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  • Document:Myths about Contemporary Russia  + (An article that comprehensively refutes the major western demonising myths about Russia)
  • Robert Shetterly  + (An artist who has drawn attention to to whistleblowers after [[9/11]].)
  • Tony Sforza  + (An assassin accused of involvement in the JFK assassination)
  • Pim Fortuyn  + (An assassinated Dutch politician)
  • Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan  + (An assassinated Iranian [[nuclear weapons]] specialist)
  • Kim Koo  + (An assassinated Korean politician)
  • Iman Fadil  + (An assassinated model.)
  • Ronald Reagan/Assassination attempt  + (An assassination attempt was made against Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981.)
  • David Mantik  + (An assistant professor of physics and researcher into the JFK assassination)
  • Richard W. Roberts  + (An associate of Rudy Giuliani who has handled some sensitive cases for the cabal.)
  • "Jubilee Plot"  + (An attempt by Irish nationalist patsies to assassinate Queen Victoria and her Cabinate during her Golden Jubilee thanks giving service at Westminster abbey on 20 June 1887)
  • Peru/Truth and Reconciliation Commission  + (An attempt to restore a functioning and non-criminal government to Peru.)
  • 1991 Moscow Coup attempt  + (An attempted [[coup]])
  • Document:Genesis of the Morgenthau Plan  + (An authoritative account of the genesis of the World War II document that became known as "The Morgenthau Plan")
  • Document:The Taking Of America, 1-2-3  + (An authoritative description of the JFK assassination and succeeding crimes from the photographic expert advisor to Jim Garrison.)
  • Document:BBC Bombast  + (An authoritative run-down on BBC News as a model propaganda mouthpiece for the dominant establishment narrative of UK foreign policy initiatives and involvements abroad. The article provides startling chapter and verse on a number of recent examples)
  • Arthur Maundy Gregory  + (An early 20<sup>th</sup> century deep politician who had so much dirt on key establishment figures that his MI5 file remains censored, 65+ years after his death.)
  • John Stockwell  + (An early and prominent critic of the [[CIA]])
  • Deepwater Horizon  + (An ecologically disastrous oil spill)
  • Document:Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech  + (An edited transcript of Prof. Martins address to the 14th Conference of the Institute for Historical Review in Irvine, California about the tactics of organised Jewry in suppressing information they deem harmful to them)
  • Document:Murder And Mayhem In The Middle East  + (An effective resumé of the modus-operandi of Anglo-US-NATO in its drive towards de-facto global dominance using the 2011 Libyan and subsequent Syrian interventions as telling examples.)
  • Operation Mass Appeal  + (An effort by MI6 to facilitate the UK's invasion of Iraq.)
  • Cicada 3301  + (An elaborate series of puzzles that have beeb published on the internet since)
  • Patrick Pelloux  + (An emergency responder who notified François Hollande about the Charlie Hebdo event, and notified the world that a "multi-site attack exercise" had been planned for the day od the [[November 2015 Paris attacks]].)
  • Bradley Ayers  + (An employee of the JMWAVE CIA station who has named senior colleagues as implicated in the [[JFK assassination]] and testified about CIA drug dealing.)
 (An enclave of Palestine in the south west corner of Israel)
  • Gaza  + (An enclave of Palestine in the south west corner of Israel.)
  • Document:Tron (1982) – The Ultimate Predictive PROGRAMming  + (An esoteric analysis of the 1982 Sci-Fi film "Tron")
  • Document:WikiLeaks – Whose Agenda?  + (An essay on how the release (and probable witholding) of Wikileaks leaks is being timed and manipulated to serve the global Zionist agenda.)
  • Stephan Adolphus Kock  + (An ex-pat Czechoslovak businessman and arch-spook)
  • Walter Laqueur  + (An ex-patriot German Jewish professor of History and political commentator)
  • File:The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites.pdf  + (An examination of NIST's connections to the nano-thermite.)
