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  • Democracy and Propaganda - Can independent media defend universal values?  + (An EED "fake news" conference in Ukraine)
  • Abu Omar  + (An Egyptian cleric who was kindnapped in Milan by the CIA in 2003 and sent to Egypt where he was subject to torture.)
  • Document:E-mail from Kevin Ryan to Frank Gayle  + (An Email expressing puzzlement at NIST's unreasonable claims about steel melting from a jet fuel fire, after which the author was dismissed)
  • File:Violent Offending by UK Military.pdf  + (An Establishment-sponsored study into the extent and causes of violent criminal behaviour by UK soldiers returning from Iraq and Afganistan)
  • Kenneth Williams  + (An FBI agent who passed on to his superiors specific information in advance of the 9/11 attacks, which they ignored.)
  • The Parrott Memo  + (An FBI memo deserving of further scrutiny)
  • FBI calls to determine potential threat  + (An FBI teletype is received, directed to all field offices to contact CIs (confidential informants) to determine whether a revolutionary group was a potential threat to the president during his Dallas trip November 22 - 23. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 77)
  • Salvador Guersson Smecke  + (An IDF Colonel? Arrested in connection with the [[2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack]], then released without charge)
  • Bobby Sands  + (An IRA hunger striker who died as MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone)
  • Baha Mousa  + (An Iraqi civilian tortured to death by UK soldiers.)
  • Unit 8200  + (An Israeli NSA)
  • Debka  + (An Israeli intelligence website.)
  • 1982 Lebanon War  + (An Israeli invasion of Lebanon. They militarily occupied some of the country until 2000.)
  • Martin van Creveld  + (An Israeli military historian and theorist.)
  • Verint Systems  + (An Israeli technology company which provides technology relevant to the "[[war on terror]]", receiving a lot of government contracts.)
  • Antonio Fazio  + (An Italian [[central banker]] who resigned as [[Governor of the Bank of Italy]] amid controversy.)
  • Roberto Calvi  + (An Italian banker dubbed "God's Banker" (Italian: Banchiere di Dio) by the press because of his close association with the Holy See. Found death, hanging from a bridge in London.)
  • eSurv  + (An Italian developer of surveillance systems. Identified by [[Security Without Borders]] as the author of the state-sponsored [[spyware]], [[Exodus]].)
  • Giorgio Ambrosoli  + (An Italian lawyer assassinated while investigating [[Michele Sindona]].)
  • Francesco Cossiga  + (An Italian politician who became outspoken towards the end of his life.)
  • Nicholas Langman  + (An MI6 officer of note.)
  • Frank Steele  + (An MI6 officer with African connections who opened contacts with the IRA in the early 1970s. He later moved into banking and attended more than one meeting of Le Cercle.)
  • Adrian Schoolcraft  + (An NYPD officer who made hundreds of audio recordings of his workplace and was confined to a mental institution as a result.)
  • Bullingdon Club  + (An Oxford university dining club with a habit for inebriation and subsequent property destruction. A UK equivalent of the US ''[[Skull and Bones]]'' fraternity, which has had a large number of establishment insiders as members over the years.)
  • James Easton  + (An RAF pilot who became deputy director general of MI6)
  • David Shayler  + (An [[MI5]] agent turned '[[whistleblower]]' who didn't reveal very much but has since associated himself with some of the most dubious end of those questioning the [[official narrative]]. Some believe he is still working for [[MI5]].)
  • Eladio del Valle  + (An [[Operation 40]] member involved in the JFK assassination.)
  • Conspiracy Theorist  + (An [[enemy image]] used for ''ad hominem'' attacks on people.)
  • F-Droid  + (An [[open source]] alternative to [[Google]]'s Playstore)
  • Document:Revenge Is Mine Saith Washington  + (An abridged article about the persecution of Julian Assange. It illustrates the depths to which elementary notions of justice have sunk in the West - and especially in the UK and USA - where perceived threats to Deep State interests are involved.)
  • Document:Robert Faurisson - True Hero  + (An abridged version of an obituary to the An abridged version of an obituary to the late [[Robert Faurisson]] by a Catholic Bishop who has suffered expulsion from his religious order (The [[SSPX]]) and ostracism by his church authorities for raising similar questions to those raised by Dr Faurisson questions to those raised by Dr Faurisson)
  • Kevin Barrett  + (An academic and [[9-11/Dissident]].)
  • Remi Brulin  + (An academic who rejects the word "terrorism" as a tool of propaganda)
  • Barry Seal  + (An ace pilot and drug smuggler for the US deep state who knew too much.)
  • Piazza Fontana bombing  + (An act of terrorism carried out by NATO backed groups to try prevent the electoral success of the Italian communist party.)
  • Mark Gorton  + (An active researcher into the US shadow government)
  • Ralph Schoenman  + (An activist alert to the reality of deep politics and the Machiavellian nature of many who engage in it.)
  • Isaac Kappy  + (An actor who died aged 42 after accusing former Hollywood friends of paedophilia.)
  • Document:Affidavit of William Casey  + (An admission by William Casey, DCI, that hAn admission by William Casey, DCI, that he approved smuggling of [[cocaine]] into USA, having chosen [[Mena]], Arkansas as a shipment point, with the support of [[Bill Clinton]] and [[Bill Weld]]. Casey names a range of names, including [[John Poindexter]], [[Robert McFarlane]], [[Oliver North]] and [[William Colby]], the [[CIA]], [[NSA]] and [[ASA]].[[ASA]].)
  • Document:The Threat of War and the Russian Response  + (An adviser to the Russian President analyses the current systemic global crisis and the way forward for Russia and the world)
  • William Schneider  + (An advocate use of the first-strike use of nuclear weapons. Attendee of [[Le Cercle]])
  • Alois Mertes  + (An aide to [[German Foreign Minister]] [[Hans-Dietrich Genscher]]. Mertes died in office.)
  • Western Global Airlines  + (An airline which owned a plane that landed in Zimbabwe with a body and 67 tons of cash on board, was held for a few days and later released without charge or proper explanation.)
  • ICTS International  + (An airport security company, founded by [[Shin Bet]] operatives, which occurs in multiple acts of "[[terrorism]]")
  • Katherine Smith  + (An alert Tennessee DMV employee who sold IDs to 5 foreigners of middle Eastern appearance.)
  • Desmond Morton  + (An almost unknown and yet crucial British spymaster in the first half of the 20<sup>th</sup> century.)
  • Document:The MI6 Bombings in Saudi Arabia  + (An alternative account of the 2000/1 bombiAn alternative account of the 2000/1 bombings in Saudi Arabia for which the Saudis convicted a group of UK ex-patriots, sentenced them to death and later granted amnesty and returned them to the UK. This IS indeed a murky business and, whilst this account may seem far-fetched, it is probably closer to the truth than the official versionser to the truth than the official version)
  • The Opperman Report  + (An alternative media outlet that releases weekly audio interviews.)
  • Document:The forbidden truth is an insurrection in Britain  + (An alternative perspective on the UK London Riots from an author unafraid to make the obvious connection between the England riots and the rampant culture of corruption and greed in the UK Establishment.)
  • Lyndon Johnson  + (An ambitious psychopath who is generally aAn ambitious psychopath who is generally agreed to have played a significant or possibly leading role in organising the assassination of JFK. He established the Warren Commission to cover up the JFK assassination. He reversed JFK's decision to reduce troop numbers in Vietnam and instead escalated the war. in Vietnam and instead escalated the war.)