British House of Commons

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Group.png British House of Commons  
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Subgroups• Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament
• Administration Committee
• Business Innovation and Skills Committee
• Communities and Local Government Committee
• Culture Media and Sport Committee
• Defence Select Committee
• Education Select Committee
• Energy and Climate Change Select Committee
• Environment Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee
• Foreign Affairs Select Committee
• Health Select Committee
• Home Affairs Select Committee
• International Development Select Committee
• Justice Select Committee
• Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee
• Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee
• Science and Technology Select Committee
• Scottish Affairs Select Committee
• Transport Select Committee
• Treasury Select Committee
• Welsh Affairs Select Committee
• Work and Pensions Select Committee
• Committees on Arms Export Controls
• Environmental Audit Select Committee
• European Scrutiny Committee
• Public Accounts Committee (United Kingdom)
• Public Administration Select Committee
• Regulatory Reform Committee
• Select Committee on Statutory Instruments
• Panel of Chairs
• Public bill committee
• Delegated Legislation Committee
• European Committees
• Northern Ireland Grand Committee
• Regional Affairs Committee
• Scottish Grand Committee
• Welsh Grand Committee
• Finance and Services Committee
• Backbench Business Committee
• Liaison Committee
• Members' Expenses Committee
• Procedure Committee
• Committee of Selection (House of Commons)
• Standards and Privileges Committee
• Advisory Committee on Works of Art
• Joint Committee on Consolidation &c. Bills
• Joint Committee on Human Rights
• Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy
• Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
• Joint Committee on Tax Law Rewrite Bills
• Joint Committee on Security
• House of Commons Commission
• Public Accounts Commission
• Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission
• Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
• Ecclesiastical Committee

The British House of Commons is the lower chamber of the UK Parliament.


There are 650 elected members of the Commons.



  • 1 speaker, 3 deputies
  • Frontbenchers (cabinet ministers + shadow cabinet members)
  • Backbenchers
  • Committee chairs
  • Party spokespeople