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Group.png Winchester College  
Winchester College.png
MottoManners makyth man
FounderWilliam of Wykeham
TypePublic schoolIndependent boarding school


Alumni on Wikispooks

Anthony Beevor4 December 1946UKHistorian
John Beevor19051987UKSpookBritish SOE spook who prepared a stay behind network in Portugal during WW2. Father of British historian Anthony Beevor.
Nicholas Boles2 November 1965UKPoliticianNotting Hill Set UK politician, Director of Policy Exchange
David Clementi25 February 1949UKAccountant
Deep state functionary
Central banker
Former Governor of the Bank of England and BBC chairman.
Herbert A. L. Fisher21 March 186518 April 1940UKPolitician
Deep state operative
UK deep state operative
Thayne Forbes28 June 1938JudgeBritish judge and former officer who concluded that there was no truth behind allegations that UK soldiers had murdered, tortured and otherwise ill-treated detainees in Iraq in 2004
David Hannay28 September 1935UKDiplomatUK diplomat, Ditchley Governor, attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1990s
William Hayter1 August 190628 March 1995Diplomat
Cecil King20 February 190117 April 1987UKPublisher
Edward Lucas3 May 1962UKJournalist
NATO/II journalist
Alasdair Milne8 October 19308 January 2013UKTelevision
Patrick Moberly2 September 1928DiplomatBritish diplomat
Oswald Mosley16 November 18963 December 1980UKPoliticianRose to fame in the 1930s as the British Union of Fascists (BUF).
Roundell Palmer15 April 18873 September 1971Spook
Deep state operative
Minister of Economic Warfare in the Churchill wartime government between 1942 and 1945. his put him in charge of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), which ran undercover operations of sabotage in Occupied Europe.
William Waldegrave Palmer17 October 185926 February 1942UKDiplomat
Deep state operative
British politician and colonial administrator. Milner Group/Society of the Elect.
Giles Radice4 October 1936UKPoliticianA template for Tony Blair arguing for "modernization" of the Labour Party. A leading member of the European Movement in the UK.
Nicholas Ridley17 February 19294 March 1993PoliticianAlways regarded by Margaret Thatcher as "one of us". As minister helped make the preparations to break the UK miners' strike (1984–85)
Christopher Seton-Watson6 August 19188 September 2007UKSpook
Professor at Oxford who was a "talent scout" for the British security services. From spooky family.
Hugh Seton-Watson15 February 191619 December 1984UKSpook
UK historian from spooky family
Robert William Seton-Watson20 August 187925 July 1951UKJournalist
Spooky UK historian
Evelyn Shuckburgh26 May 190912 December 1994UKDiplomatInvolved in the post-war reorganisation of Western Europe
Rishi Sunak12 May 1980UKPolitician
Hedge fund manager
Very rich Goldman Sachs bankster turned UK Prime Minister in 2022.
Monty Woodhouse11 May 191713 February 2001UKSpook
Deep state actor
He was Parliamentary Secretary to the Home Office when he attended the 1963 Bilderberg.


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