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(journalist, research, author, 9-11/Premature death, 9-11/Dissident)
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BornScott Robert Makufka
1 August 1962
Died1 August 2016 (Age 54)
Cause of death
Victim ofpremature death
Interests • Bill Clinton
• Hillary Clinton
• “9-11/Israel did it”
• JFK assassination
• Mena
A journalist and reporter who wrote many books on deep politics, including two on involvement of the Mossad and zionists in the events of 9-11. Died of a shot to the head in 2016.

Victor Thorn (born Scott Robert Makufka) was a journalist who wrote for the American Free Press. He wrote 20 books on topics ranging from 9/11 to the activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was found dead in 2016.[1]


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On 2006-09-11, he published 9/11 Evil, which examined evidence about Israeli involvement in 9/11.[2]


US Police report that he shot himself on his 54th birthday,[3] although he stated (as did others such as Deborah Palfrey and John Lennon) that he would never commit suicide.[citation needed]