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A former US Army Counter Intelligence Corps analyst. Now a retired college politics professor living outside Stockholm.
Trowbridge Ford is a former US Army Counter Intelligence Corps analyst. Now retired in Sweden, he theorises about deep events and deep politics.

Intelligence Career

A brief biographical account of Ford's CIC service in Paris during the Korean War is posted here.

Later activities

Ford writes on deep political events. His theories are often interesting reading, but some observers have noted a tendency to present conjecture as fact, and to lack references.[1] His writings have been published on a number of websites, including:


Documents by Trowbridge Ford

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:A Gareth Wiliams - Gudrun Loftus Axis?article8 November 2010Gareth Williams
Gudrun Loftus
Is there a connection between the death of Gareth Williams and the apparently accidental death of Oxford University academic Gudrun Loftus?
Document:A Perfect Conspiracyarticle22 July 2005Terrorism Industry
Document:Ames and Hanssen Driven to Spy by Reckless Double Agent Operationsessay2003Robert Hanssen
Aldrich Ames
Olof Palme/Assassination
Document:Coordinating Regime Change in Iran and Venezueladiplomatic communication25 August 2010Iran
Nicolás Maduro
Bolivarian Missions
Luisa Ortega
Simón Bolívar
US Bombing campaigns since 1945
Iran and Venezuela, prime candidates for regime change
Document:Ford-Zelikow emailemail7 March 20039-11/Commission
Document:NSA GCHQ and the Death of Gareth Williamsarticle14 November 2011Gareth Williams
National Security Agency
Mass surveillance
A speculative article connecting the NSA with the death of Gareth Williams
Document:Why damaged covert operator Derek Bird finally went on the rampage in Cumbriaarticle6 September 2010Derrick Bird
2010 Cumbria shootings
Document:Why the CIA went astray over Abu Omararticle6 July 2005Abu Omar


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