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Like Richard Nixon, Woodrow Wilson took money and orders from financiers even as he publicly denounced them.

Sponsorship by Big Money

“This Wall Street cabal, with the aid of New Jersey political bosses, pushed for Woodrow Wilson to become Governor of New Jersey in November, 1910.

Within a few months, Cleveland Dodge opened a bank account in New York and an office at 42 Broadway to boom Wilson into the Presidency. The campaign bank account was opened with a check for $1,000 from Cleveland Dodge. Dodge then provided funds to mail out the True American of Trenton, New Jersey to 40,000 subscribers throughout the United States, followed by a regular two pages a week of promotional material on Wilson For President.

Two-thirds of Wilson's campaign funds for the presidency came from just seven individuals, all Wall Streeters and linked to the very trusts Wilson was publicly denouncing.”
Anthony Sutton [1]


Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into lawa fter speaking against the power of the money trust, then entered the US into World War I after campaigning as an anti-war president.

As early as November 28, 1917, Colonel House cabled President Woodrow Wilson from Paris that it was "exceedingly important" that U.S. newspaper comments advocating that "Russia should be treated as an enemy" be "suppressed."

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