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Membership• Tendayi Achiume
• Daniel Ahn
• Peter Biar Ajak
• Anulika Ajufo
• Esraa Al-Buti
• Erica Alessandri
• Mohamed Al Hashemi
• Suren Aloyan
• Elham Al Qasim
• Alanoud Bint Hamad Al Thani
• Nathalia Arcuri
• Aditi Avasthi
• Shiho Azuma
• Maleeka Bokhari
• Srikanth Bolla
• Christoph Bornschein
• Andrew Bragg
• Sinéad Burke
• Adriana Cargill
• Luis Felipe Cervantes Legorreta
• Matthew Chamberlain
• Arvan Chan
• Nirvana Chaudhary
• Francesca Chia
• Alexis Crow
• Thomas Crowther
• Rose Damen
• Vera Daves de Sousa
• Alberto de Belaunde
• Alexander de Carvalho
• Anne-Laure de Chammard
• Sangu Delle
• Amélie de Montchalin
• Abasi Ene-Obong
• El Seed Faouzi
• Fawaz Farooqui
• Cristina Fonseca
• Laure Forgeron
• Jocelyn Formsma
• Laura Gersch
• Garlin Gilchrist II
• Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty
• Megan Greenfield
• Andrey A. Guryev
• Martín Guzmán
• He Zhengyu
• Dalal Saeb Iriqat
• Jessica Jackson
• Dana Juffa
• Nari Kahle
• Gazal Kalra
• Gadeer Kamal-Mreeh
• Brian Kaufmann
• Conrod Kelly
• Ibram X Kendi
• Shreevar Kheruka
• Sophie Seula Kim
• Terrence Kommal
• Sanae Lahlou
• Seung Gun Lee
• Catherine Lenson
• Yifan Li
• Li Ni
• Haley Lowry
• Lu Chaoyang
• Luiza Mattos
• Jessica Mauboy
• Lukas Nelson
• Wawira Njiru
• Mohammad Salem Omaid
• Adriana Ortiz
• Obi Ozor
• Burcu Ozturk
• Amit Paley
• Roberto Patiño
• Xue Peng
• Gregoire Pictet
• Ameya Prabhu
• Zhuang Qian
• Kira Radinsky
• Rohan Ramakrishnan
• Vivek Ramaswamy
• Hriday Ravindranath
• Paul Rivera
• Kishin RK
• Anneliese Schulz
• Emily Serazin
• Izkia Siches
• Virginijus Sinkevicius
• Liam Sobey
• Devi Sridhar
• Tanit Chearavanont
• Vasudha Vats
• Claudia Vergueiro Massei
• Hitesh Wadhwa
• David Alexander Walcott
• Wang Guan
• Ricardo Weder
• Lea Wermelin
• Silvia Wiesner
• Gareth Wong
• Chen Wu
WEF's Young Global Leaders of 2021

The class of 2021 was made up of 113 individuals. The previous year's cadre is listed at WEF/Young Global Leaders/2020. The next year's cadre is listed at WEF/Young Global Leaders/2022.

The list included the incumbent finance ministers of Angola and Argentina.

Selected Examples

Devi Sridhar, a member of DELVE, who aggressively pushed COVID-19 jabs for kids, including claiming that they were 100% "safe and effective" on CBBC's Newsround


The WEF categorised their young leaders by region.

YGLs by region


Known members

16 of the 102 of the members already have pages here:

Andrew BraggAustralian Senator; WEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
Sinéad BurkeIrish disability activist. WEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
Adriana CargillWEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
Andrey GuryevRussian businessman
Martín GuzmánArgentinean Minister of Economy during the Covid-lockdowns and debt restructuring.
Garlin Gilchrist IIDeputy of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, WEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
Ibram X KendiSelected as Young Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2021.
Jessica MauboyAustralian singer,
Amélie de MontchalinFrench politician, WEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
Vivek RamaswamyRepublican candidate in the US/2024 Presidential election
Izkia SichesChilean doctor prominent in corporate media during the Covid-19 deep event. In 2022 appointed Minister of Interior and Public Security, the second most important in government after the President. WEF Young Global Leader 2021 and fan of fellow YGL, New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern.
Vera Daves de SousaMillennial finance minister of Angola; WEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
Devi SridharWEF Young Global Leader pushing SDS policy. In 2020, Devi Sridhar advised the Scottish government on how to deal with COVID in Scotland. Unflinching in to children.
Alanoud Bint Hamad Al ThaniThe youngest Young Leader at the World Economic Forum in 2021.
Vasudha VatsVice president of Pfizer.
Lea WermelinDanish cabinet minister; WEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
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