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Group.png University of Macedonia  
HeadquartersThessaloniki, Greece
Member ofIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/Greece

The University of Macedonia, in Thessaloniki, Greece, is connected to the Integrity Initiative.

Service Contract with the "Institute of Statecraft"

On the 13th March 2018, the University, full name "the University of Macedonia Research Institute of Applied Social and Economic Studies – Public Opinion Research Unit", represented by Professor Eftichios Sartzetakis, signed a contract with the Institute of Statecraft.[1]

In the contract:

"the buyer asks and the service provider accepts to run the project “The first phase of the observatory of the media and public opinion attitudes on foreign affairs”, hereafter as “the project”. This project runs under the scientific coordination of Professor Nikos Marantzidis."

"Alongside, it will conduct a survey poll that identifies attitudes and perceptions of the Greek population regarding international actors, foreign affairs and the position of Greece into the international environment. More specifically, PORU would conduct a nationwide CATI survey poll on a sample of 500 respondents."

"The deliverable of the survey is the project’s report, that include findings, diagrams and essential documentation to elaborate project’s findings. Project’s report will be delivered within a period of four months. This four months period consists the reporting period (RP). During the first three months of the reporting period the survey poll will be fielded and the observatory will monitor the media, while in the last month project’s report will be produced."

"The total overall cost of the survey is six thousand euro (6,000.00 €) inclusive of VAT. The parties could decide whether to split or merge these reporting periods."

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