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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Codename of an alleged Israeli spy in the US government.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Kathy Ferguson  + (Co-defendant in the [[Paula Jones]] law suit against [[Bill Clinton]]. Died violently.)
  • Richard M. Bissell  + (Co-director with [[Joseph V. Charyk]])
  • Cary Haskel Zitcer  + (Co-founded [[Astutus Intelligence]] with two others, both of whom became directors of the [[Institute for Statecraft]].)
  • Martin A Lee  + (Co-founded [[Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting]].)
  • Alexander King  + (Co-founded the [[Club of Rome]]. [[1970 Bilderberg]])
  • Shabtai Shavit  + (Co-founded the [[International Institute for Counter-Terrorism]])
  • Chris Donnelly  + (Co-founder)
  • Lesley Simm  + (Co-founder)
  • Daniel Lafayeedney  + (Co-founder)
  • Paul Meyer  + (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of [[The Commons Project]], which has build a worldwide interoperable system of [[vaccine passport|digital immunization authentication tools]]. Former Senior Fellow at the [[Markle Foundation]], which has close ties to US intelligence close ties to US intelligence services.)
  • Chris Hughes  + (Co-founder of Facebook. [[2011 Bilderberg]])
  • Sean Parker  + (Co-founder of Napster, first president of [[Facebook]], the first to gain [[NIH]] approval for a [[CRISPR]] trial)
  • Sergey Brin  + (Co-founder of [[Google]].)
  • Briton Hadden  + (Co-founder of [[Time Magazine]].)
  • Charmian Gooch  + (Co-founder of the [[George Soros]]-funded NGO [[Global Witness]])
  • Alan Booth  + (Co-founder of the [[International Institute for Strategic Studies]])
  • Robert Kagan  + (Co-founder of the [[Project for the New American Century]])
  • Josh Devon  + (Co-founder of the [[SITE Institute]] with [[Rita Katz]].)
  • Abdul Ghani Baradar  + (Co-founder of the [[Taliban]])
  • Elena Cattaneo  + (Co-founding director of the University of Milan's Center for Stem Cell Research.)
  • Johan Rockström  + (Co-wrote the Planetary Emergency Action PlCo-wrote the Planetary Emergency Action Plan for the [[Club of Rome]] in 2018, predicting that 2020 will be a “Super Year” for international policy action, leading to "the fastest economic transformation in our history." Presumed speaker at [[Bilderberg/2019|2019 Bilderberg conference]].lderberg/2019|2019 Bilderberg conference]].)
  • National Security Whistleblowers Coalition  + (Coalition of more than 50 whistleblowers from US security agencies)
  • James Loy  + (Coast Guard and Homeland Security boss who went over to [[Lockheed-Martin]])
  • Alan J. Weberman  + (Coauthored an important book on the [[JFK Assassination]].)
  • Gene Corley  + (Coauthored reports to support the US government narrative about 9-11, OKC, Waco. Generally worked as a member of the same tight clique of deep state functionary colleagues.)
 (Codename of an alleged Israeli spy in the US government.)