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FoundedSeptember 1843
Interest ofFrançois Duchene
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The Economist is a weekly magazine.


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In recent years, the editor has tended to attend the Bilderberg.


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On 8 February, The Economist published China’s rulers see the coronavirus as a chance to tighten their grip on the Chinese response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It began with the claim that "Officials are playing politics with the viral outbreak" and concluded that "Every crisis is a chance to strengthen the party’s grip. A virus is no exception."[1]


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Wikileaks during the United States presidential election of 2016 was concerned with the reporting of the Economist and its editorial oversight by Lynn Forester de Rothschild.[2][3][4] Criticism continued thereafter.[5][6]


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Global Strategies Group“Global Risk Strategies was a two-man team until the invasion of Afghanistan. Now it has over 1,000 guards in Iraq — more than many of the countries taking part in the occupation—manning the barricades of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). Last year it also won a $27m contract to distribute Iraq's new dinar.”March 2004


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