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(musician, activist)
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From the 2018 interview with Revolution Television.
Born19 February 1958
InterestsSunny Sheu

Will Galison is a musician who testified about the assassination of his friend Sunny Sheu.


Will Galison was a friend of whistleblower Sunny Sheu, and tried to help Sheu receive witness protection from the FBI after his illegal detention and harassment by the NYPD. Galison has written several articles and manages a blog regarding Sheu's subsequent death and the ongoing coverup by the NYPD and many other institutions.[1]

An interview with Detective Hansen about Sunny Sheu


In 2018, Revolution Television published a video interview with Will Gallison about the Sunny Sheu case at http://revolutiontelevision.net/video/william-galison-on-the-murder-of-sunny-sheu-and-exposing-judge-joseph-golia/


A Quote by Will Galison

Sunny Sheu“The ultimate, terrifying moral of the Sunny Sheu story is this: If you are threatened with death by the police in the USA, there is no where you can go for protection, and after you are killed, there is no where your friends and loved ones can go for justice. That is why this story is of critical important to every American citizen.”January 2016
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