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Staff included Alan Sabrosky.



In the DarkUS Army War College exercise looking into a catastrophic failure of the electrical grid and electronic devices due to EMP or solar storm. Held September 2010.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Clara Leach Adams-Ender11 July 1939USSoldier
American former army officer; Council on Foreign Relations/Members
Bantz J. Craddock24 August 1949Senior Military Assistant to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld 2002-2004; Supreme Allied Commander Europe 2006-2009.
Michael DallasUSSoldierU.S. army officer who was "in attendance" at the 1983 Bilderberg as head of the office of SACEUR Bernard W. Rogers.
Joseph Dunford23 December 1955Soldier
John FrewenAustraliaSpook
Spooky general who directed the 2021-22 forced jab campaign in Australia.
John Magruder3 June 188730 April 1958USSpook
After the WW2 Office of Strategic Services was disbanded in 1945, core elements of it were maintained in the new Strategic Services Unit (SSU) led by Magruder, a link to the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1947.
Paul Nakasone19 November 1963
Curtis Scaparrotti5 March 1956USMilitary
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi19 November 1954Soldier
Egyptian UK/US trained officer who massacred his way to power.


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