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  • Document:The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep hidden  + (The British military and security services are no strangers to torturing their prisoners when they judge it necessary.)
  • Document:Protecting Libyan civilians? - Pap for the gullible  + (The CIA is behind the rebellion in Libya. The front of "humanitarian intervention" is sheer window dressing to try to excuse the Euro-American Attack on Libya.)
  • Chase Brandon  + (The CIA’s first Entertainment Industry Liaison)
  • George W. Bush/Torture Indictment  + (The Center for Constitutional Rights and the Canadian Centre for International Justice have been taking legal action against George W Bush for his role in authorizing and overseeing his administration's well-documented torture program.)
  • Lyman Lemnitzer  + (The Chairman of the JCS who approved the now infamous [[Operation Northwoods]], later made NATO's [[Supreme Allied Commander Europe]].)
  • Baidu  + (The Chinese #1 search engine)
  • Dutch prelim report issued  + (The Dutch Safety Board preliminary report into the MH17 disaster published. It rules out crew/passenger actions or technical failure as the cause but says nothing else of substance that was not already known.)
  • RAND Europe  + (The European branch of the Rand Corporation)
  • File:Ireland child abuse.pdf  + (The Executive Summary of the report of the Commission of Inquiry into Child Abuse in Ireland. Set up in 2000, an interim 5 volume report was published in May 2009. All but one of its 5 volumes were made public.)
  • Federal Aviation Administration  + (The FAA regulates and oversees all aspects of American civil aviation.)
  • 9-11/George Washington Bridge plot  + (The FBI arrested at least one van's worth of men (two or three) which was found to contain tons of [[explosive]]s. This was announced on the day, two conflicting reports, but later retracted.)
  • Rex Tomb  + (The FBI spokesman who clarified that the FBI had no hard evidence linking Ossama bin Laden to the [[9-11]] attacks.)
  • American Enterprise Institute  + (The Godfather of Washington neo-conservative lobby groups)
  • Document:SITREP: A false flag attack on a USN ship next  + (The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group, The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group, which comprises the cruiser USS Normandy, six destroyers and carries 6,500 sailors, is heading for [[Syria]]. [[Russia]]’s hypersonic [[Kinzhal]] (‘[[Dagger]]’) missile system having made these vessels effectively obsolete, means that the ships and their crews are essentially being sailed into a bloody being sailed into a bloody scrapyard.)
  • Loretta Fuddy  + (The Hawaii official who released Obama's birth certificate. She reportedly died due to a cardiac arrhythmia after a plane crash in which no one else was seriously hurt.)
  • File:Henriques report 190116.pdf  + (The Henriques Report into police and CPS failures in the matter of alleged abuse of children in care, over an extended period by [[Greville Janner]])
  • Holodomor  + (The Holodomor was a genocide according to many countries and a deliberately orchestrated famine that from 1932 to 1933 killed up to 10 million Ukrainians. Making it the largest genocide in history.)
  • Document:Jihadism and the Petroleum Industry  + (The ISIS/ISIL 'Jihadi invasion' of Iraq is nothing of the sort. It is a determined attempt by Usaia to Balkanise Iraq in furtherance of a carefully laid contingency plan to maintain control over the region.)
  • Inslaw  + (The Inslaw affair was a complex financial/political fraud the full dimensions of which were never uncovered, but some of which were forced onto the official record.)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Australia  + (The Integrity Initiative's Australian Cluster. Members unknown)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Austria  + (The Integrity Initiative's Austrian Cluster)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Netherlands  + (The Integrity Initiative's Dutch Cluster)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France  + (The Integrity Initiative's French Cluster)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Germany  + (The Integrity Initiative's German Cluster)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Greece  + (The Integrity Initiative's Greek Cluster)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Jordan  + (The Integrity Initiative's Jordanian Cluster. Members unknown)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Nordic  + (The Integrity Initiative's Nordic Cluster)
  • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Spain  + (The Integrity Initiative's Spanish Cluster)
  • Document:Ahmadinejad 2010 UN Speech  + (The Iranian President proposed to the UN tThe Iranian President proposed to the UN that they "set up an independent fact-finding group for the event of September 11th so that in the future, expressing views about it is not forbidden." Obama found the idea "offensive" and "inexcusable", and the US, EU and Israeli representatives walked out en bloc.sraeli representatives walked out en bloc.)
