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  • Oswald at lineup  + (Oswald taken to first Lineup for Helen Markham, witness to Tippit murder. (While waiting outside the lineup room, Oswald is searched, and five bullet cartridges are found in his pockets.))
  • Oswald taken to second lineup  + (Oswald taken to second lineup, and yells to reporter's in hallway, I didn't shoot anyone.)
  • Oswald taken to 3rd lineup  + (Oswald taken to third lineup for witness J. D. Davies.)
  • Oswald visited by mother, wife  + (Oswald visited by Mother, Margurite, and Wife Marina. ref. The Peoples Almanac, p 50)
  • Lee Harvey Oswald/Letter to Mr. Hunt  + (Oswald writes to, Dear Mr. Hunt, (most likOswald writes to, Dear Mr. Hunt, (most likely E. Howard Hunt) I would like more information concerning my position. I am asking only for information. I am suggesting that we discuss the matter fully before any steps are taken by me or anyone else. Thank you, Lee Harvey Oswald. ref. Last Investigation, p 423; Treachery in Dallas, p 324; Crossfire (letter shown in full)s, p 324; Crossfire (letter shown in full))
  • Oswald yells at reporters  + (Oswald yells at reporters in hallway I'm just a patsy. ref. (Entry in [[Seth Kantor]]'s notebook) Treachery in Dallas, p 293)
  • Le Cercle/2008 (Washington)  + (Other dates uncertain)
  • Yanukovych statement  + (Ousted President Yanukovych issues a statement on the referendums conducted in Eastern Ukraine the previous day)
  • Gough Whitlam  + (Ousted by the [[CIA]] and [[MI6]] in the [[Australian 1975 coup d'état]])
  • John Negroponte  + (Oversaw the elimination of non violent resistance)
  • PDVSA  + (Owned by the [[Venezuela|Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela]])
  • Mideast Shuffle  + (Owner commentary on mainly Middle-Eastern affairs)
  • Bayer  + (Owner of Monsanto)
  • Rudi Dekkers  + (Owner of the 9/11-linked Huffman Aviation flight school, also with strong links to drug trafficking.)
  • Howard Zinn  + (Pacifist historian who exposes the US empire)
  • Liaquat Ali Khan  + (Pakistan's first and longest serving Prime Minister, murdered by the USA in order to facilitate their access to oil.)
  • Document:Pakistan Military version of Border Post Attack  + (Pakistani military review of the NATO attack on two of its border posts on 26 November 2011)
  • Mossack Fonseca  + (Panamanian law firm at the centre of the [[Panama Papers]] data leak.)
  • Document:Anti-semitism is cover for a much deeper divide in Britain's Labour party  + (Paradoxically, [[The Independent Group|the Labour breakaway group]]Paradoxically, [[The Independent Group|the Labour breakaway group]] may have inadvertently exposed the weakness of its hand. The eight MPs have indicated that they will not run in by-elections, and for good reason: it is highly unlikely they would stand a chance of winning in any of their current constituencies outside the [[Labour Party]].[[Labour Party]].)
  • Lobster Magazine  + (Parapolitics, contemporary history and politics, economics and economic politics, conspiracy theories and the contemporary conspiracist subculture.)
  • Martin John Rogers  + (Parasitology and International Programs Branch)
  • Bullet 399 discovered  + (Parkland hospital. Darrell Tomlinson discovers the stretcher bullet 399 which rolls out from under a mat when stretcher bumps the wall. ref. Best Evidence, p 90)
  • Document:The Coup of '63, Part 1  + (Part 1 of Mark Gorton's somewhat speculative but highly compelling summary of the JFK assassination.)
  • Document:The Doomsday Insurance Cache That Was, and Then Never Was  + (Part 1 of a promised series of articles diPart 1 of a promised series of articles dissecting the published statements of the principal characters in what has become known as the Edward Snowden Affair. It highlights some glaring inconsistencies between those of Greenwald and Snowden and puts a shrewd question-mark over corporate media coverage of them.ark over corporate media coverage of them.)
  • File:Of Money Part 1.pdf  + (Part 1 outlines the history of global monePart 1 outlines the history of global monetary/financial systems since the end of WWI and their progressive domination by the [[United States Federal Reserve]] system. The essay explains any move by non-WTO countries to conduct trade in currencies other than Dollars, or construct non-Dollar trading blocks, have been so ruthlessly dealt with by the US and its NATO Allies. dealt with by the US and its NATO Allies.)
