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Group.png Warburg family
Membership• Otto Warburg
• Otto Heinrich Warburg
• Siegmund George Warburg
• Max M. Warburg
• Eric M. Warburg
• Paul M. Warburg
• Felix M. Warburg
Banking dynasty

The Warburg family is a prominent German and American banking family of German Jewish and originally Venetian Jewish descent.

They are thought to have originated as the Venetian Jewish del Banco family, Anselmo and Abraham Ha Levi Kahana de Palenzuela from Spain, one of the wealthiest Sephardic German families in the early 16th century.[1] Due to restrictions limiting Jewish involvement in banking, they moved to Bologna, and thence to Warburg, in Germany, in the 16th century, after which they later took their name. The first known ancestor was Simon von Kassel (1500 - 1566).[2]

The family later established itself in Altona, near Hamburg in the 17th century, after the Thirty Years' War, and it was in Hamburg that M. M. Warburg & Co. was established in 1798, among the oldest still existing investment banks in the world. Other banks created by members of the family include M.M.Warburg & Co.; Warburg Pincus; and S. G. Warburg & Co., renamed UBS Warburg in 1995, following its acquisition by UBS.

Noteworthy members



Sidney Warburg pseudonym for author of the book File:Hitler's Secret Backers.pdf


Known members

5 of the 7 of the members already have pages here:

Eric Warburg
Felix WarburgSuper wealthy financier and deep politician.
Max WarburgHeaded German intelligence. Brother of Paul Warburg.
Paul WarburgUS deep politician named in the report of the Pujo Committee. Brother of Max Warburg.
Siegmund WarburgSpooky banker who co-founded S. G. Warburg & Co., employed Anthony Griffin.


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