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Membership• Jill Abramson
• Mahnaz Afkhami
• Liaquat Ahamed
• Karen J. Alter
• Lisa Anderson
• William F. Baker
• Shaul Bakhash
• Zeyno Baran
• John B. Bellinger
• Samuel R. Berger
• C. Fred Bergsten
• Jagdish Bhagwati
• Stephen D. Biddle
• Rosina M. Bierbaum
• Günter Blobel
• Max Boot
• David W. Brady
• Stephen Breyer
• Judith Butler
• Richard M. Buxbaum
• Thomas Campbell
• Roel Campos
• Laura Carstensen
• David Chipperfield
• Derek Chollet
• Nicholas Christakis
• Chuck Close
• Eliot Cohen
• Jared Cohen
• Richard Cohen
• Roger Cohen
• Roberta Cooper Ramo
• John Corigliano
• Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar
• Tom Daschle
• Philippe de Montebello
• David Denby
• Padma Desai
• Janine di Giovanni
• Edward P. Djerejian
• Nicholas Eberstadt
• Barry Eichengreen
• Nancy Ellison
• Jules Feiffer
• Niall Ferguson
• Roger Ferguson
• Gary Fisketjon
• Frances FitzGerald
• Lukas Foss
• Harry Frankfurt
• Jonathan Franzen
• Benjamin Friedman
• Thomas Friedman
• David Frum
• Francis Fukuyama
• Clifford G. Gaddy
• Kelly Gallagher
• Henry Louis Gates Jr.
• Peter Gelb
• Reuel Marc Gerecht
• Masha Gessen
• Derek Gillman
• Malcolm Gladwell
• Robert Glauber
• Nathan Glazer
• Harvey Goldschmid
• Jack A. Goldstone
• Linda Gordon
• Stephen Greenblatt
• Linda Greenhouse
• Joel Grey
• Jessie C. Gruman
• Richard Haass
• Stephen Hadley
• Alvin Youngblood Hart
• Hal Harvey
• Benjamin W. Heineman
• Thomas Heller
• Christopher R. Hill
• Bruce Hoffman
• Eric J. Holder
• Harold Hongju Koh
• Michael Ignatieff
• David R. Ignatius
• Martin S. Indyk
• Arthur Jafa
• Haynes Johnson
• Frederick Kagan
• Robert Kagan
• Lawrence Kaplan
• Laurence Kardish
• Vincent Katz
• Nannerl O. Keohane
• Robert O. Keohane
• Parag Khanna
• Mervyn Allister King
• Wolfram Koeppe
• Andrea Köhler
• Elizabeth Kolbert
• Jeff Koons
• Edward Koren
• Paul Krugman
• Joan La Barbara
• Walter Laqueur
• Robert Lempert
• Jill Lepore
• Harold O. Levy
• Anthony Lewis
• Maya Lin
• John Lipsky
• David Lipton
• Amory B. Lovins
• Jane Holl Lute
• Charles Maier
• Terrence Malick
• Harvey C. Mansfield Jr.
• Avishai Margalit
• Kerry James Marshall
• Margaret H. Marshall
• Daniel Mendelsohn
• Jamie Metzl
• Frank Michelman
• David Miliband
• James von Moltke
• Dominique Nabokov
• Vali Nasr
• Samuel A. Nunn
• Leo J. O'Donovan
• Kathryn Oberly
• Martha Brill Olcott
• Jürgen Osterhammel
• George Packer
• Robert O. Paxton
• Walter Pincus
• Harvey L. Pitt
• Nicholas Platt
• Kenneth Pollac
• John Pomfret
• Michael E. Porter
• Adam S. Posen
• Robert C. Post
• Earl A. Powell III
• Don Michael Randel
• Claudia Rankine
• Steven Rattner
• Richard Reeves
• Janusz Reiter
• Ben Rhodes
• Jeremy Rifkin
• John Rockwell
• Kenneth Rogoff
• Tricia Rose
• Nir Rosen
• Robert J. Rosenthal
• Alex Ros
• Dennis Ross
• J. Stapleton Roy
• George Rupp
• Michael Sandel
• Saskia Sassen
• Antonin Scalia
• Mary L. Schapiro
• Peter Seligmann
• Richard Sennett
• Ian Shapiro
• Robert J. Shiller
• Neil Shubin
• Richard Sloan
• Vaclav Smil
• John E. Smith
• Kiki Smith
• Roberta Smith
• Javier Solana
• Susan Sontag
• Sonia Sotomayor
• Michael I. Sover
• Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
• Frank-Walter Steinmeier
• Angela Stent
• Gary Stern
• Joseph Stiglitz
• Michael Stolleis
• Jean Strouse
• William Styron
• Morton Subotnick
• Lawrence H. Summers
• Cass Sunstein
• Strobe Talbott
• Gay Talese
• Nan A. Talese
• Charles Taylor
• John B. Taylor
• Adam Tooze
• Laurence H. Tribe
• Calvin Trillin
• Harold E. Varmus
• Helen Vendler
• John Vinocur
• Paul Volcker
• Howard M. Wachtel
• Patricia Wald
• Keith David Watenpaugh
• Judith Wechsler
• Daniel H. Weiss
• Ai Weiwei
• Scott Wheeler
• Mary Jo White
• Amy Wilkinson
• Frank G. Wisner
• James D. Wolfensohn
• Elizabeth Economy
• Jack Landman Goldsmith
• Jon Meacham
• Kent Nagano
• Jeffrey D. Sachs
• Helen F. Siu
• Benn Steil

