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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A popular alternative media news site". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Lee Harvey Oswald  + (A patsy. Accused of the assassination of President John F Kennedy and shot to death 2 days later himself by another 'Lone-nut' gunman)
  • File:FukushimaMortalityInUS.pdf  + (A peer reviewed study from the John Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health)
  • Document:The New Round of Sanctions – The Pre-War Period  + (A perceptive and informed analysis of the developing Anglo-US-NATO cold-war on Russia in light of the latest round of sanctions which came into effect on 12 September 2014)
  • Saar Noam Ben Zvi  + (A perpetrator of the [[2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack]]. Released without charge after "the Israeli Embassy used heavy handed measures".)
  • Emad Abdalla Hassan  + (A person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, sold to US for $5000 and has been subject to illegal imprisonment and [[torture]] in [[Guantanamo Bay]] for years. Cleared for release in 2010, he was transferred to [[Oman]] on June 13, 2015.)
  • Katherine Horton  + (A physicist who reports that she is engaged in conflict with [[intelligence agencies]].)
  • Bernard Burrows  + (A pillar of the British diplomatic [[establishment]])
  • Pierre Péan  + (A pioneering investigative journalist, whose work shed light on a variety of deep events)
  • Document:Snowden Civil War  + (A pithy and on-the-button forecast from JoA pithy and on-the-button forecast from John Young about the how the Edward Snowden affair will likely pan out: if the NSA does not yet have effective control of the Snowden leaks, then they are going to make sure that those that have not been published already (i.e. >99% of Snowden's cache) never see the light of day. This is authoritative stuff from a seasoned professional.oritative stuff from a seasoned professional.)
  • Document:Ukraine and How the West Treats Comparable Events in Satellite and Non-Satellite Countries Differently  + (A pithy, succinct illustration of how, in A pithy, succinct illustration of how, in matters of foreign affairs, the language and terminology of western media coverage changes according to the status of the government/country being reported on, as either approved or unapproved of by western geo-political interests. More subtle than "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", but analogous.her man's freedom fighter", but analogous.)
  • Operation Northwoods  + (A plan devised within the US government in the early 1960's to carry out terrorist attacks on US citizens and have them blamed on Cuba. Never implemented.)
  • Continuity of Government  + (A plan for sudden change in US leadership, activated on [[9-11]])
  • United Airlines Flight 553  + (A plane crash which ended the life of the wife of E. Howard Hunt, suspected by some to have been an assassination.)
  • 2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash  + (A plane used by the CIA for [[rendition]], which later crashed in Mexico, with tons of [[cocaine]] aboard.)
  • New York Landmarks plot  + (A planned event which was never carried out)
  • Bob Woodward  + (A player in the Watergate coup.)
  • Document:Reinstatement in HM Diplomatic Service  + (A plea for reinstatement in the [[Foreign and Commonwealth Office]] by "''[[Margaret Thatcher|Thatcher]]'s Whitehall Critic''")
  • Dallas occupy plot  + (A plot to assassinate leaders of Occupy Houston. Although the FBI knew about it, no arrests have been made. Tellingly, although documentary evidence exists, the [[corporate media]] has said almost nothing about it.)
  •  + (A podcast site of interest.)
  • Document:The Red Poppy is Not About Remembrance  + (A polemic on the militarisation of remembrance of the horrors of war represented by UK Establishment promotion of the red poppy and its associated ceremonies on 11 November each year)
  • Institute for National Strategic Studies  + (A policy research and strategic gaming organisation within the US National Defense University, supporting the US Department of Defense.)
  • Andrew Breitbart  + (A political commentator who died of "heart failure" after exposing [[Anthony Weiner]]'s sexting)
  • Falklands War  + (A politically very convenient military conflict championed by [[Margaret Thatcher]].)
  • Harold Williams  + (A polyglot who learned over 50 languages)
  • Hani Hanjour  + (A poor pilot who supposedly piloted a 747 into the Pentagon.)
 (A popular alternative media news site)
  • Blacklisted News  + (A popular alternative media news site.)
  • Japan  + (A populous country in East Asia. People are traditionally extremely law abiding by European standards.)
  • Nigeria  + (A populous, highly oil/gas rich nation in Africa.)
  • Document:How Saville got the Higher-ups off the hook  + (A powerful critique of the Saville report into the 'Bloody Sunday' killings in Derry Northern Ireland by British paratroopers)
  • File:Report from Iron Mountain.pdf  + (A precient analysis of why war is considered necessary by the power-brokers of the western world)
  • 2011 Attacks on Libya  + (A premeditated act of aggression that was carried out under a pretext of "[[humanitarian intervention]]".)
  • Document:The Machine Stops  + (A prescient and chilling fictional short story masterpiece written over 100 years ago.)
  • Document:Welcome to the land of "Nothing for free"  + (A prescient article about commercial threats to the internet by a insider critic of the Hollywood entertainment industry)
  • Abu Zubaydah  + (A prisoner of the deep state, subjected to torture, denied legal process.)
  • Keenie Meenie Services  + (A private military contractor implicated in [[Iran Contra]]. Bought out in 1977 by Major David Walker (SAS).)
  • Executive Outcomes  + (A private military contractor which offereA private military contractor which offered "Security management" and "full-service risk management consulting". It operated during the [[1990s]] and boasted 500 military advisers and over 3000 military personnel, largely drawn from the South African Civil Cooperation Bureau.he South African Civil Cooperation Bureau.)
  • Radio Free Asia  + (A private non-profit group funded by the US congress through the Broadcasting Board of Governors, notable for its funding of internet privacy software.)
  • Balli Group Plc  + (A privately held company with a subsidiary, [[Balli Aviation]] that in 2010 pleaded guilty to charges of illegally exporting Boeing aircraft to [[Iran]], in breach of sanctions.)
  • Jewish Internet Defense Force  + (A pro-Israel online activist group.)
  • Atlantic Treaty Association  + (A pro-NATO think tank.)
  • Century Group  + (A pro-allied interventionist group active in the United States prior to American entry into [[World War Two]].)
  • Michael Mukasey  + (A pro-torture Attorney General)
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion  + (A probably deliberately failed attempt to invade [[Cuba]] by the CIA. This was very possibly an attempt to entrap JFK into full scale military action against Cuba.)
  • Document:Midnight in the Congo  + (A probing analysis of evidence that both [[Patrice Lumumba]] and [[Dag Hammarskjöld]] were assassinated by agents of the UK and US intelligence services)
  • Pat Tillman  + (A professional NFL American football player who joined the US army. His attiude)
  • Mete Sozen  + (A professor of Structural Engineering who has written a number of government reports after terrorist deep events.)
  • Victor Halberstadt  + (A professor of economics, with a minimal Wikipedia page, who has attended all Bilderberg meetings since 1975.)
  • Mark Crispin Miller  + (A professor of journalism and prominent critic of [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]])
  • Michael Barkun  + (A professor who denies that MKUltra was carried out on children.)
  • Document:Whistler against the wind - Gerald James  + (A profile of Gerald James, former Chairman of Astra Holdings and his battles against his appalling treatment by a corrupt system intent on hiding the dirty secrets of the Arms-to-Iraq affair.)