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I'm really having trouble figuring out why the memberships aren't appearing in the Hcards of the individuals listed, unlike Lolita Express/Flight logs User:Robin? Anyone? The page is top 10 in daily visits, it could greatly increase circular traffic is the memberships get added to the hcards. It only appears on their hacards when logged in for me, not when logged out, even on other IPs, VPNs and browsers. --Jun (talk) 04:46, 18 January 2022 (UTC)

Same for me. Sometimes it takes very long to update. The names came in on 9 January 2022‎, so not that long, I remember a month or more for changes (quotes). Why it is different for "logged in" / "logged out" status I don't really understand, should that happen at all? -- Sunvalley (talk) 19:19, 18 January 2022 (UTC)
This is well spotted. The pages are different for logged in or out (e.g. 'new message' can appear when logged in), but we don't make much use of that. I'm pretty sure the slowness it's a known SMW issue (just not so well known to me:-) It's to do with SMW jobs queue -- basically this wiki is too large for the automatic maintenance systems to work well, so I will try a manual SMW rebuild. This may take a few days. -- Robin (talk) 19:47, 18 January 2022 (UTC)