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Concept.png Supranational deep state/History
Since the 1970s, formerly separate deep states underwent a process of integration, culminating in their planning of 9-11, the cover-up of which saw the emerging supergroup fuse into an effective single supranational deep state. Focusing on the activities of the US Deep state, this page concentrates on its integration process from the 1970s until 2001.

This page is about the history of the Deep State (capital 'D', capital 'S'), the global alliance of form separate deep states that was fused by the commission and cover-up of 9/11. Not to be confused with the history of deep state groups in general.

The ''Supra''national deep state (SDS) a.k.a. "The Deep State" is a global criminal syndicate with operational control over most world governments. It dates back to the 1970s, in particular to The US Deep State (USDS), which responded to increased scrutiny of the CIA by US Congress by offshoring operations to nebulous and secret international groups such as the Safari Club and Le Cercle. Long allied with elements in the MICC, deep state groups conspired through these milieux to prevent an outbreak of peace. At a 1979 Conference in Jerusalem the SDS promoted the concept of "international terrorism", what it alleged at that time emanated from the USSR.

Over 20+ years of nurturing of "terrorist" groups lead formerly separate deep states to became closely integrated, leading to the events of September 11th, 2001, a massive international effort. The coverup of 9/11 is proving more challenging than ever, and has required the subversion of most large international institutions and national governments. Institutions up to the size of universities have alleged conspiracy (most recently Alaska Fairbanks University, which in 2020 released the results of an investigation of the destruction of World Trade Center 7), but their arguents have gone unaddressed by the world's institutions, which have so far refused to carry out serious examination of the events of that day. This uniform pattern of failure provides evidence of the fusion of formerly separate deep state groups.


Deep state groups have organised internationally for centuries, but were hampered by the uncertainties of travel and communication. Important early medieval deep state groups included the Knights of Malta (which exist to this day) the Knights Templar, the Illuminati and the Freemasons (not detailed on this website).

The Rothschild banking dynasty is a good place to start for anyone seeking to understand the history of medieval deep state groups with international reach. Even more than most topics in medieval history, a lack of documentation results in ambiguous and disputed interpretations. This article is focused instead on the organisation described by Peter Dale Scott (who coined the term "Supranational" Deep State) which emerged from the US Deep state in the latter half of the 20th Century.

Operation Gladio

Full article: Operation Gladio

At the end of World War II, the UK and US intelligence agencies set up a continent wide network of 'stay behinds' under different names in the different countries of Europe. Equipped with weapons, explosives, gold and radios, members of these cells were trained to carry out assassinations and bombings. The group was so secret that some national leaders had little or no knowledge of it. Many members were fascists for whom "communism" was a potent enemy image. To the few who knew anything about it, it was justified by the purported threat of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, their training was more focused on subversion of the democratic process. It was activated in an unknown number of countries, and termed "Operation Gladio" after acts of false flag terror that were blamed on communists exposed the Italian unit to parliamentary scrutiny.

The Cabal

Full article: The Cabal

In 1963, the JFK assassination bound a group of senior US establishment figures together with blood guilt, effectively transforming an alliance of mutual interest into a single coherent deep state group which has long lacked a name,[1] but which Mark Gorton termed "The Cabal".[2] Their effort to hide the JFK assassination from US law enforcement and the public required dozens more murders, including those of his brother, RFK and of anti-war leader, Martin Luther King. This Cabal has more or less controlled the US government ever since. It built on the CIA's Operation Mockingbird to establish tight control over corporate media and repeatedly used assassination in an effort to still dissident voices.[2]

The increasingly visible corruption of the next decade in the USA prompted a backlash, leading to an unprecedented level of congressional scrutiny of the activities of the CIA. George H. W. Bush was a Cabal member who had emerged as leader after successfully executing the Watergate coup to unseat Nixon. Few knew of his long criminal history with the CIA, so he brought himself into the agency as a supposed outsider to clean it up. As CIA Director he eliminated the leaks, helped set up the BCCI as a global money laundering and criminal recruitment machine. He set up Team B, which systematically overestimated estimates of Soviet military preparedness as a way of funneling increased government spending to the American MICC. In his official capacity he accentuated the permanent war mentality in the CIA, while using his control over the US Deep state to try to create a situation of permanent war.

