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  • Konstantin Yaroshenko  + (Alleged drug trafficker who was the subject of at least 3 requests for extradition by the Russian government.)
  • Korean War/Biological warfare  + (Alleged experimental usage of insect-born biological/bacteriological weapons during the Korean war)
  • Danny Nightingale  + (Alleged that the SAS played a role in the death of Diana.)
  • Zacarias Moussaoui  + (Alleged to be "the 20th hijacker")
  • Document:MH-17 Slips into propaganda fog  + (Almost a year ago, Malaysia Airlines FlighAlmost a year ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine killing 298 people. Yet, instead of a transparent investigation seeking justice, the case became a propaganda game of finger-pointing, with the CIA withholding key evidence all the better to blame Russiaey evidence all the better to blame Russia)
  • Nikita Malik  + (Also "Head of Fempower")
  • John Reid  + (Also Labour Party Chair)
  • Kenneth Clarke  + (Also [[Secretary of State for Justice]])
  • Hamzah Behbehani  + (Also a partner, and named as a principal, along with Wirt Walker and Al Sabah, in lawsuits in which KuwAm engaged.)
  • Michael Alexander  + (Also foreign policy secretary to [[Margaret Thatcher]])
  • British-Israel Public Affairs Committee  + (Also known as the British-Israel Public Affairs Centre, the British-Israel Public Affairs Committee was a Zionist lobby group.)
  • Lord Robert Cecil  + (Also the first chairman)
  • Amil Khan  + (Also worked for "Private sector companies")
  • User:Robin  + (Although far from complete, this page explains ''why'' torture is employed (''not'' to gain reliable information, since it is not effective at this).)
  • User:Robin  + (Although it barely scratches the surface, this article gives a useful set of pointers to information to help the reader understand what the modern US DOJ is.)
  • User:Robin  + (Although now over 10 years old, this compiAlthough now over 10 years old, this compiles a lot of information of use to anyone interested in the UK intelligence services. The information is largely unsourced, but is well structured and includes an impressive amount of detail on key groups and places. It deserves a wider audience. and places. It deserves a wider audience.)
  • User:Robin  + (Although rather wordy and in need of better structure, this page gathers a lot of relevant information in one place and presents insight into this important topic.)
  • Document:Bloody US-Directed Raid Destabilizes Philippine Politics  + (American fingerprints are all over a botched commando raid in the southern Philippines that left dozens dead and shocked the country.)
  • Stacey Abrams  + (American politician and lawyer)
  • Document:A Long History of America's Dark Side  + (Americans are encouraged to unquestioninglAmericans are encouraged to unquestioningly view their country and its soldiers as the "good guys" spreading “democracy” and “liberty” around the world. When the US inflicts death and destruction, it’s viewed as a mistake or an aberration. This article reviews the long history of these acts of brutality, a record that suggests they are neither a “mistake” nor an “aberration” but a conscious counterinsurgency doctrine on the "dark side".terinsurgency doctrine on the "dark side".)
  • Alan M. Ralsky  + (America’s Spam King)
  • Document:Sanctions of Mass Destruction: America’s War on Venezuela  + (America’s largest export used to be manufaAmerica’s largest export used to be manufactured goods made proudly in the [[United States]]. Today, America’s largest export is the [[US dollar]]. Any nation like [[Venezuela]] that threatens that export is met with America’s second largest export: weapons, chief amongst which are [ Sanctions of Mass Destruction.]estruction Sanctions of Mass Destruction.])
  • Islamic State  + (An "Islamic fundamentalist terrorist" organisation which whistleblower [[Sibel Edmonds]] links to [[Operation Gladio/B]] and succinctly describes as a re-branding of [[al-Qaeda]].)
  • Hiroshi Hasegawa  + (An "exceptionally erudite" TV commentator who publicly urged caution about the claim that 9/11 was a Muslim led operation. His sudden death the next month was little reported by [[corporate media]].)
  • Interdoc  + (An "information and documentation centre" which specialised in research on the European left. Spooky anti-communist group.)
 (An "overlooked" annual conference on international security policy)
  • Munich Security Conference  + (An "overlooked" annual conference on international security policy.)
  • Sidney Gottlieb  + (An American chemist best-known for his involvement with the CIA's mind control program MKULTRA.)
  • Stephen Schwartz  + (An American journalist, author and associate of Daniel Pipes)
  • Al Gore  + (An American politician and Anthropogenic Global Warming alarmist who served as the 45th Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton.)
  • Stephen Cohen  + (An American scholar of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University. His academic work concentrates on modern Russian history since the Bolshevik Revolution and the country's relationship with the United States.)
  • File:A case to answer.pdf  + (An Amnesty International report on the 40 month long detention and rendition of Khaled al-Maqtari, a 25 year old Saudi national at the time of his arrest in Fallujah, Iraq in January 2004.)
  • 9-11/E-4B  + (An E-4B was spotted over the White house and the Pentagon on 9/11. The official narrative has nothing to say on the matter, but it was reported on CNN and video, photos and eye witnesses exist.)
  • Democracy and Propaganda - Can independent media defend universal values?  + (An EED "fake news" conference in Ukraine)
  • Abu Omar  + (An Egyptian cleric who was kindnapped in Milan by the CIA in 2003 and sent to Egypt where he was subject to torture.)
  • Document:E-mail from Kevin Ryan to Frank Gayle  + (An Email expressing puzzlement at NIST's unreasonable claims about steel melting from a jet fuel fire, after which the author was dismissed)
  • File:Violent Offending by UK Military.pdf  + (An Establishment-sponsored study into the extent and causes of violent criminal behaviour by UK soldiers returning from Iraq and Afganistan)
  • California Fires  + (An Extenstiv)
  • Kenneth Williams  + (An FBI agent who passed on to his superiors specific information in advance of the 9/11 attacks, which they ignored.)
  • The Parrott Memo  + (An FBI memo deserving of further scrutiny)
  • FBI calls to determine potential threat  + (An FBI teletype is received, directed to all field offices to contact CIs (confidential informants) to determine whether a revolutionary group was a potential threat to the president during his Dallas trip November 22 - 23. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 77)
  • Salvador Guersson Smecke  + (An IDF Colonel? Arrested in connection with the [[2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack]], then released without charge)
  • Bobby Sands  + (An IRA hunger striker who died as MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone)
  • Baha Mousa  + (An Iraqi civilian tortured to death by UK soldiers.)
  • Unit 8200  + (An Israeli NSA)
  • Debka  + (An Israeli intelligence website.)
  • 1982 Lebanon War  + (An Israeli invasion of Lebanon. They militarily occupied some of the country until 2000.)
  • Martin van Creveld  + (An Israeli military historian and theorist.)
  • Verint Systems  + (An Israeli technology company which provides technology relevant to the "[[war on terror]]", receiving a lot of government contracts.)
  • Antonio Fazio  + (An Italian [[central banker]] who resigned as [[Governor of the Bank of Italy]] amid controversy.)
  • Roberto Calvi  + (An Italian banker dubbed "God's Banker" (Italian: Banchiere di Dio) by the press because of his close association with the Holy See. Found death, hanging from a bridge in London.)