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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Double Bilderberger facilitator of the privatisation of Russia". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Igor Korobov  + (Died in office)
  • Larry McDonald  + (Died in office, in [[Korean Air Lines Flight 007]].)
  • Pierre Bérégovoy  + (Died suddenly a year after being discussed at the [[1992 Bilderberg]].)
  • Michael Groves  + (Died under mysterious circumstances 7 days after commandeing the JFK honor guard for [[JFK]]'s funeral,)
  • File:911 The Third Truth v2.pdf  + (Dimitri Khalezov's theory about the use of not-so-mini pre-planted nuclear devices to collapse the World Trade Centre towers on 9-11)
  • Klaus Eberwein  + (Director general of the Haitian government’s economic development agency, FAES.)
  • Eric Malcolm Jones  + (Director of "Hut 3", which then emerged as GCHQ.)
  • Clive Loehnis  + (Director of GCHQ)
  • Edward Travis  + (Director of GCHQ)
  • Peter Phillips  + (Director of ProjectCensored. In 1996 he completed a thesis about the [[Bohemian Grove]])
  • Mickey Huff  + (Director of [[Project Censored]])
  • Oliver Stone  + (Director of the 1991 film, ''[[JFK (film)|JFK]]'', which helped lead to passage of the Assassination Materials Disclosure Act of 1992.)
  • Edward Teller  + (Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, "the father of the hydrogen bomb".)
  • Walter C. Teagle  + (Director of the New York Fed and longtime president and later chairman of the board of Standard Oil.)
  • John Kerr (governor-general)  + (Dismissed [[Gough Whitlam]] to complete the [[1975 Australian coup]])
  • William Sessions  + (Dismissed by [[Bill Clinton]])
  • Robert Martinage  + (Dismissed by [[Ray Mabus]])
  • Robert Martinage  + (Dismissed by [[Ray Mabus]])
  • Judy Boynton  + (Dismissed following a scandal about the reporting of the company's reserves.)
  • Craig Murray  + (Dismissed for taking a stand against [[torture]].)
  • Nikolai Malomuzh  + (Dismissed when [[Viktor Yanukovych]] was replaced by [[Viktor Yanukovych]].)
  • Document:Alternate Timeline events December 2016-January 2017  + (Document detailing the unfolding crisis from early December 2016 until end January 2017, with an emphasis on facts the "official version" has deliberately tried to hide or obscure.)
  • Document:Group 13  + (Does the British Government have a deniable assassination squad? An exploration of evidence that it does.)
  • Dolphin Square  + (Dolphin Square was used extensively to host events where children were sexually abused and members of the [[establishment]] compromised in the [[1970s]] and 1980s.)
  • Kenneth Griffin  + (Double Bilderberger billionaire hedge fund manager)
  • Anatoly Chubais  + (Double Bilderberger facilitator of the privatisation of Russia)
  • Kyriakos Mitsotakis  + (Double Bilderberger politician)
  • Apollo program  + (Doubts that man actually set foot on the moon.)
  • User:Robin  + (Dozens of examples of both overt and covert assassinations, many by [[deep state]] groups.)
  • David Kelly  + (Dr David Kelly, a UN weapons inspector who died in highly suspicious circumstances)
  • David Graham  + (Dr. David Graham is one of the more clear example of a 9/11 related death, as he reports being threatened by the FBI. He compiled a large report of his investigations into why the FBI were ignoring his warnings.)
  • Keith Vaz  + (Dramatically snared while chair of the [[Home Affairs Select Committee]].)
  • User:Peter  + (Droll, well-informed comment on the relationship between the UK SIS's and senior members of the government which, in popular imaginings, they are believed to be accountable to.)
  • Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter  + (During his leadership, the CIA was empowerDuring his leadership, the CIA was empowered to undertake "propaganda; economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition, and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas and refugee liberation groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world'. It had already exceeded this mandate.ld'. It had already exceeded this mandate.)
  • G. McMurtrie Godley  + (During his time as ambassador, [[Mobutu Sese Seko]] staged a second coup and seized control of the country.)
  • Vincenzo Vinciguerra  + (During his trial, he exposed Operation Gladio, now serving a life sentence for the 1972 [[Peteano Bombing]].)
  • Herbert Meyer  + (During the Reagan administration)
  • Lauri Fitz-Pegado  + (During the [[Bill Clinton]] administration)
  • Dutch PM thanks locals  + (Dutch PM thanks locals (dissidents) for their assistance with the investigation.)
  • File:Report-mh17-crash-en.pdf  + (Dutch Safety Board report into the MH17 disaster)
  • DSB to report summer 2015  + (Dutch Safety Board says final report on MH17 crash will be produced in summer 2015 - interim report shortly.)
  • Stella Ronner-Grubačić  + (Dutch diplomat seen dining with a businessman convicted of [[money laundering]].)
  • Crash Site Map released  + (Dutch government releases crash-site investigation map)
  • Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service  + (Dutch intelligence agency)
  • Karel van Wolferen  + (Dutch journalist and retired professor at the University of Amsterdam)
  • Document:Controversy surrounding MintPress Ghouta report  + (Early commentary on the furore caused by Mint Press article that revealed evidence of Saudi Arabia being behind the 21 August 2013 chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, Syria)
  • Mark Lane  + (Early researcher into the JFK Assassination whose worked helped to prompt the CIA's coining of the phrase "[[Conspiracy theorist]]".)
  • "Economic crisis"  + (Economic crises are pretty regular events,Economic crises are pretty regular events, and are depicted as quasi-natural phenomena such as [[earthquake]]s of [[flood]]s, as if everyone loses as a result of such phenomena. However, real wealth is not destroyed, but is transferred from the financially poor to the financially rich. financially poor to the financially rich.)
  • Ulf Böge  + (Economist who headed the German anti-trust office for 8 years)
  • Ernesto Cienfuegos  + (Editor in chief of Voz de Aztlan)
  • User:Robin  + (Edwin Wilson was just one more [[deep state]] spook, but exposure of his "[[Arms For Libya]] sheds useful light on the deep state. Note Wilson's close connections with other spooks, and his involvement in [[CIA drug dealing]].)