  • File:The Dow Jones Industrial Average - a fata morgana.pdf  + (An examination of the mathematics of the DAn examination of the mathematics of the Dow Jones. Does it say anything of value about the state of the economy or society? The author concludes that looking at the number of people in society that use food stamps would be a better measure, one that is not wide open to manipulation by the 1%.s not wide open to manipulation by the 1%.)
  • Document:Evolution of the 9/11 Controversy From Conspiracy Theories to Conspiracy Photographs  + (An examination of the photos of the World Trade Center, how clearly they contradict the claims of "collapse", and how the US government has played fast and loose with its changing [[9-11/Official narrative]] and with the law to try to hide this fact.)
  • Document:Ampiric Myopia  + (An examination of unfolding events in Ukraine and the role of the media, informed by the philosophical approach of Linguistic determinism)
  • Document:Ed Wilson's Revenge  + (An example of how plausible deniability woAn example of how plausible deniability worked for the CIA - their 3rd most senior CIA official produces an affidavit that they had had no dealings with Edwin Wilson since 1971. Although legions of insiders knew this was a lie, the court accepted it. Finally exposed as a lie almost 20 years later, all those who lied in court are given immunity.hose who lied in court are given immunity.)
  • Document:Democratic State v Deep State  + (An excellent introduction to deep politicsAn excellent introduction to deep politics. By clarifying the real role of the Secret Intelligence Services and the policy agenda they under firm control in most Western 'Democracies' (especially the UKUSA nations), it demonstrates the irrelevance of the party-political masquerade.levance of the party-political masquerade.)
  • Alexander Litvinenko  + (An exiled Russian spook turned whistleblower who died of Polonium poisoning in London.)
  • File:Splitting Stocks Caused Stock Market Crash 1929.pdf  + (An explanation of how the introduction of An explanation of how the introduction of stock splitting on December 31st, 1927 eventually caused the crash of 1929. The frequent splitting of shares into very large proportions gave a massive boost to the stock market boom, making the stock market crash of 1929 equally violent.tock market crash of 1929 equally violent.)
  • File:Hand in Glove.pdf  + (An exploration of the murky truth about "Hand in Hand for Syria", first brought to prominence by the murky "Dr Rola" TV report which appeared designed to stoke support for a 'humanitarian' bombing of Syria.)
  • Document:The Astonishingly Crap Science of 'Counter-Extremism'  + (An expose of the crass lack of any valid scientific basis of government strategies to fight radicalisation. Nafeez Ahmed agrues that the "most academically accurate concept to capture this absurd level of crappiness is ‘bullshit’".)
  • Document:“Global Society Destruction” and The Ukraine Crisis: Decoding its Deep Structural Meaning  + (An extended analysis and decoding of the deep structural meaning underlying US-lead Anglo-US-NATO interference in the unfolding Ukrainian tragedy)
  • File:Stalin's willing executioners.pdf  + (An extended review of ''The Jewish Century'', a 2004 book by Jewish academic Yuri Slezkine which deals in some depth with the issue of Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik revolution)
  • Kovalev commission  + (An ill-fated commission to investigate the [[1999 Russian Apartment bombings]]. Various members of it were assassinated or died after suspicious accidents.)
  • Project MKUltra  + (An illegal mind control research programme.)
  • Project MKCHICKWIT  + (An illegal mind control research programme.)
  • Document:Pushing Ukraine to the Brink  + (An illuminating introduction to extent thaAn illuminating introduction to extent that control of both gas and oil pipelines defines Usaian global policy and actions - especially in the Middle East, Central Asia and Ukraine. It is essentially anti-Russian and aimed at maintaining Ango-US dominance over the EU and Europeg Ango-US dominance over the EU and Europe)
  • Document:The World War on Democracy  + (An illustration of the true nature of 'Globalisation' by recounting the story of the Chagos Islanders and their Machiavellian abuse at the hands of the UK government.)
  • Hanns Seidel Foundation  + (An important group in international parapolitical manipulation, active in Latin America, Fiji and other places.)
  • Gary Schmitt  + (An important neo-conservative intelligence theorist)
  • Vladimir Putin  + (An important period during which the 9/99 bombings were carried out.)