  • Menwith Hill  + (Part of USAF Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISR))
  • 9 SS Agents in Cellar Door bar  + (Pat Kirkwood’s bar the “Cellar Door” is in Fort Worth, Texas. Several of the women serving liquor to the agents are also strippers from Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club in Dallas)
  • James H. Baker  + (Pentagon's top wargamer. 2018, 2019 Bilderberger)
  • Iraq War/Opposition  + (People and events that combined to oppose and impede progress towards the [[2003 Iraq War]])
  • User:Robin  + (Perdomo played a key role in [[Operation 40]]Perdomo played a key role in [[Operation 40]] - the CIA hit squad run out of [[Ted Shackley]]'s Miami station - connected to the [[JFK Assassination]]. His witnessing the [[assassination of John Lennon]] is therefore remarkable. [[Wikipedia]] deleted their page on him in 2015...[[Wikipedia]] deleted their page on him in 2015...)
  • José Sanjenís Perdomo  + (Perdomo was senior policeman under Carlos Prio, exiled to US where he joined the CIA and played a vital role putting together Operation 40. In 1980 he was working as the night doorman at the Dakota Hotel, and witnessed the murder of John Lennon.)
  • Document:Diplomatic Protection, the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe  + (Perhaps the best thing we could do for [[Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe]] would be to take a lead in offering assistance following the earthquake in [[Iran]] on Sunday)
  • Jeffrey Archer  + (Perjurer, politician and apparently also failed armchair revolutionary.)
  • Craig Mackey  + (Personally witnessed the 2017 Westminster attack)
  • File:MH17Analysis.pdf  + (Persuasive MH17 crash analysis demonstrating that, IF the aircraft was brought down by a 'Buk' SAM, then the missile could NOT have been fired from territory controlled by the DPR militia)
  • File:BBC on the Israel-Palestine conflict.pdf  + (Peter Allen's University of Leicester MA dPeter Allen's University of Leicester MA dissertation, analysing the bias of the BBC Newsnight program in its reporting of the Israel/Palesine conflict. Although confined to the Newsnight series, it is a telling commentary on the subliminal official narrative nature of BBC News output and that of the Western Corporate media in general.of the Western Corporate media in general.)
  • Peter Dale Scott  + (Peter Dale Scott is the early 21<sup>st</sup> century Doyen of Deep Political Theory.)
  • Abu Agila Mas'ud  + (Pictured in 2015 at his trial in Tripoli sitting behind [[Abdullah al-Senussi]])
  • Document:Did Canadian taxpayers foot Islamic State’s recruitment bill  + (Pieces in the secret service puzzle, such Pieces in the secret service puzzle, such as how the girls were persuaded to get on the flight to [[Istanbul]] and how [[Canadian Security Intelligence Service|Canadian intelligence]] knew where and when they would be arriving remain unanswered. And this systematic failure of [[London]]’s media to report the key facts in this story begs the question: why have we not been told the full story? why have we not been told the full story?)
  • The Intercept  + (Pierre Omidyar's website that has published a selection of documents from [[Edward Snowden]].)
  • George Gallup  + (Pioneer in the field of polling)
  • US/Department of Homeland Security  + (Planned by the same group who planned the 9/11 attacks, and carried out in their wake, the DoHS is a large department which replaced the existing domestic security, disaster planning and management functions of the US government.)
  • Randy Cunningham  + (Pleaded guilty to multi-million dollar tax evasion, conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud)
  • User:Robin  + (Pointers to key [[deep events]] such as [[Korean Air Lines Flight 007]] and [[TWA Flight 800]].)
  • Officers ordered to north of Elm St.  + (Police Radio. Bill Decker orders officers to the Railroad track area just North of Elm St. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 136)
  • TSBD declared secure  + (Police Radio. The TSBD is mentioned, It's secure now. ref. Treachery in Dallas, p 143)
  • Lee Harvey Oswald/Arrested at Texas theatre  + (Police arrest Oswald at Texas theater as suspect in shooting Tippit. ref. Best Evidence, p 710)
  • Police car outside Oswald home  + (Police car no. 207 stops outside Oswald's rooming house, and sounds horn twice.)
  • Grammer receives phone call  + (Police lieutenant Billy Grammer also receiPolice lieutenant Billy Grammer also receives a phone call. The caller asks specifically to speak to Grammer and says, You know me. He describes in detail the plan to move Oswald and tells him that other arrangements should be made or, We are going to kill Oswald right there in the basement.o kill Oswald right there in the basement.)
  • White male seen running from TSBD  + (Police officer Roger Craig sees a white male running down the hill from the direction of the book depository, climbing into a waiting Rambler station wagon, and driving off. ref. Crossfire, p 329)