Aware of some of the excesses of GHWB[3], Jimmy Carter attempted to clean up of the agency by firing the top 400 CIA officers. However well-intentioned, this amounted to an unwitting privatisation of The Cabal's key contacts there; himself ex-CIA, senior Cabal member Ted Shackley used The Safari Club to re-employ key players for the same off-the-books operations on which they had previously only been working part time.[4]

The Nascent Global Deep State

In his 2015 book, The American Deep State, Peter Dale Scott mentions two deep state milieux in connection with the development of what he referred to as "the nascent global deep state":- The Safari Club and the Pinay Circle.[5]

The Safari Club

Full article: The Safari Club

The Safari Club was a property in Kenya owned by arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and spook Edward Moss which gave its name to the alliance of intelligence agencies that met there for the first time. This group first met in 1976, after having been set up to circumvent the CIA's public scrutiny.[6] Bandar Bin Sultan recounted in an unguarded moment that the group was expressly set up to circumvent the scrutiny og the CIA.

Lacking the usual state backing of an intelligence agency, the group initially had some logistical problems about the disbursing of funds, but the CIA stepped in to assist the offshoring by establishing front companies:

“The Safari Club needed a network of banks to finance its intelligence operations. With the official blessing of George Bush as the head of the CIA, Adham transformed.. the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), into a worldwide money laundering machine.”
Joseph Trento (2005)  [7]

Joseph Trento reports that after Jimmy Carter became US President, the Safari Club allied itself with Richard Helms and Ted Shackley against him.[8]

Le Cercle

Full article: Rated 5/5 Le Cercle

The other network mentioned by Scott, the "Pinay Circle" is a European deep state milieu that was completely unknown to the public at that time, an extreme anti-communist group referred to on this website by its later name, "Le Cercle". Of European origin, by 1970 it was having annual meetings in Washington D. C. under the aegis of Ted Shackley. Members of Le Cercle were connected to international arms deals, and it collaborated with the Safari Club to set up the 1970s Committee on the Present Danger.[9] Leaked documents suggest that by the 1970s this group was heavily invovled in subverting the democratic process in Western Europe. In particular, many of its members were pioneers in the business of "counter-terrorism". A rather esoteric area at the time, this was to prove a huge growth area for the MICC a quarter of a century later, as the supranational deep state really took off and incidents of "terrorism" became its preferred method of short circuiting the democratic process to effect sweeping legal changes.

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International

Full article: BCCI

The BCCI was the most infamous of many international groups involved in money laundering,[10] and its appeal for organised crime meant that it doubled as an global underworld intelligence network. Pre-WW2, a lot of the global illegal drug trade was under the control of narrowly organised local mafias. Post-WW2, they were infiltrated by the CIA, which broadened them out into more diversified criminal syndicates active in other areas such as the arms trade, money laundering and financial fraud.

Other Deep State Milieux

Other Deep State Milieux, several of them public facing, have coordinated the push towards a single world deep government. The WEF has run two deep state recruitment schemes.


Full article: “Terrorism”

Throughout the 1970s in Italy (the so-called "Years Of Lead") the Gladio network carried out false flag "terrorism" and attributed it to communism. This was effective at preventing communist success at the ballot box. This, together with the repeated successful use of "terrorism" by the Mossad, lead some within the emerging supranational deep state to research its potential both as a strategy of tension to subdue opposition and as a replacement enemy image in case the credibility of the USSR as a threat were to subside.

Anticipating peak oil (although keeping it out of the media), US deep politicians concluded that control of the Middle East would be crucial to the smooth running of the military machine, so Gladio was developed into Gladio B. By demonising "Muslims terrorists" this laid the groundwork for invasions in the Middle East should this prove necessary to ensure the uninterrupted flow of oil. Violent Wahabism was promoted[When?] and recruits were armed and trained by handlers to carry out attacks.

Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

Full article: Rated 3/5 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

[[]] In 1979, Brian Crozier, the European Chair of Le Cercle, was invited along with at least 3 other members of the group to speak at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism. Convened by Benjamin Netenyahu, the meeting attempted to raise the profile of what it referred to as "international terrorism", and to link the USSR (not invited to represent itself) to this supposedly increasingly menacing phenomenon. Few of the other speakers can have been as intimately familiar with the topic as George H. W. Bush, who even used the issue in the 1980 US Presidential Election which brought Ronald Reagan to power.[11]

Arms For Libya

Full article: Arms For Libya

Since the late 1970s, Edwin Wilson had worked on a set of off-the-books arms deals collectively named Arms For Libya which illustrate the audacity and scale of US deep state operations. The most spectacular deal flew a remarkable 20 tonnes[12] of C4 plastic explosive to Libya and had US Green Berets train Muammar Gaddafi's forces in how to make bombs with it. Having attracted the attention of the ATF, these deals lead to a 1983 jury trial which Reuters termed "the biggest arms-dealing case in U.S. history". Charles A. Briggs, the CIA Inspector General, perjured himself by swearing under oath that the agency had no knowledge of Wilson's arms deals.

