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American news outlet, only MSM to focus solely on the federal government; US Congress, White House, Supreme Court.

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"The Hill is the primary source for policy and political news on Capitol Hill."
Started: 1 September 1994

In its own words:
"The Hill is the premier source for policy and political news. Follow for tweets on what's happening in Washington, breaking news and retweets of our reporters."
Constitutes: Corporate media,  Newspaper

The Hill is an American newspaper which reports on the affairs of the US Federal Government. It takes its name from Capitol Hill, which is the seat of government.


Despite being Corporate media, The Hill platforms anti-establishment voices. Kim Iversen thinks this is positive, in order to air non-mainstream views to a mainstream audience.[1]


Related Quotation

Alan MacLeod“In addition to training spies, the SFS also produces many of the country’s top journalists, including alternative media host Saagar Enjeti. When Enjeti left his job as host of The Hill’s show, "Rising," he was replaced by another SFS graduate, Emily Miller. Interestingly, Enjeti himself was a replacement for original host Buck Sexton, a former CIA analyst.”Alan MacLeod15 March 2023


Employees on Wikispooks

Krystal BallHost of the webcast Rising2018May 2021Co-hosted with "former" spooks Buck Sexton and Saagar Enjeti
Emily MillerHost of RisingJune 2021
Buck SextonHost of Rising with Krystal & BuckJune 2018June 2019Former CIA officer
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