List of Distinguished Fellows at The American Academy in Berlin[1]. Apart from (or including) a certain number of famous artists, a remarkable number of Fellows are U.S. deep state functionaries on a junket, not rich enough to be the real movers and shakers. A large number are member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

During their visits of a few days to a few weeks, they engage with the public and their professional counterparts in Berlin and throughout Germany.[2]

By hosting Distinguished Visitors — influential figures from the United States in public policy, law, business, finance, journalism, the humanities, and the arts, "the Academy fosters greater understanding and dialogue on current issues"- i.e explain/create a consensus on the establishment line among deep state functionaries.


Known members

54 of the 217 of the members already have pages here:

John BellingerA spook/lawyer representing the more patient and more PR-friendly approach to Empire
C. Fred BergstenBrookings Institution, CFR, 5 Bilderbergs ...
Rosina BierbaumDirected the World Bank's World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change
Max BootDouble Bilderberg historian and editor eager for wars.
Roel Campos
Eliot CohenSpooky academic labelled "the most influential neocon in academe"
Jared CohenCEO of Jigsaw, CFR, Bilderberg, who "grew up watching [GHWB]'s example & I was honored to get to know him in his later years."
Tom DaschleTargeted by Amerithrax after expressing opposition to the Patriot Act. Attended Bilderberg 2008 and Clade X.
Nicholas EberstadtInvolved in a lot of deep state think tanks and planning committees.
Elizabeth EconomyUS spook, WEF
Niall FergusonPoly Bilderberger Hoover Institution Fellow historian, WEF YGL 2005, attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2020
Roger FergusonUS economist, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 3 Bilderbergs in the late 2010s
Thomas FriedmanCFR, TLC, two Bilderbergs
David FrumNeoconservative deep state operative who coined the phrase "axis of evil"
Francis FukuyamaUS author of The End of History
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Nathan GlazerUS sociologist
Linda GreenhouseReporter who covered the United States Supreme Court for nearly three decades for The New York Times.
Richard HaassBilderberger, CFR President
Stephen HadleyUS Deputy National Security Advisor during George W. Bush's first term
Hal HarveyCut-out for Rockefeller family and Bill Gates money to capture state policies. Described as "the most powerful Green politician in the world."
Christopher R. Hill
Bruce Hoffman
Frank Wisner IIFormer US Secretary of State, son of Frank Wisner of the mighty wurlitzer
David IgnatiusAttender of spooky "security" conferences
Martin IndykUS Ambassador to Israel, Vice president of Brookings
Frederick Kagan
Parag KhannaConnected 'thinker' who favors Singaporean technocracy
Jeff Koons
Paul Krugman
Walter LaqueurGerman-Jewish (later American) historian professor of History and "terror expert" who attended the 1981 Colloquium on Clandestine Collection
Anthony LewisUS writer for the New York Times. According to Chomsky "as far to the critical extreme as you can find" allowed in the corporate media Overton window.
John LipskySingle Bilderberger. Briefly acted as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
Jon MeachamWEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/2000. Corporate journalist and editor. Official (i.e. court) biographer of George H. W. Bush.
David MilibandUK politician
Sam NunnUSDSO? Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative, 2 Bilderbergers, participated in both Operation Dark Winter & A Spreading Plague
Walter PincusA CIA asset in the corporate media
Steven RattnerTwo decades at Lehman Brothers, Lazard Freres, Morgan Stanley, US Treasury Department, 5 Bilderbergs, Brookings...
Kenneth RogoffChief Economist of the International Monetary Fund 2001-3, WEF AGM regular
Dennis RossUS diplomat, author, US Director of Policy Planning under GHWB
J. Stapleton RoyUS diplomat interested in Asia
Jeffrey SachsWorked on the privatisation of Russia
Antonin ScaliaUS judge
Javier SolanaBilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO.
Frank-Walter SteinmeierPresident of Germany 2017-, Heavy MSC habit
Joseph Stiglitz"The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold"
Lawrence SummersUS Deep State actor "I've always thought that under-populated countries in Africa are vastly UNDER-polluted"
Cass SunsteinOne of "Leviathan’s Apologists"
Strobe TalbottBrookings Institution President 2002-2017
Charles Taylor
... further results
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