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  • Document:Is Ukraine drifting toward civil war and Great Power confrontation?  + (The solution to a 'problem' requires thatThe solution to a 'problem' requires that the nature of the problem be accurately diagnosed and understood; the mass of the worlds populations - especially in the West are uniformly miss and dis-informed about major issues rendering genuine 'solutions' impossible - it is the SOP of US-Western Powerssible - it is the SOP of US-Western Power)
  • Alexander Butterfield  + (The spook who installed the taping system for Richard Nixon.)
  • Hand in Hand for Syria  + (The spooky organisation that "[[Dr Rola]]" was working for when she called for humanitarian bombing of Syria. Now renamed and operating also in Turkey and Jordan.|)
  • Claude Dansey  + (The start and end dates are approximate.)
  • Christian Schwarz-Schilling  + (The start and end dates are conjecture, baThe start and end dates are conjecture, based on [1][2] and [3].;[3]</a></sup>.)
  • Jonathan Aitken  + (The start date is conjecture, based on <The start date is conjecture, based on [1][2] and [3]t;[3]</a></sup>)
  • Hamar Greenwood  + (The start date may not be strictly accurate, but fits.)
  • File:Secret Agenda.pdf  + (The story of 'Operation Paperclip, a US covert program to recruit ex-NAZI scientists to work in the US on eugenics, chemical/bio warfare agents, mind control/hallucinogenics and other scientific programs and set up as World War II drew to a close)
  • Document:Operation Black Dog  + (The story of a US covert, airborne biological weapons attack on Iraq during the first US-Iraq war of 1990)
  • Document:The Blood of Dresden  + (The story of a US prisoner of war who was in Dresden during the infamous allied firebombing raids of February 1945)
  • Document:The political trial of a caring man and the end of justice in America  + (The story of a particularly egregious example of the blind sanctimonious viciousness that the US judicial system reserves for Muslims deemed to have impeded US foreign policy objectives.)
  • Document:The Political Dominance of The Cabal  + (The story of an American political cabal so powerful that it has been able to repress knowledge of its existence for 50 years, and the hidden history of the political force that has dominated American politics for the last 50 years.)
  • File:Neonazis and Euromaidan.pdf  + (The story of events in Ukraine between autumn 2013 and June 2014 from the perspective of the dissenting Russian-speaking culture of the south-east.)
  • Document:Britain Bans Press TV  + (The story of the banning of Press TV from the UK '''Sky Platform channel 515''' that you will not see covered in the commercially controlled media.)
  • Document:The Imperial Empire: The Sun Never Sets but the Mote remains in the Emperor’s Eye  + (The structure and vulnerabilities of the US Empire)
  • Mark Felt  + (The supposed true identity of 'deep throat', who played a part in the Watergate Coup.)
  • Document:The Long Secret Alliance  + (The suppressed history of US sponsorship of the genocidal Pol Pot Khymer Rouge regime in Cambodia through the 1970-80's)
  • Document:USS Liberty - Government Betrayal and Cover-up  + (The sustained attack on the American surveillance vessel USS Liberty in June 1967 was deliberate and calculated as this article makes abundantly clear)
  • Black Wednesday  + (The swift transfer of over 3 billion pounds to financial speculators from UK taxpayers.)
  • Vietnam War/My Lai Massacre  + (The systematic, cold-blooded murder and butchery of 504 vietnamese civilians including 173 children by a company of 115 US army soldiers.)
  • Document:Downing Street Minutes 23 July 2002  + (The text of a memo written by Matthew Rycroft, a Downing Street foreign policy aide in July 2002 and addressed to David Manning, then foreign policy advisor to Tony Blair who appointed him Ambassador to the US in 2003. Published on 1 May 2005)
  • Document:Paddies Join Global Spy Network  + (The text of an article that appeared in an Irish news magazine, "The Phoenix", dated May 5th 2000, claiming that Ireland has become part of the ECHELON organisation.)
  • United States Associate Attorney General  + (The third highest ranking official in the [[USDOJ]].)
  • Lockerbie: What Really Happened  + (The third in the series of TV documentaries on the [[Lockerbie Bombing/Official Narrative|Lockerbie bombing]] by ''[[Al Jazeera]]'')
  • Document:MH17 Tribunal. The Trap Russia Avoided  + (The trap being set by the July 2015 UK-proposed UNSC resolution to establish a UN Tribunal to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner - by an author with coal-face experience of these things)
  • Korean War  + (The war on the Korean peninsular between the China/Soviet-backed forces of the North and the US-backed South between 1951-53)
  • Document:The plot to keep Corbyn out of power  + (The weaponisation of [[anti-semitism]]The weaponisation of [[anti-semitism]] against [[Jeremy Corbyn|Corbyn]] has become so normal that, even while I was writing this post, a new nadir was reached. [[Jeremy Hunt]], the foreign secretary who hopes to defeat [[Boris Johnson]] in the upcoming Tory leadership race, as good as accused [[Jeremy Corbyn|Corbyn]] of being a new [[Hitler]], a man who as prime minister might allow [[Jews]] to be exterminated, just as occurred in the [[Nazi]] death camps.[[Nazi]] death camps.)
