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West Berlin was the names for the part of Greater Berlin that was administered from the end of the Second World War from 1945 to 1990 by the three western occupying powers USA, United Kingdom and France and from 1950, with their approval, by the Berlin Senate.

During the Cold War, West Berlin was a hub particular importance, especially for intelligence work, making the collaboration of the Mayor essential. The city was also a showcase for the liberal, free West. There was no German Bundeswehr presence in the city and there was no conscription, making it a loophole for people who didn't want to serve, and because of this, it developed somewhat of an alternative spirit, even though this free spirit was not shared by the police and "forces of order".

For example, on 2 June 1967 the Iranian Shah Pahlavi was received in West Berlin, accompanied by violent clashes of protesters with Iranian secret police collaborators and massive police forces, whereby the student Benno Ohnesorg was shot by police officer Karl-Heinz Kurras, an incident that became a turning point in the devolution of the German student movement.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Richard von Weizsacker11 June 19819 February 1984
Willy Brandt3 October 19571 December 1966
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