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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "A widely published journalist". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Document:How Russia betrayed America  + (A useful mirror image of the Anglo-US-Nato official narrative about Russia)
  • Document:The War on Conspiracy Realists Continues  + (A useful run-down on the Orwellian absurdity of recently announced UK government measures to 'combat extremism' which in practice mean to make life difficult for people who effectively question the [[Official Narrative]] on the [[War on Terror]])
  • Grassy knoll  + (A vantage point used by one or more of the [[JFK assassination]] team.)
  • Black Op Radio  + (A vast source of audio material about [[conspiracies]] in general and the [[JFK Assassination]] in particular.)
  • Wikipedia  + (A vast, one of a kind, multi-language, multi-editor encyclopaedia.)
  • Canada/Genocide  + (A very dark chapter of Canada's history whA very dark chapter of Canada's history which was chanced upon and the determinedly exposed by Rev. Kevin Annett. For well over a century, Native Canadians were abused, infected with smallpox or TB, forcibly sterilised and sometimes flat out murdered in a climate of impunity. The Canadian government issued a formal apology for the episode in 2008, though it also announced that while some compensation payments would be made, the genocide would go made, the genocide would go unpunished.)
  • From The Wilderness  + (A very highly respected alternative news source, now defunct.)
  • The Pilgrims Society  + (A very low profile group that has been in operation for over a century and has Elizabeth Regina as its patron. Members include ministers, diplomats, CEOs and others. Who knows what this "dining society" discusses over dinner?...)
  • Document:Ukraine: One ‘Regime Change’ Too Many?  + (A veteran CIA analyst's take on the US-NATO regime change push in the Ukraine)
  • Alisha Owen  + (A victim of the [[Franklin child prostitution ring]] who served 4½ years for [[perjury]] after blowing the whistle on the group)
  • Vimeo  + (A video sharing platform)
  • JMWAVE  + (A vital CIA station in the development of the conspiracy to assassinate [[JFK]], and therefore in the development of the modern day [[US Deep state]].)
  • Denis Voronenkov  + (A vocal critic of [[Vladimir Putin]]. Assassinated in 2017.)
  • Gulf War  + (A war used by the US to effectively cow the Saudis into submission and bolster US military domination of the Gulf region.)
  • James W. McCord  + (A watergate burglar, CIA, FBI)
  • Spy Culture  + (A website focused on the intersection of the intelligence agencies and the entertainment industries.)
  • Wikipediocracy  + (A website for discussion and criticism of Wikipedia.)
  • Counterterrorism Blog  + (A website hosting numerous rightwing terrorism experts.)
  • Islamic News  + (A website set up to entrap Islamists by posing as a Jihadi site)
  • 2001 Anthrax attacks  + (A week after [[9/11]]A week after [[9/11]], weaponised anthrax spores was sent from a US lab to media offices and to two U.S. Senators who were obstructing the rollback of [[civil liberties]]. A $100M [[FBI]] investigation concluded that posthumously blamed a "[[lone nut]]" researcher. In 2015, the FBI head of the investigation sued the [[US Attorney General]] alleging that exculpating evidence had been exculpating evidence had been withheld.)
  • Ed Gullion  + (A week after he arrived in Zaire, [[Dag Hammarskjöld]]'s plane crashed.)
  • Document:Battleground Ukraine  + (A wide ranging analysis of the 2013-2014 situation in Ukraine, its antecedents and consequences from the perspective of a senior Russian academic)
  • Document:Holy Smoke and Mirrors  + (A wide ranging overview into the history of the modern supranational deep state, with an emphasis on overall connections and interactions of groups and people, rather than on particular events and dates.)
  • Document:US holds world record for the killing of innocent civilians  + (A wide-ranging interview with Prof. John MA wide-ranging interview with Prof. John McMurtry that pulls no punches about the moral bankruptcy of the US globalising elite and its accomplices, allies and self-serving lackies. It covers the US [[War on Terror]] project, its military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the [[9-11]] attacks.[[9-11]] attacks.)
  • Vince Foster/Death  + (A widely disputed death of a Clinton confidante, partially censored by Wikipedia.)
  • Wikiquote  + (A wiki of quotes, from the wikimedia foundation)
  • Powerbase  + (A wiki-based free encyclopaedia into PR, corporate and political spin.)
  • Infogalactic  + (A wikipedia fork.)
  • Document:Illegal Slaughter - Cameron’s Bombings of Syria, Equals Blair’s Iraq War Crimes  + (A withering, contemptuous critique of David Cameron and the UK political class in their determination to take part in the illlegal bombing of another sovereign state using absurdly oxymoronic 'war-on-terror' excuses.)
  • File:Did 6 Million Really Die.pdf  + (A witness account of the 1980's Canadian trials of Ernst Zundel in which he was charged with "...disseminating false news" concerning the treatment of Jews by Germany during WWII)
  • Alayne Fleischmann  + (A witness to massive financial crimes who was contacted by the authorities and blew the whistle publicly only in November 2014 after realising that the Justice department and the SEC were intent on hushing up rather than publishing the fraud.)
  • Kymberley Suchomel  + (A witness to the [[2017 Las Vegas shooting]] and described more than one shooter firing into the crowd. Died about a week later. Reason unknown.)
  • Jim McDougal  + (A witness to the [[Whitewater]] affair who reportedly died of a [[heart attack]] while in prison in [[Texas]].)
  • Michael Hess  + (A witness to the destruction of WTC7.)
  • Margie Schoedinger  + (A woman found shot dead after filing rape charges against George W. Bush. Corporate media uninterested.)
  • Catherine Ashton  + (A woman with zero qualification or experience of foreign affairs who, in 2009, was made 'High representative for Foreign Affairs and Security policy' in a deal which finally recognised that the position was NOT going to be given to Tony Blair)
  • University of Cambridge/Lucy Cavendish College  + (A women only college)
  • Cambridge University/Newnham College  + (A women only college at Cambridge)
  • Todd Leventhal  + (A writer at
  • Rodney Stich  + (A writer of over 20 books exposing US government corruption.)
  • Man with seizure in front of TSBD  + (A young man suffers some sort of seizure in front of the book depository. ref. Crossfire, p 42)
  • NGO Monitor  + (A zionist lobby group.)
  • Dulcie September  + (ANC member, anti-apartheid activist, and political prisoner who went into exile in London. She was assassinated in [[Paris]].)
  • Mike Burgess  + (ASIO Director-General of Security)
  • Duncan Lewis  + (ASIO Director-General of Security)
  • Paul O'Sullivan  + (ASIO Director-General of Security)
  • David Sadleir  + (ASIO Director-General of Security)
  • John Moten  + (ASIO Director-General of Security)
  • Alan Wrigley  + (ASIO Director-General of Security)
  • Harvey Barnett  + (ASIO Director-General of Security)