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Group.png University of Pavia  
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HeadquartersPavia, Lombardy, Italy
One of the oldest universities in the world, located in Pavia, Lombardy, Italy.

The University of Pavia is a university located in Pavia, Lombardy, Italy. There was evidence of teaching as early as 1361, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. It was the sole university in Milan and the greater Lombardy region until the end of the 19th century.[1]

Currently, it has 18 departments and 9 faculties. It doesn't have a main campus, its buildings and facilities are scattered around the city, earning the city of Pavia its title "a city campus". The university caters to more than 20,000 students who come from Italy and all over the world.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Umberto Colombo192713 May 2006ItalyAcademic
Chemical engineer and academic who attended the 1972 Bilderberg
Virginio Rognoni5 August 1924ItalyPoliticianAttended Bilderberg/1982 as Italian Minister of the Interior during the Years of Lead.
Beppe Severgnini26 December 1956ItalyJournalistItalian Bilderberg journalist who reported in April 2020 that "A whole generation is being wiped out."
Beppe Severigni26 December 1956ItalyJournalist
Giulio Tremonti18 August 1947ItalyPolitician4 time Bilderberger, 4 time Italian Minister of Economy and Finances