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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A known critic of the CIA who was murdered in Jonestown, Guyana". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Johannes Großmann  + (A historian interested in deep politics.)
  • James Bacque  + (A historian who exposed allied war crimes at the end of [[WW2]].)
  • Document:Washington Considers Military Action Against North Korea to Force Regime Change  + (A history of Post-WWII US military threats against North Korea leading to the latest escalation in Spring 2017, with due weight given to the North Korean perspective)
  • Deletionpedia  + (A home for pages which are deleted from Wikipedia.)
  • Panama Papers  + (A huge (2.6TB) cache of confidential documA huge (2.6TB) cache of confidential documents created by the Panamanian corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca that provide detailed information on more than 214,000 offshore companies, including the identities of shareholders and directors. Those identified include numerous wealthy and powerful political figures and organisations of many countries.gures and organisations of many countries.)
  • "1973 Oil crisis"  + (A huge rise in the price of oil, very probably created by attendees of the [[1973 Bilderberg]].)
  • Open Democracy  + (A huge, multi-author site with thousands of articles.)
  • Avaaz  + (A hugely popular clicktivist site with spooky connections.)
  • Nick Sand  + (A hugely productive creator of [[LSD]].)
  • Amschel Rothschild  + (A hung banker)
  • Kenneth Johannemann  + (A janitor at the World Trade Centre who saw explosions and rescued someone from the base of the buliding who had been burned by one.)
  • Victor Thorn  + (A journalist and reporter who wrote many books on [[deep politics]], including two on involvement of the Mossad and zionists in the events of [[9-11]]. Died of a shot to the head in 2016.)
  • David Leask  + (A journalist who has been openly working with the [[Integrity Initiative]])
  • David Aaronovitch  + (A journalist, popular with [[corporate media]] who makes light of the [[Bilderberg group]]. Denied being connected to the [[Integrity Initiative]] although leaked documents included his name.)
  • Alvin Hellerstein  + (A judge involved in several high-profile [[9/11]] related cases.)
  • John Roll  + (A judge shot less than 72 hours after ruling against US government)
  • Joseph Golia  + (A judge whose corruption was exposed by Sunny Sheu, whose murder was later covered up by NYPD.)
  • Pan Am Flight 103/The Trial  + (A juryless trial which sentenced Abdelbaset al-Megrahi to life imprisonment for the Lockerbie bombing.)
  • Document:UK PM Covers Up Crimes Against Humanity – Lectures Sri Lanka on Crimes Against Humanity  + (A juxtaposition of the sanctimonious postuA juxtaposition of the sanctimonious posturing of UK PM [[David Cameron]] at the opening of the Commonwealth heads of government conference over Sri Lanka's human rights record, with his own machinations to prevent the [[Chilcot Inquiry]] publishing papers fundamental to the understanding of how Blair and Bush engineered the Iraq war.ow Blair and Bush engineered the Iraq war.)
  • Barry Jennings  + (A key 9/11 witness whose testimony contradA key 9/11 witness whose testimony contradicted the 9/11 report. He was reported dead without further explanation, aged 53. No death certificate is available on the internet, the cause of death is unknown, and his entire family went missing without explanation at the same time.sing without explanation at the same time.)
  • L. François Duchene  + (A key adviser to Jean Monnet)
  • Washington Conference on International Terrorism  + (A key conference in establishing the "War On Terror", 5 years after the seminal [[Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism]])
  • Theodore Shackley  + (A key member of the [[US deep state]], involved in a huge list of deep events from the [[JFK assassination]], [[Iran Contra]], [[Arms for Libya]] and possibly also 9-11)
  • Nicholas Elliott  + (A key spook with a wide range of connections.)
  • Edwin Bollier  + (A key witness in the [[Pan Am Flight 103/The Trial|Lockerbie trial]])
 (A known critic of the CIA who was murdered in Jonestown, Guyana)
  • Leo Ryan  + (A known critic of the CIA who was murdered in Jonestown, Guyana.)
  • FBI/Laboratory  + (A laboratory later discovered to have a "pro-prosecution bias" that may have resulted in thousands of wrongful convictions.)
  • Al-Salam weapons deal  + (A large arms deal signed during the government of [[Tony Blair]].)
  • Reddit  + (A large corporate media site of forums in which readers vote stories up/down. As its popularity grew, it was subject to increased trolling and shilling by propagandists.)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo  + (A large country in central Africa, the majority of the former 'Belgian Congo'.)
  • Phi Beta Kappa  + (A large honor society with chapters in about 10% of US higher learning institutions.)
  • Australia  + (A large island nation in the southern hemisphere which is pioneering universal surveillance of its citizenry.)
  • Taiwan  + (A large island of mainland China. Independent despite claims of ownership by China.)
  • Madagascar  + (A large island off southern Africa)
  • Indonesia  + (A large nation in South East Asia)
  • Michael Mukasey  + (A lawyer and former judge who served as Attorney General of the US from 2007 to 2009. He was judge in the Larry Silverstein -v- Insurance companies post 9-11 litigation.)
  • Alejandro Mayorkas  + (A lawyer connected to Bill Clinton's 'Pardongate' episode)
  • Richard Ben-Veniste  + (A lawyer who has taken various legal roles for the US deep state, including securing the Watergate coup.)
  • Daniel Sheehan  + (A lawyer who helped to expose "[[Iran-Contra]]".)
  • Michael H. Doran  + (A lawyer who was working for free to help the relatives of [[9-11]] victims who refused the US government's [[9-11/Compensation fund]].)
  • Jaime Roldós Aguilera  + (A leader of [[Ecuador]] determined to try to better the living conditions of the population. Assassinated by the [[CIA]].)
  • Franz Josef Bach  + (A leading German member of the Cercle, who organised the [[Le Cercle/1982 (Wildbad Kreuth)|1982 meeting in Wildbad Kreuth]].)
  • James Klugmann  + (A leading UK Communist writer who became the official historian of the [[Communist Party of Great Britain]])
  • Hiram Johnson  + (A leading US "isolationist" politician.)
  • Dark Side of the Kremlin  + (A leak of 175GB of Russian documents)
  • Balkanleaks  + (A leak site for the Balkans.)
  • PirateLeaks  + (A leak site for the Czech Republic.)
  • Public Intelligence  + (A leak site which has provided a large number of apparently genuine documents about operations of the deep state, notably reports from the Bilderberg group.)
  • Document:December 2016 Papal Letter  + (A leaked "strictly confidential" set of twA leaked "strictly confidential" set of two letters: one from Pope Francis (in Italian & English) to Knights of Malta Cardinal Patron Raymond Burke, who has added his own covering letter addressed to Grand Master Festing. Pope Francis appears to demand that Freemasonry ("relativist" groups contrary to the Catholic faith) be rooted out of the Knights, and that those complicit (e.g., von Boeselager) in practices contrary to Church teaching be dealt with.ces contrary to Church teaching be dealt with.)
  • Document:20140610 Odendall's Email to Boeselager  + (A leaked email in which Marc Odendall exteA leaked email in which Marc Odendall extends firm but only covert support to Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager. In addition, he admits the 120 million Swiss franc trust is shady, saying "...a major fraud. I sense there is one..." but is looking for a hidden path to tap the money anyway.for a hidden path to tap the money anyway.)