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Date13 December 2018
Exposed • Integrity Initiative/Cluster/France
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Italy
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Jordan
• Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK
• Richard Barrons
• David Leask

The third tranche of documents released as part of the Integrity Initiative Leak were published online on 13 December 2018.

Internet Censorship

In Ramping up IfS work 16 03 2018.pdf (after the Skripal Affair) Victor Madeira suggested that the IfS use its clusters to “Find ways to remove e.g. RT/Ruptly video and infographic content from mainstream media e.g. newspaper websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Such content is quite professionally done, entertaining and cheap (or even free) for cash-strapped mainstream media outlets. But for these reasons, this kind of content gets numerous ‘clicks’ and is therefore picked up by reputable outlets that help spread Russian disinformation.” [1]

Email addresses

The CND Gen list 2 contains "22 names with email addresses.[2] Most of these individuals have no other connection with the Institute for Statecraft or the Integrity Initiative. The presence on this list of Pablo Miller and Howard Body suggests that this is a list for email updates or consultations on the Salisbury poisonings story."

Current military / MoD

  • Colonel Angus Taverner – director of MoD’s news media operations policy during the Iraq war, subsequently enrolled for a master’s degree in public relations.
  • Lt Col Annabelle Janes – CO Land Intelligence Fusion Centre
  • Lt Col Debi Lomax – Chief of General Staff’s Commander’s Initiative Group
  • Captain Joe Walker-Cousins, reservist in Specialist Group Military Intelligence and employed by KBR in Saudi Arabia (see above)
  • Howard Body – Principal Analyst and Assistant Head Science Support, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Porton Down. "Analyst" presumably refers to strategic rather than laboratory analysis, as he has no science background and gave a presentation on "stabilisation operations" in 2005.
  • Ian Cohen – has both army and HSBC corporate emails – name matches HSBC’s Global Asset Management managing director


Chatham House

Risk/security/intelligence consultants

Institute for Statecraft trustees


Unidentified affiliations

Next Leak

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The fourth Integrity Initiative leak was posted on 4 January 2019.