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  • Stuart Popham  + (As of September 2016)
  • Patricia Scotland  + (As of September 2016)
  • User:Robin  + (As someone who has looked - so I thought -As someone who has looked - so I thought - fairly closely at 9/11, I was not expecting to discover what this document laid out for me - an entirely new angle to the event, backed up by what appear to be a lot of references and a few loose ends tied up. It is not without a fair degree of speculation, but gave me - at least - a highly thought provoking angle on the event which I had hitherto missed. It is drawn on by [[Mark Gorton]] for his compelling essay on [[Document:Fifty Years of the Deep State]].[[Document:Fifty Years of the Deep State]].)
  • Charles A. Briggs  + (As the 3rd highest ranking CIA officer, he produced an affidavit, known by many CIA spooks to be mendacious, but which was only exposed after about 20 years.)
  • User:Peter  + (As this essay observes, in the UK, [[Privy council]]As this essay observes, in the UK, [[Privy council]] level political appointment involves gradual progressive initiation into it's sordid realities. Remain complicit and your career may blossom; threaten it and (pace the likes of [[Robin Cook]]) it were better you just agree to spend more time with your family lest some form of unpleasantness - or worse - befall you. For the rest of us there is a child-like [[patriotic]] narrative of derring-do in hostile and backward parts of the world, trying to help the poor benighted natives and generally seeking to do good in the world whilst being stoically misunderstood - a complete load of old garbage in other words.mplete load of old garbage in other words.)
  • User:Robin  + (As well as an introduction to the concept of deep events, this page includes dozens of examples of [[deep events]], some now understood, some still highly mysterious.)
  • Document:Western focus on delegitimizing Syria election  + (Ascerbic commentary on the attitudes and reporting of the western media on the June 2014 presidential election in Syria)
  • Document:Why Malala Yousafzai was attacked  + (Aspects of the Malala shooting that are ignored by the Western media.)
  • James Garfield  + (Assassinated)
  • Natacha Jaitt  + (Assassinated model who became a whistleblower for child sex abuse by Argentina's elite class)
  • Richard McCormack  + (Assistant to [[William Scranton]])
  • Barbara Wise  + (Associate of [[John Huang]] who was found bruised and partially nude in a locked office at Commerce. "No obvious signs of foul play". Cause of death unknown.)
  • Document:Gilbert Achcar's Defense of Humanitarian Intervention  + (Astute and informed observations on the 2011 Libyan 'Humanitarian intervention' by US/NATO powers and the Rwanda Genocide of 1994. It is a good illustration of the gullibility of the well-meaning Western Liberal Left.)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower  + (At Columbia, Eisenhower took a moderate poAt Columbia, Eisenhower took a moderate position in the face of the Red Scare: He accepted a gift from the Communist government of Poland to establish a chair in Polish studies but also defended the dismissal of a left-wing member from Teachers College and served on a national commission that published a handbook declaring that communists should be excluded from employment as teachers.d be excluded from employment as teachers.)
  • G. McMurtrie Godley  + (At the height of the Vietnam War.)
  • File:The Jews-Hilaire Belloc.pdf  + (At the time of its publication in the [[1920s]], considered a seminal contribution to understanding the role of the Jews in western society.)
  • Eric Roll  + (Attended 36 Bilderberg conferences - more than anyone else from UK.)
  • William P. Clark Jr  + (Attended [[Le Cercle]] in 1985)
  • Richard Allen  + (Attended a meeting of Le Cercle in 1983, in the company of [[Richard Nixon]].)
  • Eric Roll  + (Attended all the Bilderberg conferences during this period - from '69 onward.)
  • Matthew Turpin  + (Attended the 2018 Bilderberg)
  • Gianni Agnelli  + (Attended the Bilderberg 37 times.)
  • Gerhard Löwenthal  + (Attendee of Le Cercle who also attended the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism)
  • Rupert Murdoch  + (Australian American media mogul and business magnate.)
  • File:WikiLeaks-Australian-suppression-order.pdf  + (Australian Supreme Court secret super-injunction preventing the publication of information about a corruption case involving 17 named individuals including senior Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese politicians and Reserve Bank of Australia directors)
  • Jay Dyer  + (Author of 'Esoteric Hollywood')