  • Thiemeworks  + (The website of Richard Thieme)
  • Guns And Butter  + (The website of [[Bonnie Faulkner]]'s radio show.)
  •  + (The website of [[Paul Craig Roberts]]. Named as an outlet of "[[Fake News]]" by [[PropOrNot]].)
  • Document:The Russians are coming  + (The west's tried and trusted - but lately tired and increasingly absurd - specter of an aggressive, expansionist Russia, demolished in style by the inimitable William Blum)
  • Document:The Shadow Factory  + (The workings and scope of the US Military-Intelligence complex focussing particularly on the NSA. <br/>Introduction.)
  • Document:Big Brother - One Man's Story  + (The workings of secret, unaccountable government (The Deep State) of the UK. It functions, not only with callous disregard for the lives of those who get in its way but through Machiavellian manipulation of them - The sobering experiences of Gerald James.)
  • NATO  + (The world's largest military alliance.)
  • Facebook  + (The world's most popular social network, with over 1,000,000,000 users in 2014.)
  • Jay's Analysis  + (The writings of a controversialist, satyrist, journalist, and philosopher/theologian)
  • 2001  + (The year in which [[9/11]] was followed by the [[Amerithrax]] plot. This pair of dramatic [[false flag]] attacks, kick started US imperial aggression abroad and the rollout of a [[Police State]] at home.)
  • 1968  + (The year in which [[the cabal]] carried out two high profile assassinations: [[MLK]] and [[RFK]], successfully duping the US public into believing that they were the work of a pair of "[[lone nut]]s".)
  • 1983  + (The year in which the word "terrorism" was mainstreamed in the US.)
  • Document:Is Putin Weaponising Stupidity?  + (Theatre of the absurd - the Western establishment obsession with demonising [[Vladimir Putin]])
  • Document:Mohammed Bin Salman: The Truth Behind The Reformist Facade  + (Then something remarkable happened which tThen something remarkable happened which the world [[mainstream media]] has almost entirely ignored. Despite [[Saudi Arabia|Saudi]] sponsored adverts all over [[US]] media portraying named senior [[Qatar]]is as terrorist sponsors, and despite strong [[Israel]]i pro-Saudi lobbying, [[Donald Trump]] suddenly called [[Mohammed bin Salman]] to heel.[[Mohammed bin Salman]] to heel.)
  • User:Robin  + (There are a few gaps, and whistleblowers who don't even get a mention, this is a thought provoking selection which should give you an idea of what corporate media have been censoring.)
  • Document:A Mafia Don with a Pompadour  + (There are two possible conclusions to drawThere are two possible conclusions to draw about the billionaire ''[[Mafia Don]]'': either Donald Trump didn't know - or else he was fully aware - that his business associates were involved with the [[US Mafia]]. Either way, Trump is not fit to occupy "the most powerful office on Earth."ccupy "the most powerful office on Earth.")
  • Document:The EU's ugly kindergarten of intellectually challenged clowns  + (There is Russian saying: "you can't scare a hedgehog with a naked backside". It summarises of this article's analysis of the threatened fourth round of EU Sanctions against Russia and the clownish absurdity of its US puppet leaders)
  • Document:US Openly Approves Hong Kong Chaos it Created  + (There is more to "Occupy Central" and theThere is more to "Occupy Central" and the September 2014 demonstrations in Hong Kong than western media reports of "popular protests for democracy". The movement is thoroughly compromised by its links to and funding by US State Department and other Western NGO'sS State Department and other Western NGO's)
  • Document:Theresa May's personal role in facilitating terror attacks  + (Theresa May and her Cabinet are complicit in murder. They are war criminals. If the principles established by the [[Nuremberg Trials|Nuremberg Tribunal]] after [[World War II]] were applied, they would be hung.)
  • Antoine Pinay  + (These dates are pure conjecture, but fit with other data.)
  • Peter Hayman  + (These dates are uncertain, as are the circumstances regarding his departure. In 1978 a dossier of child pornography was found on a bus, later linked by police to Hayman.)
  • Thierry Meyssan  + (Thierry Meyssan is a French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace Conference.)
  • Document:Syria - the rhetoric and the truth  + (Thierry Meyssan rubbishes the likelihood of a serious US ground forces operation in Syria because it would trigger a military World War III)