Victim blaming

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Concept.png Victim blaming 
An activity carried out to salve the consciences of the victimisers.

Blaming the victim is a common method of perpetuating injustice by salving the consciences of those engage in it. It is facilitated by cognitive biases including the just world bias.


Exhortations of many religions to follow the golden rule notwithstanding, religions have often been cited as justification for committing murder, torture, theft, kidnapping etc. Victims were blamed for not subscribing to the preferred religion of the perpetrators. This was sometimes combined with racial prejudice, and given a pseudo-scientific backstory, such as eugenics.


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The concept of "overpopulation", "underdevelopment" etc. are forms of victim plaming; the colonial nation states are never called "overexploitative".


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"Economic Science", as it originally styled itself, is arguably a post hoc rationalisation of plunder. Since homo economicus, the basic economic model of a human being is sociopathic, teaching humans "economic literacy" are decreasing sympathy for the economically exploited, and those people of integrity who resist the normalisation of sociopathy.


Exhortations of many religions to follow the golden rule notwithstanding, there is a long history of religious persecutions of one group another.

Money and virtue

The phrase "Greed is good" was spoken by Gordon Gecko, a character based on Ivan Boesky and summarises a culture which blames the financially poor for being so, although - unlike banks - they are prohibited from creating money.

Economics is part of a larger campaign of social control by monetisation with great implications; the American dream that if you are smart and work hard, you too can be rich is a major incitement to blame the financially poor: by implication, they are poor because of their own stupidity and/or laziness.


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War is almost invariably presaged by a casus belli, frequently deceptive, and frequently accompanied by an intense demonisation of those about to be victimised. The 2003 Invasion of Iraq, for example, was launched after a variety of mendacious propaganda campaigns designed to promote fear among the

MI6's Operation Mass Appeal presented Saddam Hussein as a violent aggressor, when it was the UK,US and allied countries which violently attacked Iraq. This is standard practice for war.


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