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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A supporter of [[US deep state]] [[official narrative]]s". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • User:Robin  + (A still slightly random assortment of ways in to the purposes of the fiction of drug interdiction and the reality of the multi-trillion dollar business which this charade evolved to protect.)
  • Document:Institute for Statecraft Event Nigeria  + (A strict security round table discussion with Donald Duke, very likely to be a candidate in the next presidential elections in Nigeria)
  • Muammar Gaddafi  + (A striking independent leader who rarely cowtowed to the Western establishment.)
  • File:Awara-Study-Russia-Economy-09.012.2014.pdf  + (A study of developments in the Russian economy between 2000 and 2014)
  • File:Antisemitism-Cui Bono.pdf  + (A study of the relationship between Zionism and its perennial allegations of antisemitism among majority gentile populations, especially in Europe and the USA)
  • Thales UK  + (A subsidiary of [[Thales]].)
  • Public Diplomacy Department  + (A successor to the Information Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • Information Department  + (A successor to the Overseas Information Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • Document:Arabs Beware the Small States Option  + (A succinct introduction to proposals, wideA succinct introduction to proposals, widely canvassed among Western Elites but otherwise largely suppressed, to impose a new political settlement on the entire Middle East involving the re-ordering of its national borders along sectarian lines. These proposals represent the increasingly dominant leitmotif of 21st century Globalist driven Middle-Eastern policy.ry Globalist driven Middle-Eastern policy.)
  • Peteano bombing  + (A suicide bomb attack which lured 3 carabinieri to their deaths with a booby trapped car bomb. The cover up of this murder - and its later ''un''covering by Italian judge [[Felice Casson]] was a major event in the exposure of [[Operation Gladio]].)
  • File:A Global Chronology of Incidents of Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Attacks 1950-2005.pdf  + (A summary of Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Attacks, from 1950 - 2005, giving the number of injuries and fatalities, and other information (if known) on the perpetrators and motives.)
  • Document:Estonia: Sunk due to n-cargo?  + (A summary of an article from the Belgian rA summary of an article from the Belgian reporter Maarten Rabaey in the De Morgen newspaper from 27 April 1996 about details of the sinking of the ship, the so-called 'Felix Report' and the reasoning behind the almost immediate sealing of the wreck in a sarcophagus. Archive of this article [ here] and [ here]monitor/452/estonia-sunk-due-n-cargo here])
  • File:Report on Terrorism 2014.pdf  + (A summary of global "terrorism" in 2014.)
  • File:Bilderberg-meetings-report-1955.pdf  + (A summary of the 1955 Bilderberg meeting that took place from September 23-25 at the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany.)
  • File:Bilderberg-meetings-report-1958.pdf  + (A summary of the 1958 Bilderberg meeting that took place from 13-15 September 1958 in Buxton, England)
  • File:Bilderberg-meeting-report-1958.pdf  + (A summary of the 1958 Bilderberg meeting that took place from September 18-20 at the Çinar Hotel in Yeşilköy, Istanbul, Turkey.)
  • File:Bilderberg-meetings-report-1960.pdf  + (A summary of the 1960 Bilderberg meeting that took place from May 28-29 at the Palace Hotel in Bürgenstock, Nidwalden, Switzerland.)
  • File:Bilderberg-Conference-Report-1961.pdf  + (A summary of the 1961 Bilderberg meeting that took place from 21 April 1961 - 23 April 1961 at St-Castin, Quebec, Canada)
  • File:Bilderberg-meeting-report-1962.pdf  + (A summary of the 1962 Bilderberg meeting in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.)
  • File:Bilderberg-meetings-report-1963.pdf  + (A summary of the 1963 Bilderberg meeting that took place from May 29-31 in Cannes, France.)
  • File:Bilderberg-meetings-report-1980.pdf  + (A summary of the 1980 Bilderberg meeting that took place from April 18-20 at the Dorint Sofitel Quellenhof in Aachen, Germany.)
  • 9-11/Legal action  + (A summary of the contradictory array of legal judgements around 9-11)
  • Document:Why I wear a white poppy  + (A summary of the reasons why the author wears a white poppy during the UK Remembrance Day commemoration.)
  • Document:10 Ways We Are Being Tracked Traced and Databased  + (A summary overview of technological developments in the main branches of surveillance technology with examples of their current and developing application.)
