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Date2007 - Present
Interest ofEmpower America

The American "Tea Party" movement

The Tea Party Movement is a United States protest movement that emerged in 2009 through a series of local and nationally-coordinated Tea Party protests. The protests are partially in response to the 2008 bank bailouts, the 2009 economic stimulus package and the Democratic-sponsored 2009-2010 health care reform bills.

The name "Tea Party" is a reference to the historic Boston Tea Party of 1773, a protest by American colonists against taxation by the British government when the colonists had no representation in the British Parliament. The Boston Tea Party pre-dated and laid the groundwork for the American Revolutionary War. Tea Party protests have sought to evoke themes, images and slogans similar to those used during this iconic, pre-Revolutionary period in American history.The name may also refer to the often-used acronym "TEA": a play on a party slogan "Taxed Enough Already."

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  • Limit the taxation of the rich
  • Protect oil industry profits
  • Republican


  • Koch Family Foundations

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