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The website of Richard Thieme

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Started: 19 June 1996
Founder: Richard Thieme

Founder/Owner: Richard Thieme
In its own words:
"Richard Thieme has been hearing the music for a long time. His track record includes hundreds of published articles, dozens of published short stories, one published book with more coming, several thousand speeches, and – in a former incarnation – hundreds of sermons, all original, all unique"


Documents sourced from Thiemeworks

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Hacker GenerationsarticleMass surveillance
Total information awareness
23 August 2011Richard ThiemeOn the origins and real meaning of "Hacker"; a term which, in company with "conspiracy-theory", "Holocaust-denial" and many others has been co-opted/invented by Establishments to marginalise research deemed most threatening to the Official Narratives that define "Consensus trance" reality.
Document:It’s Identity, StupidarticleIntelligence agency
Intentity politics
1 March 2013Richard ThiemeInsights into the real, counter-intuitive purposes and functioning of intelligence and security services. As a consequence of their determination of developments in surveillance, computing and related esoteric military technologies, their role of service to democratically determined policy has morphed into hidden, unaccountable shapers and arbiters of all policy that matters.
Document:Out of the Closet on UFOsarticleUFO16 February 2014Richard ThiemeRichard Thieme admitting to believing in UFO's (the variety that have no explanation other than that they are the transports of non-human sentient beings or robots and of other than earthly origin).

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