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From the current version of the article: "In 2018, a victim named Jessica Collins revealed the CIA and US DOJ knew of Palfreys victims of over 100 girls since 2002, but - as in other cases - allowed Epstein to run amok.[1]" added earlier: "Jessica Collins reported that Palfrey assisted Jeffrey Epstein in her kidnapping.[5][6] "

This is an archive of her video testimony - I am (very) sceptical about it and would move all of the allegations to her own page, leaving only a mention of it at Deborah Palfrey. IMO there is nothing to it which makes it believable, but what I see is lashing out at others [1] and trying to clog the info space up with bullshit [2]. Or so it appears to me. -- Sunvalley (talk) 02:27, 10 June 2022 (UTC)

Moving her info with a FA should be the standard, I'm just time contrained. On the credibility; that DOJ file looks legit? of course, I trust Whitney Webb more too, but I mean we had a founder that disagreed on vital stuff with ISGP's founder, who in case has been fighting with every other "conspiracy" website... so... Idc if it's BS. A lot of victims that come to the limelight and are legit, end up death or they in fact never get picked up by media at all, so I believe that's a sign. I'd advise you to send her a tweet, ask her for an interview, or to send that DOJ/"USAF/CIA court letter" to us as whistleblowers site. If not; I'd say, feel free to change it to "she accuses" etc on her own page. --Jun (talk) 04:21, 10 June 2022 (UTC).

No problem, I had a little more detailed look, but now I tend to rather remove any mention of her. To make it clear, I can not say I know for a fact what she says/claims is true or not true, only it looks all very wrong and mental. Here she says she was abducted by one of 'Palfrey's associates' (10:50) [3][4] but as far as I was able to click back, there are never any records of anything official in her twitter stream. She says attorneys are rejecting her (13:25) - all a cover up by international crime .. I will listen only once to this, but I think I am hearing too much repetition already. Still has a 'handler' (16:10) and he is 'harsh' or something to that effect. There are email accounts of her's that will 'implicate a lot of people' (17:05), but that will take effort and time to get them, call for help with that. She is 'starting to recall her memory' (19:20) - I will get back to that at the end. She will upload all information (21:00) to substantiate, but nothing is there (on twitter), comes back to 'technical problems' several times.

What is the DOJ file? This? [5]

There is so much that does not make sense:

There is a clipping of some writing by someone that says that he/she is CIA and knows Collins. That is also unredacted somewhere, mail address: [6] That goes to the County of Accomack / district court, there is another 'page/screenshot' that she uploaded, in which she wants a new trial for having been declared 'unrestorably incompetent' [7]

Her whole stream of Twitter media that I have been looking at (which stops September 2019/the account having been created in 2010), is self centered, no proof of anything, ranting about she having been trafficked - but no point to check, very little details. He daughter was: "She was assassinated in Portland, OR where I met Putin by a Russian hacker/trafficker/orphan pictured below to transfer a billion dollars to US FBI through shutdown of Alphabay" [8] , which overlaps with an old archive of her twitter: "Sex Trafficked to #JefferyEpstein & #AndrewWindsor by THE DC MADAM. My Daughter ½ Palestinian Murdered by Russian w/Amnesia DOJ-Media-Attorneys are the CoverUp" [9]

It is just confusing clippings and screenshots of email conversations,[10] no end no beginning.[11] [12] [13] [14]

Here she has some issue with a google / youtube account, but where she is asked to place the channel she enters a video URL and underscores something at the bottom.[15]

In conclusion, I think MK Ultra could apply here, she could be under duress and be made to do this.* Could be wrong. Maybe she is just out of her mind in some other way. The intake that I had here leads me to conclude that there is just nothing to it - Epstein, Windsor, Palfrey knowing Maxwell (or does that come from somewhere else still?). So remove completely, or create an article? But if I do that, it would reflect what I just wrote/listed, which is generally not nice.

- * I know a 'case' like that here in the area that has similarities, so I sense the mo in a way.

-and to clarify, I only see this now, what I copied in the second citation : "I suspect Jenny Moore is the new identity given to Deborah Palfrey, after The DC Madam’s staged death." (this is what Collins is writing on her website Jenny Moore is a dead 'activist',[16][17][18] aka 'task force jenny' - her death was investigated by George Webb and this is where it gets pure psyop stuff meant to eat up valuable time of people who try to make sense of things. It is what Steve Outtrim calls 'larpers' (live action role play), people who run around and make a fuss and try to derail any sensible discussion. Joel Harding, a real US cyberwar and IO person is even getting at G Webb on twitter (see screenshot of tweet there).

In the video I highlighted she says at the beginning, that she had an interview at TRU News. There is a copy of a letter she says she received from them (TRU News),[19][20] which basically comes down to what I mentioned, they write: "The TRU News team became concerned that she is still actively involved with the sex slave network if her claims are true" -- Sunvalley (talk) 00:59, 11 June 2022 (UTC)

Yeah, it's all sketchy. On the other hand, not everyone in these networks comes out fighting like Natascha Jaiit, or Imane Fadil. Only 2 of the 10,000 customers of Palfrey were ever exposed. Not saying I believe her. Just lets always keep a 1% chance she's just traumatized, MKultra'd or messed up or smth. The larping does sound... credible strange enough, but I;ll say it again: We got a Wikispooks twitter account; just dm her, she is tweeting every day, can't miss her there... If she ignores us; bam; feel free to dissect all her media and links. Let's try to leave the accusation header as "official/her narrative". --Jun (talk) 02:08, 11 June 2022 (UTC)


  2. "I suspect Jenny Moore is the new identity given to Deborah Palfrey, after The DC Madam’s staged death. I attempted to contact her affiliate George Webb in the investigation of the murder of my daughter, when Jenny Moore was alleged to have died in a hotel fifteens minutes away from me." -