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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Chair of the Bilderberg Steering Committee in the 1980s". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Dominique Anglade  + (Canadian politician, Deputy Premier of Quebec)
  • Giles Fraser  + (Canon chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral.)
  • Canberra  + (Capital city of Australia)
  • Madrid  + (Capital city of [[Spain]])
  • London  + (Capital city of the UK)
  • TSBD ordered cut off  + (Captain Talbert gives orders on Police radio, Have that cut off on the back side will you? Make sure nobody leaves there (referring to the Depository). ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 143)
  • Jamaica  + (Caribbean island)
  • Jessica Mathews  + (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace President, Far heavier Bilderberg habit than her husband (a US general), former(?) Steering Committee member)
  • Oswald seen having lunch  + (Carolyn Arnold sees Oswald eating lunch onCarolyn Arnold sees Oswald eating lunch on the second floor lunchroom. Oswald was sitting in one of the booth seats on the right hand side of the room as you go in. He was alone as usual and appeared to be having lunch. I did not speak to him but I recognized him clearly. ref. Crossfire, p 49; Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 1089; Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 108)
  • Oliver North  + (Carried the can for the Iran-Contra affair.)
  • Judith Miller  + (Carried the can for the fraudulent story about Iraq's WMD)
  • Casket aboard Air Force One  + (Casket placed aboard Air Force One.)
  • File:PSR Body Count.pdf  + (Casualty figures for the 'War on Terror' after 10 years)
  • Inés Arrimadas  + (Catalonian nationalist politician, lawyer, Bilderberger)
  • Pietro Parolin  + (Catholic Cardinal and Vatican Secretary of State)
  • Duncan Campbell  + (Celebrated investigative journalist.)
  • Center for a New American Security/People  + (Center for a New American Security, all four iterations)
  • 2015 Bangkok bomb  + (Central Bangkok terrorist Bomb attack on 17 August 2015 that killed 22 people)
  • Kjell Storvik  + (Central Bank Governor of Norway, Vice President of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Bilderberg)
  • James Lucier  + (Cercle attendee)
  • John Carbaugh  + (Cercle attendee linked to political double dealing, arms deals and Iran-Contra.)
  • Jeff Bergner  + (Cercle attendee.)
  • Nadhim Zahawi  + (Cercle chair)
  • Robert J. Hanks  + (Cercle regular, rear admiral)
  • Rory Stewart  + (Cercle?/Bilderberg connected UK Conservative politician)
 (Chair of the Bilderberg Steering Committee in the 1980s)
  • Walter Scheel  + (Chair of the Bilderberg Steering Committee in the 1980s.)
  • Jane Halton  + (Chair of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations)
  • John Chilcot  + (Chair of the Inquiry into the UK's involvement in the Iraq War.)
  • Robert H. Knight  + (Chair of the New York Fed, Le Cercle.)
  • Yvette Cooper  + (Chair of the [[Home Affairs Select Committee]])
  • Kaspar Cassani  + (Chairman and president of the IBM World Trade Corporation. Attended the [[1985 Bilderberg]].)
  • Arthur Dean  + (Chairman and senior partner of [[Sullivan & Cromwell]], where he worked closely with [[John Foster Dulles]])
  • Allan Gerson  + (Chairman of AG International Law (AG-IL))
  • Josef Ackermann  + (Chairman of Deutsche Bank, G30, Bilderberg Steering Committee)
  • Reay Geddes  + (Chairman of [[Dunlop]], Bilderberger)
  • Enrico Mattei  + (Chairman of [[ENI]], the Italian state oil company which had challenged the oligopoly of the [[Seven Sisters]]. He died in a suspicious [[plane crash]] in 1962.)
  • Simon Gass  + (Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee and a history of UK diplomatic appointments)
  • Victor Cavendish Bentinck  + (Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, diplomat, 7 Bilderbergs)
  • Christopher Shale  + (Chairman of the UK West Oxfordshire Conservative Association. Reportedly died in suspicious circumstances.)
  • Marcus Wallenberg  + (Chairman of the [[Federation of Swedish Industries]], [[Bilderberg Steering committee]], 30 Bilderbergs)
  • Michael Boyce  + (Chairman of the pilgrims as of 2015.)
  • Rona Fairhead  + (Chairwoman of the BBC Trust, Member of the House of Lords, Single Bilderberg)
  • Franz Vranitzky  + (Chancellor of Austria, central banker, Bilderberg Steering committee)
  • Ratline  + (Channels where by prominent Nazis were spirited out of Europe to South America.)
  • File:Israeli embassy case.pdf  + (Chapter 14 of Machon's "Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers" which focuses on the 1994 London Israeli Embassy attack)
  • Document:Operation Market Garden  + (Chapter 9 of Spycatcher By Lt. Col. Oreste Pinto Published by Panther Books)
  • James Earl Ray  + (Charged by the US government for the killing of Martin Luther King. He died in jail having never had a trial.)
  • Rachel Briggs  + (Chatham House expert)
  • Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defence  + (Chatham House rule meeting with organised by the [[Institute for Statecraft]] and the [[Clingendael Institute]].)
  • Nigel Gould-Davies  + (Chatham House, Integrity Initiative)