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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Interrogation in Captain Fritz's Office. ref. The Peoples Almanac, p 51". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Jack Agazarian  + (Institute for Statecraft businessman)
  • Charles Hart  + (Institute for Statecraft chairman)
  • James Wilson  + (Institute for Statecraft connected lawyer)
  • Philip Matthews  + (Institute for Statecraft director)
  • Harry Hart  + (Institute for Statecraft director who resigned after the Integrity Initiative leak.)
  • Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi  + (Institute for Statecraft director/trustee)
  • Anthony Fitzherbert  + (Institute for Statecraft member and former FAO Programme manager in Afghanistan who co-authored research on crop yields.)
  • Document:Speaking notes for meetings in Israel  + (Institute for Statecraft wants to build a relationship with the Israeli government)
  • Constance Cunningham  + (Institute for Statecraft, Active Change Foundation)
  • Dan Ward  + (Institute for Statecraft, ex USAF)
  • Eduard Abrahamyan  + (Institute for Statecraft, whose PhD supervisor was also a Institute for Statecraft member.)
  • Document:Russia is a Bangladesh with missiles  + (Insulting comments by Madeleine Albright about [[Vladimir Putin]] and Russia, responded to in kind by Eduard Limonov)
  • Chris Hernon  + (Integrity Initiative)
  • Carl Miller  + (Integrity Initiative UK Cluster outer core member)
  • Dominic Kennedy  + (Integrity Initiative UK journalist who chose not to reply about the group)
  • Lukas Andriukaitis  + (Integrity Initiative forensic researcher)
  • Charles Viar  + (Intelligence related)
  • US/Senate/Select Committee on Intelligence  + (Intended to oversee the United States Intelligence Community.)
  • Michael Riconosciuto  + (Interesting character)
  • Hank Asher  + (Interesting character...)
  • Kiev says shot down  + (Interfax-Ukraine News Agency quotes Anton Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian interior ministry official, as saying: "Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 shot down over eastern Ukraine by militants")
  • James Sherr  + (International Relations)
  • Wikileaks  + (Internationally famous leaks site that has published millions of classified and other documents.)
  • Tupac Shakur  + (Internationally known rap musician. Assassinated)
  • Oswald shown photo of him with gun  + (Interrogation in Captain Fritz's Office, OInterrogation in Captain Fritz's Office, Oswald is shown the backyard photo of him with gun. That picture is not my mine. The picture has been made by superimposing my face. The other part of the picture is not me at all, I have never seen this picture before. I understand photography real well, and that in time, I will be able to show you that this is not my picture and that it was made by someone else.ture and that it was made by someone else.)
  • Interrogation  + (Interrogation in Captain Fritz's Office. ref. The Peoples Almanac, p 51)