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(academic, journalist, neoconservative)
Died23 May 2007 (Age 65)
NationalityPakistani, American
ChildrenSupna Zaidi
Founder ofCenter for Islamic Pluralism, Council for Democracy and Tolerance
Member ofBenador Associates

Tashbih Sayyed (1941–2007) was a neoconservative academic of Pakistani origin who worked closely with the Israel lobby. He edited web based publications such as Muslim World Today, Pakistan Today (Both share a URL). [1]


Sayyed was planned to speak at the The Collapse of Europe Conference in 2007 but died before the event. According to Benador Associates:

Tashbih Sayyed, political analyst, journalist, and writer, is Editor in Chief of Our Times, Pakistan Today, and In Review. He worked from 1967-1980 at Pakistan Television in various capacities, including writer, editor, director, producer, Controller, and General Manager. Sayyed is the author of eight books, including: History Of The World, Left Of The Center, Pakistan - An Unfinished Agenda, Mohammad - A secularist's View, Foreign Policy Of Pakistan, and Shadow Warriors - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Taliban." [2]


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