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Group.png University of Warsaw  
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HeadquartersWarsaw, Poland
The largest university in Poland

The University of Warsaw, established in 1816, is the largest university in Poland. It employs over 6,000 staff, including over 3,100 academic educators. It provides graduate courses for 53,000 students (on top of over 9,200 postgraduate and doctoral candidates). The university offers some 37 different fields of study, 18 faculties and over 100 specializations in the humanities, technical, and the natural sciences.[1]

It was founded as a Royal University on 19 November 1816, when the Partitions of Poland separated Warsaw from the oldest and most influential Jagiellonian University of Kraków. Alexander I granted permission for the establishment of five faculties – law and political science, medicine, philosophy, theology and the humanities. The university expanded rapidly but was closed during November Uprising in 1830. It was reopened in 1857 as the Warsaw Academy of Medicine, which was now based in the nearby Staszic Palace with only medical and pharmaceutical faculties. All Polish-language campuses were closed in 1869 after the failed January Uprising, but the university managed to train 3,000 students, many of whom were important part of the Polish intelligentsia; meanwhile the Main Building was reopened for training military personnel. The university was resurrected during the First World War and the number of students reached 4,500 in 1918. By the early 1930s it became the country's largest institution of higher learning. Following the Second World War and the devastation of Warsaw, the university successfully reopened in 1945.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Menachem Begin16 August 19139 March 1992Attended the JCIT as Prime Minister of Israel
David Ben-Gurion16 October 18861 December 1973Israel
Aleksandra CichockaPolandAcademicAn academic
Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz4 November 1952PolandPolitician
WEF/Global Leader for Tomorrow 1994. President of the National Bank of Poland 1992-2001. As Mayor of Warsaw 206-2018, accused of being the main culprit in huge enrichment scheme.
Wojciech Kostrzewa18 October 1960PolandBusinesspersonAttended the 2022 Bilderberg as President of the Polish Business Roundtable
Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov21 June 1953RussianDiplomatRussian diplomat. Under-Secretary for the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office since 2017.
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