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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Lyndon Johnson sworn in aboard Air Force One, then orders take off". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Jens Litten  + (Little known German single Bilderberger (1969))
  • Karl Casserini  + (Little known IMF Swiss single Bilderberger)
  • Jon Searle  + (Little known IfS core team member.)
  • Karl Lorck  + (Little known Norwegian single Bilderberger)
  • Jon Hazel  + (Little known SGMI, Institute for Statecraft)
  • Vecdi Diker  + (Little known Turkish engineer. Early Bilderberg guest)
  • Gerald Thompson  + (Little known UK single Bilderbeger (1974))
  • Guillermo Kirkpatrick  + (Little known [[Cercle]] visitor.)
  • Baron J. Guillaume  + (Little known early Belgian single Bilderberger)
  • Jean Drapier  + (Little known early triple Bilderberger Belgian lawyer)
  • James S. Duncan  + (Little known member of the [[Bilderberg Steering Committee]].)
  • Jeffrey B. Gaynor  + (Little known regular of [[Le Cercle]])
  • Lewis Thompson Preston  + (London. Successful in the Eurobond market.)
  • Scottish American Investment Company  + (Long established investment company)
  • Bilderberg  + (Long subject to a strong media blackout (aLong subject to a strong media blackout (almost never reported in newspapers before around 2010), protected by national police, the Bilderberg group holds an annual meeting of approximately 130 bankers, political & military leaders, CEOs of multinational corporations, editors and royalty. Meetings are firmly off the record, although increasingly leaky.y off the record, although increasingly leaky.)
  • File:Not Guilty at Nuremberg.pdf  + (Long suppressed and ignored German defense evidence from the post-WWII Nuremberg trials. A very useful work of reference for those researching Victors' Justice in general and the Nuremberg Tribunals in particular)
  • Ghislaine Maxwell  + (Long term associate of Jeffrey Epstein)
  • Ray Buckton  + (Long term leader of ASLEF.)
  • Peter Peterson  + (Long time CFR chair)
  • Norman Lamont  + (Long time Chairman of Le Cercle, financier, politician and deep politician, involved in arms and financial deals.)
  • Joseph Luns  + (Longest ever serving Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  • Joseph Luns  + (Longest ever serving Secretary General of NATO)
  • Theobald Mathew  + (Longest serving DPP)
  • Saudi Arabia  + (Longtime political ally of the USA, Saudi Arabia possesses larger easily accessible oil reserves than any other nation state.)
  • Margaret Hamburg  + (Loosened conflict of interest rules about FDA expert advisory panelists.)
 (Lyndon Johnson sworn in aboard Air Force One, then orders take off)
  • Johnson sworn in aboard Air Force One  + (Lyndon Johnson sworn in aboard Air Force One, then orders take off.)
  • Charles Elwell  + (M15's "Witchfinder-General")
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/ATC lost contact confirmed  + (MAS confirms it received notification from Ukrainian ATC that it had lost contact with MH17)
  • File:Update Marshall Investigation.pdf  + (MEDIA RELEASE)
  • Martina Anderson  + (MEP for Northern Ireland)
  • MI5  + (MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5), is the United Kingdom's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency and is part of its core in the main British domestic intelligence service.)
  • Harry Newton  + (MI5 infiltrator of CND.)
  • Stephen Lander  + (MI5 took the lead role against the IRA from the Metropolitan Police on 1 October 1992.)
  • Harold Elletson  + (MI6, MP, Integrity Initiative, New Society Foundation)
  • Julian Amery  + (MI6, deep politician who chaired Le Cercle for several years.)
  • Harold Elletson  + (MI6, later Integrity Initiative)
  • Whitey Bulger  + (MKULTRA connected US Crime boss assassinated in prison.)
  • Annie Machon  + (Machon quit together with fellow MI5 whistleblower David Shayler in 1996/7 to expose details of various illegal actions by the organisation. She is currently a political activist working to help other whistleblowers.)
  • Mahmoud al-Mabhouh/Assassination  + (Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was murdered in his room at the 5 star Rotana Hotel in Dubai having arrived in the country earlier that day from Syria.)
  • Document:The Dominant Grand Narrative Of Our Time  + (Mainstream media spokesmen, journalists anMainstream media spokesmen, journalists and reporters are corralled into supporting and promoting the Establishment 'Dominant Grand-Narrative of our Time' while most appear blissfully unaware of the gross deceptions their careers are harnessed too - 'a man cannot see what his livelihood requires him NOT to see' - as the saying goesuires him NOT to see' - as the saying goes)
  • Robin Brims  + (Major General, fellow of the [[Institute for Statecraft]])
  • ATC tapes still missing  + (Malaysia New Strait Times reports the Ukrainian ATC tapes as "still missing")
  • Malaysia wants ATC tapes  + (Malaysia wants the ‘missing’ Ukrainian ATC tapes)
  • Robert Bartley  + (Managed the editorial page of ''[[The Wall Street Journal]]'' for over 30 years. 15 Bilderberg visits)
  • Per Jacobsson  + (Managing Director of the IMF)
  • Pierre-Paul Schweitzer  + (Managing Director of the IMF for 10 years , multi Bilderberger as was his son)
  • Graham Brookie  + (Managing director)
  • Crypto AG  + (Manufacturers of notoriously [[backdoor]]ed cryptographic communication systems.)
  • JPMorgan Chase/Premature Deaths  + (Many JPMorgan Chase employees have died in suspicious circumstances, quite possibly in connection with investigations into malfeasance.)
  • Document:Assange Must Not Also Die in Jail  + (Many of the same people who are relieved by [[Jeffrey Epstein]]’s death would like to see [[Julian Assange]] dead too.)