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Paedophilia has a long history of use by the US deep state to facilitate covert control, especially of politicians, police and the judiciary.

The US - since the 2000s - have increasingly seen some horrific scandals including underage sex rings in the media, without much legal repercussions..


J. Edgar Hoover, an efficient sexual blackmailer became head of the FBI in 1924, a job he retained until his death in 1972, in large part because of widespread fear of what he had in his personal archive. The FBI has had close connections to Hollywood since the 1930s.



Full article: Hollywood/VIPaedophile

Hollywood has long attracted allegations of paedophilia, just as it attracts juveniles desperate to make a names for themselves as actors and actresses. It is unclear how much of this is organised by the US (or by other) deep states to entrap people, and how much is private enterprise. VIPaedophile has been increasingly exposed in recent years.


Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn was a US attorney and deep state sexual blackmailer whose connections with Ronald Reagan saw his influence increase during that presidency.

Franklin child prostitution ring

In the 1980s, Tim Tate produced an expose of the Franklin child prostitution ring, which had direct connections to the US Deep state. Although bought by the networks, it was suddenly pulled from the schedules and never broadcast.[1]

Craig Spence

Craig Spence, a Washington DC lobbyist who was found dead in unexplained circumstances, reportedly ran a “call boy ring”[2] and was connected to the Franklin affair in Nebraska.


Jeffrey Epstein Affair mossad.jpg

Jeffrey Epstein

Full article: Epstein Affair

Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire who was convicted of paedophilia in 2008. His private plane, dubbed the Lolita Express, carried many people to one of his islands in the US Virgin Islands, Little St James, which the locals dubbed "paedophile island" or "orgy island". Dozens of people have alleged, many in court under oath, that he was involved in what appears to be entrapment operations to gather evidence of underage sex to be used for sexual blackmail.

Dr Phil

A women was introduced by the name Kendall Jones in an episode of the TV show Dr Phil in 2017 told her lifestory. She was born by her parents to be a slave in a ring that sells children to wealthy, influential people, the establishment of the country. She was a sex slave from the time of her earliest memories and "used to it" by the age of two. Her owner brainwashed her into believing her torture and misery were divinely ordained.

Dr. Phil Kendall Trafficking Full Episode

She witnessed him murdering some 20 to 25 people and threatened her to keep silent, telling her: "if I told anybody about what was going on, that nobody would believe me".[3][4][5][6] The host Phil McGraw emphasized that her story had been corroborated:[7]

“I can tell you that a very reliable source has confirmed to us that Kendall has in fact been trafficked, raped, molested, and severely abused by a very large, very dangerous organization
Phil McGraw (March 21, 2017)  [8]


FBI disinterest

In December 2018, Deadline reported that Sacha Baron Cohen had filmed a Las Vegas concierge who offered to find him an underage boy as a date. His team turned his video footage over to the FBI "because we thought, perhaps there's a pedophile ring in Las Vegas that's operating for these very wealthy men, and this concierge had said that he’d worked for politicians and various billionaires." The FBI were uninterested in pursuing the lead.[9][10]

Clinton Foundation

Laura Gayler, a Clinton-connected deep state functionary was accused of child trafficking, but only charged (and found guilty of) "arranging irregular travel".




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Hollywood/VIPaedophileOver the years, many people have alleged that paedophilia is widespread in Hollywood. No systematic investigation has been carried out, but increasingly many insiders are personally testifying about the widespread nature of the business.


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Hunter S. Thompson“The autumn months are never a calm time in America. Back to Work, Back to Football Practice, etc.... Autumn is a very Traditional period, a time of strong Rituals and the celebrating of strange annual holidays like Halloween and Satanism and the fateful Harvest Moon, which can have ominous implications for some people...

Autumn is always a time of Fear and Greed and Hoarding for the winter coming on. Debt collectors are active on old people and fleece the weak and helpless. They want to lay in enough cash to weather the known horrors of January and February. There is always a rash of kidnapping and abductions of schoolchildren in the football months. Preteens of both sexes are traditionally seized and grabbed off the streets by gangs of organized perverts who traditionally give them as Christmas gifts to each other to be personal sex slaves and playthings.

Most of these things are obviously Wrong and Evil and Ugly — but at least they are Traditional. They will happen. Your driveway will ice over, your furnace will blow up, and you will be rammed in traffic by an uninsured driver in a stolen car.

But what the hell? That's why we have Insurance, eh? And the Inevitability of these nightmares is what makes them so reassuring. Life will go on, for good or ill. But some things are forever, right? The structure may be a little Crooked, but the foundations are still strong and unshakable.”
Hunter S. Thompson
Henry Vinson“I felt a potential risk to my life was CIA Director William Casey's patronage of my escort service. The Washington Times reported that Casey attended parties at Spence's house, and that Casey and Spence were "friends", but its reporters weren't aware that their friendship had a common denominator that entailed procuring gay escorts from me. William Casey started to phone me for gay escorts in 1986. Like Barney Frank, his preferred escort was an eighteen-year-old with minimal body hair and a slender swimmer's physique. Although he requested that I supply him with underage escorts, I told him that I wouldn't acquiesce to that request.”Henry Vinson2015
Henry Vinson“I've also found it rather interesting that some of the individuals who played an instrumental role in either ensuring or abetting my silence have experienced remarkable upward mobility. For example, Jay Stephens, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, whose office oversaw the corrupt grand jury that walloped me with a potential sentence of 295 years, was appointed United States Associate Attorney General by President George W. Bush in 2001. But Associate Attorney General proved to be a two-year pit stop for Stephens, because in 2002 he became vice president of Raytheon Corporation..
[My defence attorney] Greta Van Susteren has experienced a sharp upward trajectory since I was initially imprisoned. Shortly after, Van Susteren started co-hosting CNN's Burden of Proof..Greta made her vaunted leap to FOX in 2002, where she's been transformed into a media superstar...”
Henry Vinson2015