Switzerland/National COVID-19 Task Force

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Group.png Switzerland/National COVID-19 Task Force
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FormationMarch 2020
Membership• Martin Ackermann
• Manuel Battegay
• Sebastian Bonhoeffer
• Edouard Bugnion
• Monika Bütler
• Myriam Cevallos
• Matthias Egger
• Samia Hurst
• Annette Oxenius
• Marcel Salathé
• Daniel Speiser
• Roman Stocker
• Sarah Tschudin Sutter
• Volker Thiel
• Marcel Tanner
• Didier Trono

The Swiss National COVID-19 Task Force was formed in March 2020[1] to advise public authorities about COVID-19. "While the Task Force does not make decisions about measures or actions taken, the volunteer group of experts represents relevant scientific fields"[2] and gives advice in accordance with international norms. Switzerland has been through several lockdowns and other repressive measures, including a de facto media censorship of differing medical opinions.

The members of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force do not receive any remuneration or compensation for their work in the Task Force.