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Group.png WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1998
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Membership• Ann-Kristin Achleitner
• Tom K. Alweendo
• J. Carter Beese
• Jeff Bezos
• Paulo R. Bornhausen
• Ana M. Botero
• Thierry Breton
• Boris A. Brevnov
• Petr Budinsky
• Francesco Caio
• Vinayak Chatterjee
• Victor L. L. Chu
• Chung Mong Hyuck
• Eric C. Cooper
• Peter Costello
• Guillaume Dard
• Elia Federici
• Gustavo Franco
• Guilherme Frering
• Mikhail Fridman
• Patrick L. Go
• Ian Goldin
• Pamela Gordon
• Reinhard Gorenflos
• Evan G. Greenberg
• Bill Gross
• Francisco R. Gutierrez Campos
• Stelios Haji-Ioannou
• Christopher R. Hassett
• Yoshimasa Hayashi
• Hishammuddin Bin Tun
• Shaun P. Holliday
• Mohammad Jaafar
• Michael R. Jackson
• Jiang Guofang
• Abigail Johnson
• Andrea Jung
• George M. Kailis
• Jeffrey G. Katz
• Butch Kerzner
• Pankaj Kanaksi Khimji
• Mzi Khumalo
• Craig Kielburger
• Alexey Kudrin
• Bernd Kundrun
• Zlatko Lagumdzija
• William P. Lauder
• Lee Hwa-Kyung
• Stefan Lippe
• Guillermo Luksic Craig
• Howard W. Lutnick
• Dmitry A. Lyubinin
• Gregory B. Maffei
• Dorika Mamboleo
• Jocelyn Mauchaza Chiwenga
• Dag Mejdell
• Rick Menell
• Midori
• Nadezhda Mihailova
• Pedro Moreira Salles
• Jayendra Naidoo
• D. Cyril Noerhadi
• William T. Nyemba
• James D. Packer
• Victor Papazov
• Gilles Pélisson
• Francisco Perez Mackenna
• Ivan Pilip
• Rafael del Pino
• Kim Polese
• Mikhail Prussak
• Jorge F. Quiroga R.
• Maria Ramos
• Javier Revuelta del Peral
• Omar Z. Salah
• Kumi Sato
• Mary L. Schapiro
• Andreas G. Schmid
• Daniel Servitje
• Dari Shalon
• Aliza Sherman
• Shi Yuzhu
• Inderdeep Singh
• David Solo
• Barry S. Sternlicht
• George S. Tahija
• Luis Téllez Kuenzler
• Shashi Tharoor
• Tidjane Thiam
• Edward S. Tian
• Tong Kooi-Ong
• Dominique Voynet
• Gijs M. de Vries
• Koichi Wakata
• Thomas Wellauer
• Mauricio E. Wior
• Frances Wong Wai-kwun
• Yeh V'Nee
• Amy Yip
• Mikhail Zadornov
• Edward Zeng
WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1998

This page lists the known WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow of 1998. The previous year's cadre is listed at WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1997, the next as WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1999.


The complete list of participants in the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders for Tomorrow program for the year 1998 has been removed from their website, but possible to find in archived form. [1] The WEF does not always publish all the names.

Selected Examples

Jeff Bezos made a massive profit by the forced shift to online shopping during Covid-19.

Premature Deaths

Carter Beese died in 2007, aged 50. It was ruled a suicide.


Known Participants

11 of the 101 of the participants already have pages here:

Ann-Kristin AchleitnerDirector of Lazard Ltd and Lazard Group since April 2021. Married to Bilderberg Steering Committee Paul Achleitner
Carter BeeseA financier
Jeff BezosWorld's richest man. Founded Amazon
Thierry BretonFrench politician, WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1998
Victor ChuGLT 1998, Chatham house governor
Peter Costello
Evan Greenberg2nd generation multi-Bilderberger
Maria RamosMember of the Executive Committee of the International Business Council at the World Economic Forum. In 2021, she was appointed to the World BankInternational Monetary Fund High-Level Advisory Group (HLAG) on Sustainable and Inclusive Recovery and Growth, which sounds suspiciously like the Great Reset.
Pedro Moreira SallesBanker and heir to one of the biggest fortunes in Brazil. WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1998.
Tidjane ThiamFormer CEO of Swiss bank Credit Suisse, with many connections. African Union Special Envoy on Covid-19
Gijs de VriesDutch "terror expert" WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 1998...