  • Moshe Dayan  + (The Israeli Defence Minister who secured supplies of Apartheid's uranium)
  • Italy/Deep state  + (The Italian deep state, post-WW II, centered on the [[Operation Gladio]] network run through [[NATO]] and heavily influenced by the [[CIA]] and [[MI6]].)
  • Japan/Deep state  + (The Japanese deep state was reportedly rebooted by the US deep state after the Japanese defeat in [[WW2]].)
  • User:Robin  + (The Jerusalem Conference on International The Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism is little remarked upon, even in the independent media, but deserves much greater attention since it ties together [[George H. W. Bush]], [[Benjamin Netenyahu]] and [[Le Cercle]]. The article lacks details, but is a recommended starting point for anyone seeking to understand the "[[War on Terror]]".[[War on Terror]]".)
  • Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre  + (The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre reports to the head of MI5 although it is not formally part of the Security Service.)
  • JANCOM  + (The Justice for Asil Nadir Committee (JANCThe Justice for Asil Nadir Committee (JANCOM) is independant from and has no ties to [[Asil Nadir]] or the Nadir family and was set up in August 2012 by a group of retired professionals who do not believe that Asil Nadir received just and fair trials in either 1992-93 or 2011-12. fair trials in either 1992-93 or 2011-12.)
  • Document:Another Chemical Weapon False Flag on the Eve of Peace Talks in Brussels  + (The Khan Sheikoun gas attack in Idlib province, like that in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta in 2013, can be a very useful means of propaganda)
  • Knights of Malta  + (The Knights of Malta are a Roman Catholic The Knights of Malta are a Roman Catholic military-religious order and/or secret society of, traditionally, a military, "chivalrous" and "noble nature". It is the one of the world's oldest orders of knighthood, dating back to the 11th century. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is headquartered in Rome, and is arguably a sovereign subject of international law. a sovereign subject of international law.)
  • Document:Jewish Money And The Labour Party  + (The Labour party is evidently dependent on the shekel pipeline. The numbers reveal why Labour has been hijacked by Jewish interests. Whether or not we like it, our leading opposition party is a hostage begging for the mercy of few wealthy Jews.)
  • Maccabi World Union  + (The Maccabiah World Union is an internatioThe Maccabiah World Union is an international Jewish sports organisation which organises the 4-yearly Maccabiah Games event and operates in the tradition and values of Maccabi which emphasizes the centrality of the State of Israel in the life of the Jewish peopleof Israel in the life of the Jewish people)
  • Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom  + (The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom wThe Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom was set up in September 2005 with a large donation from the "Margaret Thatcher Foundation" to the Heritage Foundation. It says it is "the only public policy center in the world dedicated to advancing the vision and ideals of Lady Thatcher".g the vision and ideals of Lady Thatcher".)
  • Propaganda Due  + (The Masonic lodge most deeply involved in [[Operation Gladio]], apparently used by the CIA to subvert the Italian state.)
  • Bing  + (The Microsoft search engine)
  • Milner Group  + (The Milner Group was a key UK deep state group at the turn of the 20th century. It was exposed by [[Carroll Quigley]], who claims that although of great importance, it was particularly difficult to track due to its control of the UK historical record.)
  • National Transportation Safety Board  + (The NTSB is the US government investigative agency responsible for civil transportation accident investigation.)
  • British Information Services  + (The New York based information department of the British Consulate in New York)
  • Document:Australia - The Forgotten Coup  + (The November 1975 dismissal of duly elected Australian Prime minister Gough Whitlam by Queen Elizabeth's governor general Sir John Kerr. And Australians STILL think they live in an independent democratic country)
  • OEEC  + (The Organisation for European Economic Co-operation)
  • 9-11/Pentagon  + (The Pentagon was attacked on September 11tThe Pentagon was attacked on September 11th, allegedly by American Airlines Flight 77 piloted by Hani Hanjour, though many have stated that this seems unlikely. A lot of CCTV footage of what happened has been confiscated by the US government and not released.ted by the US government and not released.)
  • Poynter Institute/List  + (The Poynter Institute list was a list of 515 websites that it termed "untrustworthy".)
  • PropOrNot/List  + (The PropOrNot list was a list of websites that it stated "Reliably Echo Russian Propaganda")