  • Faraj Hassan  + (A supporter of [[Aafia Siddiqui]])
  • Gerald Posner  + (A supporter of [[US deep state]] [[official narrative]]s)
  • Alan Dershowitz  + (A supporter of [[torture]] and legal defender of [[Jeffrey Epstein]])
  • TWA Flight 800  + (A suspicious air crash, which occurred simultaneously with a live fire exercise being carried out by the US Navy.)
  • Boston Marathon bombings  + (A suspicious bombing with an even more suspicious attempt at a clean up - including the murder of [[Ibragim Todashev]] while in police custody.)
  • Document:A Day in the Life of a Banned Canadian  + (A sympathetic (and anonymous) interview with Kevin Annett.)
  • Document:The Mystery of Dr Aafia Siddiqui  + (A sympathetic retelling of the persecution of Aafia Siddiqui, up to 2009.)
  • Operation Nicole  + (A tabletop exercise "based on a realistic counter terrorism incident... specifically developed for Muslim communities".)
  • 1986 United States bombing of Libya  + (A tactical air attack on [[Libya]] by the [[United States]] which targeted [[Muammar Gaddafi]] but missed)
  • Dilawar  + (A taxi driver who was in the wrong place at the the wrong time. Tortured while in US custody and dead within the week. A leaked autopsy revealed "homicide", but the US authorities have not taken any action in this regard.)
  • NewsGuard  + (A tech company which is teaming up with [[Microsoft]] as regards "[[fake news]]")
  • Autumn Radtke  + (A tech-valley CEO of a bitcoin exchange who died a violent death, allegedly suicide.)
  • The Verge  + (A technology news and media outlet)
  • Juval Aviv  + (A terrorism expert and Mossad operative who once remarked on live TV: "It's easy to put a truck bomb, as we did, er, as happened in London.")
  • 2016 Brussels Bombing  + (A terrorist attack in Brussels involving 3A terrorist attack in Brussels involving 3 explosions which reportedly killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds more. Responsibility for the attack was immediately attributed to [[ISIS]] by the [[Corporate media|commercially-controlled media]], clearly assuming the [[sheeple]] are still buying this "Muslim suicide bomber" [[Official Narrative]][[Official Narrative]])
  • File:Carter-Ruck Syria Report.pdf  + (A text-book example of the how and why of demonising one's enemies. A widely reported shock-horror document is 'leaked' just prior to a conference, the outcome of which is regarded as crucial to Western global policy interests.)
  • Document:Sex Plague - The Normalisation of Deviance and Depravity  + (A thorough analysis of how sexual deviance and depravity is becoming normalised in the USA and much of the Western World. The article identifies the political, cultural and religious forces behind this revolution, together with the reasons for it.)
  • ISGP  + (A thoroughly researched collection of articles which tell some important and generally untold stories, especially about the rich and powerful.)
  • User:Robin  + (A thought provoking introduction to the 2001 Anthrax mailings, which were used to cow opposition to the [[PATRIOT Act]], including the remarkable fact that the FBI's case lead has sued the agency, alleging malpractice!)
  • Document:Countdown to Destruction in Syria  + (A timeline of US and Western-European interference in Syria since its formation in 1916)
  • Document:Defending the UN Charter by Use of the Veto  + (A timeline summary of political/diplomatic events leading to the Russia/China veto of the February 2012 UNSC resolution on Syria.)
  • Woodrow Wilson  + (A tool of the US deep state.)
  • Manhattan Project  + (A top secret project to develop [[nuclear weapons]] for use in WW2)
  • June 2009 Washington Metro train collision  + (A train accident which some consider a murder, since it eliminated a high ranking witness to the events of [[9-11]].)
  • Operation Paperclip  + (A transfer of top German scientists to USA.)
  • Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission  + (A tribunal to address the 2003 invasion ofA tribunal to address the 2003 invasion of Iraq and associated abuses. Its verdict:- the UK/US/NATO establishment is guilty of war crimes. So far the criminals remain at large — but are staying out of Malaysia, the country in which the tribunal was carried out.try in which the tribunal was carried out.)
  • Rod Thornton  + (A university lecturer who fired after he published a paper about his university's mistreatment of a Muslim students under the "war on terror" pretext.)