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Template to provide the information required to explain and navigate a group of files comprising what appears to be the new (2010) complete authorised English translation of the Roman Catholic Missal.

This file is one of a group of 24 uploaded anonymously.
Files in the group vary between 1 and 4Mb each in size.

The uploads were accompanied by the following message from the anonymous uploader:

Approved by CDW, presented to Pope Benedict on April 28, 2010.

The group appears to comprise the authorised new (2010) English translation of the Roman Catholic Missal. It relates to an earlier anonymous upload (File:Areas of Difficulty.pdf) concerning apparent controversy about the revised translation, leading up to it's becoming authorised.

Wikispooks has not undertaken a thorough vetting of the entire file contents and is open to suggestions/observations about the collection regarding their authenticity and completeness.

The Files