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Concept.png Stovepiping 

Stovepiping is a technique to get the wanted result in an investigation or report while still nominally keeping to correct procedures. This is also a way to keep plausible deniability for decision makers.



Stovepiping is standard operating procedure in aircraft investigations (such as those carried out by the NTSB) if there are deep political factors which whoever controls the investigation wishes not to expose.

Alternative meaning

Another meaning of stovepiping is "piping" of raw intelligence data directly to decision makers, bypassing established procedures for review by professional intelligence analysts for validity, an important concern since the information may have been presented by a dishonest source with ulterior motives, or may be invalid for a myriad of other reasons. For example, numerous articles and books have subsequently appeared to detail how conflicts between the Bush administration and the intelligence community marred the reporting on Iraq’s weapons.[1]

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