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StartMay 2008

Standpoint is a monthly cultural and political magazine published by Social Affairs Unit Magazines Ltd, a subsidiary of the Social Affairs Unit.[1] It was launched in May 2008.


Standpoint's editorial line reflects typically neoconservative positions.

Standpoint's editor, Daniel Johnson, says it's time the West stood up for itself: "There are certain dangerous fallacies that have grown up over the past few years, which Standpoint will challenge - myths such as multiculturalism or political correctness, which is stifling comment on anything from the environment to religion."
Conservative with a small c, the magazine is staking out similar ground to Prospect, the centre-left monthly for which Johnson still writes. A former assistant editor at The Times and a writer for the Telegraph, he adds: "The old left and right divide is no longer valid. You have the spectacle of Ken Livingstone on the left finding common cause with the Islamists, while many on the liberal left have been made homeless by the Iraq war. The anti-US or anti-West view dominating the left is alien to them - this magazine will be a new home for them."[2]

In a March 2009 presentation Tim Montgomerie and Matthew Elliott described StandPoint as part of the infrastructure of the conservative movement in Britain.[3]


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