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(Nurse, COVID-19/Premature death?, COVID-19/Media Manipulation)
Died2021? (Age 31)
A nurse who fainted during showcase rollout of Pfizer vaccine. The sporadic corporate media "proof of life" efforts since then raises more questions than provides answers.
Dover fainting during the showcase vaccination.
Screenshot of "proof of life" video released by the hospital on 21. December 2020.[1]
Inconsistencies in the physical appearance was soon pointed out
Tiffany Dover (left) and her colleague Amber Honea (right)
The person claimed to be Tiffany standing against the wall as a trolley-bed goes past, in a January 14, 2021 video from Fox News[2]

Tiffany Pontes Dover is (was?) a Tennessee nurse who fainted on 17 December 2020 after being given a Pfizer BioNTech injection, during a public showcase of the vaccine rollout at her hospital, the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee.[3] She then recovered and was interviewed the same day. In the interview she said more than once “I feel fine now.”[4][5]

When follow-up concerns about her health in independent media persisted, corporate media fact checkers worked hard to dispel claims she was dead or seriously ill. Reuters included a video released by the hospital on 21 December 2020 which purportedly shows Tiffany Dover with her work colleagues holding notices with that day’s date.[6][7][8]

Given that the strange proof of life video didn't show her face fully, independent media soon pointed physical inconsistencies, such as that the parting of her hair parting was different and other differences, speculating that the woman might be a stand in.[9]

Adding to that, according to some researchers who presented it in a video, and Searchquarry listed Tiffany Dover as deceased (whether both entries have since been removed, or never existed, can not be verified).[10]

Dover has not been seen publicly since before Christmas. Apart from a very few sporadic posts in the first few weeks, her social-networking accounts have not been updated for a while. She was mentioned in an unrelated January 14, 2021 news story from Fox News, but was only shown in the background.[11]

To some, the failure to positively confirm that the showcase vaccine subject is alive and well is conspicuous.

Instagram posts after two months of inactivity have further fueled speculation.[12][13] Per May 2022, her exact status is still unknown; her Instagram was not updated since 26 February 2021.[14][15]


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