.)
  • William Harvey  + (A [[deep state actor]] who was involved in the [[JFK assassination]].)
  • Edward Cutolo  + (A [[drug smuggler]] who named a lot of names about the [[CIA's drug trafficking]], and who then died a sudden death, as did many of those he named.)
  • Zapata Petroleum  + (A [[front]] company started by George Bush Sr and some spooky [[CIA]] friends)
  • Bob Marley  + (A [[musician]] who died of [[cancer]] aged 36.)
  • Occupy movement  + (A [[non-violent]], [[decentralised]] movement which provoked a violent reaction from the [[authorities]]. A mass awakening for millions of youngsters.)
  • Colgan Air Flight 3407  + (A [[plane crash]] which killed a prominent [[9-11 truther]], [[Beverly Eckert]])
  • John Cuckney  + (A [[spook]]y establishment figure connected to [[arms deals]] and probably more)
  • Susan Lindauer  + (A back channel to Saddam Hussein who had more integrity than her CIA handlers bargained for. Charged under the [[Patriot Act]].)