The Enterprise

Full article: Stub class article The Enterprise

During the entire 1980s, one individual had a high degree of control over both the US deep state and a the US government - George H. W. Bush. His considerable talents as a spook allowed him to skillfully interleave his public role as a shallow politician with his real business as a deep politician, running an operation which Richard Secord referred to as "The Enterprise" (graphically summarised by Mark Gorton as "a vast criminal romp")[13], including financial fraud, drug trafficking and arms dealing.

The Enterprise was a hierarchically organised, vastly profitable, criminal gang run which at its height employed perhaps 5,000 people. Its role in the development of the SDS was two fold. Firstly, its financial frauds consolidated The Cabal's grip on the levers of power in the US. Focusing on key institutions, it tried to sideline, entrap or otherwise neutralise any senior officials it could not simply bribe. The result was that, when the Savings And Loan fraud operation was wound up — according to Pete Brewton, a fraud of hundreds of billions of dollars[14] — , only a handful of token prosecutions were ever made. Secondly, the USDS used monies generated by The Enterprise to expand its sphere of influence across the world.

Globalisation of corruption

The Enterprises's effective corruption of the top echelons of the US government established a trajectory which saw the US government become increasingly responsive to deep state control and more or less completely impervious to the wishes of the citizens — good economic news for sectors such as the MICC dependent upon unpopular foreign policy such as perpetual war.

===Economic globalisation The process of economic globalisation, which assumed a high profile only after the 1999 Seattle WTO Shutdown, had been ongoing for decades, and involved the creation of a supranational mechanism. Transnational corporations no longer had to abide by national laws, but could sue governments if national laws interfered with profitability. This replacement of a diverse array of national laws with a simpler "harmonised" (i.e. more business-friendly) supranational set rode roughshod over ideas of "democracy", and could never have been carried in this way if the nations concerned were true democracies. The public process of economic globalisation was enabled by a globalisation of the deep state that was directed by the USDS. Armed with unparalleled amounts of money, guns and lawyers, it sought to dominate other nation's deep states.

Of the innumerable possible illustrations of the extent of USDOJ corruption, let us conclude the 1983 Arms For Libya case. In 1999,[citation needed] a FOIA request turned up documentary evidence that the CIA staff at Wilson's trial had conspired to throw him under a bus; it proved that the Briggs Affidavit, given under penalty of perjury, was a bald faced lie. US Judge Lee Rosenthal's response was to simply order Wilson released - dismissing his claims for compensation in 2007 she gave a blanket immunity to the cabal of CIA perjurers, including the former CIA Inspector General. As of 2018, corporate media continues its silence on the topic - to the extent that the Arms For Libya case still lacks its own page on Wikipedia.

September 11, 2001

Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11

Anyone who has looked closely at the 9-11 event should find it a helpful measure of the degree to which it is correct to speak of a single, supra-national, deep state. The event was carried out by employees of many of the US intelligence agencies, the Pakistani ISI, Suadi Arabia's Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah, the Isaraeli Mossad and perhaps other intelligence agencies (maybe the BND?[citation needed]) — some knowingly, some unknowingly. More important than innumerable details, from the state-sponsorship of Wahabism, government funding of Al Qaeda, CIA's Alec Station protecting the patsies, the legions of well placed US government insiders to organise a covert military stand down is the bigger picture of endemic global governmental corruption which facilitates the 9-11/Cover-up.

Global Controlled media censorship

Full articles: Corporate media/Censorship, Corporate media/Deep state control

The attempot to hide the truth about 9-11 required a de facto global corporate media blackout on embarrassing details (prominent amongst which is probably the demolition of WTC7 without apparent cause and the announcement of its collapse before it did so)[15]. As of 2018, corporate media still reflexively dismiss those who challenge the 9-11/Official narrative as "conspiracy theorists", a 1964 CIA-created term that conflates 3 very different ideas into one phrase.[16]

Control of International Organisations

As Amy Baker Benjamin has noted, the media silence on the event is mirrored by a wide swath of supposedly independent institutions, deviating wildly from standard operating procedure to reflexively promote the US Deep state's official narrative of that day. As of 2018, no international legal process has reviewed the events of that day.[citation needed] NATO, for example, has an official process by which members may invoke the mutual self-defence clause of that treaty in case of alleged attack. This was not followed on 9-11. Since that day, the failure of supposedly independent institutions to question 9-11 constitutes a massive betrayal of public trust. Such a betrayal is strong evidence that nation states are not in the business of representing the interests of their citizens when the SDS demands otherwise. Behind the veil of "national interest" lies the darker truth of control of the legal process by the deep state. Not for nothing did Peter Dale Scott name itsupranational.


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